Backyard Glamping Ideas for an Unforgettable Experience

Step out of your home and into a dreamy outdoor oasis with backyard glamping. Instead of traditional bare-bones camping, where basic amenities and luxuries are left behind, glamping blends the comfort of home with camping under the stars. It’s an enchanting way to enjoy the outdoors without giving up the necessities. 

Use this guide to build the perfect ‘glampsite’ in your backyard. With spacious tents, reliable power sources, spa-level nighttime routines, and movie nights, you’ll fill your glamping experience with joy and whimsy. 

What Is Backyard Glamping?

Backyard glamping, the combination of “glamorous” and “camping,” is different from traditional camping. It’s an elevated camping experience that combines the wonder of classic camping with the luxuries and comfort of home. Transform your backyard into a stylish retreat instead of driving to a distant campsite. 

Glamping includes comfortable accommodations, power sources, inviting decor and ambiance, delicious food, and relaxing activities. If roughing it outdoors isn’t your style, glamping is a wonderful alternative to still experience nature. 

Why Glamp in Your Backyard?

Opting to glamp in your backyard has many benefits. It’s convenient, family-friendly, safer, and customizable. Setting up in your backyard is also far more convenient than the logistics of packing, driving, unloading, and assembling your gear at a remote location. Plus, if you forget something, it’s just a short trip back inside to grab it. 

Children will love the allure of bringing the indoors outside for a night or two. Glamping is especially beneficial for older campers who may need softer sleeping arrangements than classic camping offers but still desire the outdoor experience. 

At home, you can quickly retreat indoors in case of severe weather or emergencies. If someone gets hurt, there’s faster access to medical help. 

Glamping is highly customizable. There’s no pressure to “go without” for the sake of camping. Feel empowered to include as many amenities, electronics, and decor as you want. Get creative in your backyard with unique activities, and only stick to traditional campsite food if you want to. Backyard glamping allows you to enjoy blending the beauty of nature with classic home comforts. 

The Backyard Glamping Essentials


  • Glamping Tent: The tent is the foundation of any camping trip, but it’s more luxurious with glamping. A large canvas tent is the most authentic way, but any tent will work. Large canvas tents come in many sizes and shapes, offering a spacious interior.
  • Comfortable Bed: For a glamp night, settling with a thin camping mat is unnecessary. Pull out the comfortable blowup mattress and adorn it with pillows, blankets, and soft sheets. Go all out for comfort and style.
  • Lighting: String lights create the perfect ambiance at dusk and into the night and provide light. A single lantern is fine for camping, but for glamping, get creative with the lighting for a memorable experience.


  • Charged Electronics: The EcoFlow Portable Power Stations are perfect for charging electronics all night. The EcoFlow River 2 Series offers 300W to 800W output, powering 80% of camping appliances and recharging devices. Power photography equipment for an outdoor photo shoot to capture the cute setup. These portable power stations are the most compact and portable in the EcoFlow line, making them perfect for any overnight trip, even if it’s just to your backyard.
  • Temperature Control. Depending on the season, adding a heater, fan, or AC device is necessary for glamping. If the backyard excursion lasts day to night, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generators are perfect for powering any temperature-controlling device. Solar generators combine EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels with a portable power station. Have fun charging the portable power station outside with solar panels or plugging it into an outlet in your home.

Creature Comforts

  • Plush Seating. Upgrade classic folding chairs to some with plush backings, cup holders, and a footrest. The larger the chair, the better. You can also string up a hammock to nearby trees for additional seating options.
  • Cute Decor. Feel free to set out fresh flowers and picture frames or arrange your packed clothes on a clothing rack. Decorate the tent to your comfort and style, especially if you’re planning a photo shoot. A rug can make the tent floor softer to walk on.
  • Refreshing Nighttime Routine. Don’t sacrifice a nighttime routine just because you’re outdoors. Bring face wash clothes, moisturizer, eye cream, and serums to refresh your face. For bed, add mouth tape, a sleep mask, and earplugs for a hotel feel.

Food & Drink

  • Coffee Maker. Bring the electric kettle and French press, espresso maker, or classic drip coffee to make the perfect cup of joe in the morning. Easily power it with one of EcoFlow Portable Power Stations right at your glampsite.
  • Portable Refrigerator. Bring along the EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator, which combines a fridge, freezer, and ice maker into one. It’s a sustainable option for keeping everything chilled for 40 hours, including the meats and cheese for a charcuterie board, mini ice cream cones, and fresh ice for your tumbler.
  • Small Blender. Refresh in the morning with a colorful smoothie, or make frozen drinks during the day. A small blender is a necessary luxury while glamping, and it can also be powered with a portable power station from the EcoFlow River 2 Series.
  • Tasting Night. Plan a tasting night with a new food, dessert, or drink you’ve wanted to try. Grab new flavors of your favorite cookie and a cute serving tray, then arrange the cookies in a fun pattern. Alternatively, pick out new brands of wine or sodas. Serve in fancy glasses to recreate an expensive tasting experience in your own backyard.


  • Movie Night. Host a movie night outside by hanging up a white sheet and grabbing a projector. Alternatively, bring a TV and DVD player outside. Plug into the portable power station for the ultimate off-grid setup for movie night. Recharge any portable power station with solar panels mounted at the campsite.
  • Literature and Journaling. Spending time in nature is perfect for catching up on your reading list, so pack your favorite books. If you’re feeling inspired by the tranquility of nature, bring along a journal to record your thoughts.
  • Yoga Mat. Set up a yoga mat at your glampsite for yoga, Pilates, or other meditative exercises. A relaxing nighttime flow and morning wake-up session are unforgettable backyard glamping activities.
  • Scavenger Hunt. Everyone enjoys a scavenger hunt. Have campers search for flowers, leaves, insects, and pine cones. Look for unique objects like mushrooms, feathers, and animal tracks for larger yards.


  • Essential Oil Diffuser. Set up an essential oil diffuser inside the tent. Essential oils boost mood and reduce anxiety; some, like peppermint and lavender, keep bugs away.
  • Candles. Candles add extra lighting and ambiance. Large citronella candles are perfect outdoors because they repel mosquitoes and smell great. Flameless LED candles add light without the worry of a flame.
  • Reusable Dishware and Cutlery. Cute cutlery, plates, and cups are essential for backyard glamping. Thick plastic picnic cups and cutlery come in cute colors and can be easily washed and reused. Grab some icon juice glasses or stemmed wine glasses for a touch of glamour.

Final Thoughts

Backyard glamping is a close-to-home, comfortable alternative to traditional camping. It combines the convenience of a hotel with the excitement of nature. It’s about creating the perfect atmosphere right in your backyard. From soft sleeping beds, temperature-controlled air, decorated tents, the perfect morning coffee, and relaxing yoga, backyard glamping is the ideal holiday at home. 

Building a glampsite in your backyard is an excellent alternative if you would like something other than traditional, rugged outdoor camping. Power your perfect outdoor glamping adventure with one of EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Portable Power Stations without sacrificing any luxury and keep your devices powered.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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