The 12 Ultimate Backyard Camping Tips

A traditional outdoor camping trip doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. It can be expensive, require extensive planning, and be inconvenient for small children. Backyard camping is the solution for safer, cheaper, and more convenient outdoor enjoyment. 

Keep reading for the ultimate advice on sleeping outside, creating a cozy campsite, preparing delicious meals, and staying entertained. These ultimate tips will prepare you for the best backyard camping trip. 

Resting Under the Stars

Dedicate An Area

Before bringing out all the supplies, survey the yard for the best location. If the yard is smaller, this step will take less time. However, careful consideration is needed for larger yards with trees or one on the edge of a forest. Think about how far away from the home you want to be, if there is a clear, flat area for a tent, and where a campfire could go. 

Pitching a Tent

If you have a tent, this is the perfect opportunity to use it. If you’re planning a camping trip from home soon, you should practice setting it up and sleeping in it beforehand. Treat your backyard like an actual campsite. If you don’t have a tent, no worries. Sleep directly under the stars if the weather is nice and you’re feeling brave. Or, pitch a tarp between two posts to create a makeshift tent. 

Make It Cozy

Now that the tent is set, make it cozy and comfortable. Since you’re close to the house, bringing more blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags is more manageable than on a regular camping trip. A blow-up mattress or sleeping pads are also more practical for use in the backyard. 

Take the time to arrange the blankets well and decorate with additional furniture. A milk crate can serve as a nightstand, an oscillating fan keeps the air flowing, and a soft rug ties it together for the ultimate glamping experience

Setting the Atmosphere

Portable Power Station

Camping usually means limited access to electrical outlets; however, with EcoFlow Portable Power Stations, that’s no longer an issue. These battery-powered generators can keep electronics charged all night long, so you won’t have to worry about the battery level on your cellphone, tablet, or laptop. 

Portable power stations can store energy from a wall outlet at home or convert and store light energy with EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels. Either way, they are the solution for reliable power during your backyard camping trip

String Lights and Lanterns 

Nothing creates a warm atmosphere like soft string lights or miniature lanterns. Plug string lights directly into an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Portable Power Station. Hang them from the trees or poles nearby for a whimsical look. Connect them to the tent to provide lighting for the whole campsite.

Lanterns can be battery-powered or be kept traditional with kerosene lamps. If you’re worried about mosquitoes, tiki torches are a great option to line the campsite. Bug-repellent candles can also keep mosquitoes at bay while providing light.

Camping Chairs 

Pull out your camping chairs or borrow some from a friend for a comfortable spot to relax in the evening. There are many kinds of camping chairs—some rock back and forth, are double-seated, or recline. Having chairs around the fire will make relaxing and eating more enjoyable. Hanging a hammock is another fun way to create seating. 

Campfire Cooking

Portable Refrigerator 

The EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator is a three-in-one refrigerator, freezer, and ice maker. It’s perfect for any camping trip, especially for a backyard camping adventure. Pack in all your camping foods, like hot dogs, condiments, and sides. Store ice cream in the freezer and keep drinks cold with fresh ice. 

The portable refrigerator can be easily recharged inside the home or with solar panels, and with a run time of 40 hours, you won’t need to worry about that overnight. 

Fire Pit

Cook your meals over a roasting fire for an authentic experience. Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows is a camping classic, but many other options exist. Foil-wrapped sweet potatoes, campfire nachos, and grilled pizza are fun ideas to test out. Practice cooking meals that you’ll cook on your next camping trip if there’s one planned. 

Outdoor Table

Although not necessary for a grand time outdoors, having a table outside will make setting up the campsite more convenient, especially if little kids are tagging along. If you have an outdoor table, move it to the campsite. It’ll provide a space to lay out the dinner ingredients, hold lanterns or candles, and provide a place to eat. 

Exciting Entertainment 

Movie Night

Host a movie night to change things up from watching TV in the living room. Grab your TV and set it up at the campsite. If the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach you, grab the DVD player and your favorite movies. Use an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generator, a portable power station combined with solar panels that quickly recharge while off the grid, to power these devices all night. 

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt, a fun game for all ages. Have campers search for flowers, rocks, mushrooms, and insects. For a twist, hide items outside. You can give prizes to winners and those with the more unique finds. 

Cards and Board Games

Card and board games are family classics. Campers can grab their favorite games from the inside and bring them to the outside table. Gather everyone around for a gaming experience next to the fire. Trivia and survival-themed games will match the outdoor camping fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When You Are Camping in Your Backyard?

There are many activities to fill the day while camping in the backyard. You can cook meals by fireside only, play exciting games, and practice survival skills. Add a twist to the night by making it a rule to stay outside. 

How to Camp in Your Own Backyard?

First, decide on a designated camping area. Then, set up the sleeping arrangements. Use a tent, sleep under the stars, or hang a tarp. Build a campfire for an authentic camping experience and cook all your meals from it. Bring along some games or host a scavenger hunt for entertainment. 

Is Camping in Your Backyard Fun?

Absolutely. Traveling away from home to camp is not practical for some. Backyard camping is easier and safer than camping in remote areas, especially with kids. How much fun you have is up to you– plan exciting games and test out new campfire recipes that interest you.

How to Camp in Your Backyard Without a Tent?

A tent isn’t necessary to camp out in the backyard. If the weather is nice, you can sleep under the stars. Lay down a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag, add pillows and blankets as necessary, or build a makeshift tent with poles, string, and a tarp. 

Final Thoughts

With backyard camping, the possibilities are endless. You can decide how you want to sleep, what foods to prepare, and what games to play, all from the safety and convenience of your home. It’s also a great strategy to practice camping before heading out to a campsite away from home, in the wilderness. 

Camping doesn’t mean you need to leave behind electricity. EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Portable Power Stations bring reliable power wherever you go, keeping electronics charged during any camping adventure. 

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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