Embark on Adventure: Unveiling the Top 15 Campgrounds in the USA for 2024


With so many beautiful places to see, narrowing down your next camping destination can be tricky. Whether looking for a family-friendly destination or your next off-the-grid adventure, we’ve covered all the bases. To help plan your adventure, here’s a list of some of the best campgrounds in the country.

Adventure awaits – let’s begin.

1. Providence Canyon State Park – Georgia

Also known as the Little Grand Canyon, this campground offers exquisite canyon views as far as the eye can see. If primitive camping is your thing, this is the spot for you.

Choose from one of many campsites and set up your tent under the starry Georgia sky. Use EcoFlow’s DELTA 2 Portable Power Station to power any photography equipment or kitchen appliances, such as an induction cooker, for delightful nights under the stars. You can choose from the EcoFLow DELTA 2/DELTA 2 MAX/DELTA PRO models to meet your budget and needs.

2. Dinosaur Valley State Park – Texas

If you’re seeking something out of the ordinary, you should go to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Here, you can view dinosaur tracks throughout the campground and get a real-life glimpse at prehistoric times. 

Please note these campgrounds only allow camper vans and RVs under 35 feet due to the narrow, winding roads around the premises. 

3. Mammoth Campground – Wyoming

Ranked as one of the most popular camping destinations, Mammoth Campground is a great spot to add to your 2024 bucket list. Spend your stay in the heart of Yellow Stone National Park with access to hiking trails, fishing holes, and much more. 

Your trip is only complete when you stop by the Mammoth Hot Springs. This spring developed naturally over thousands of years and is one of the few hot springs in the country.

4. Peace River – Florida

Nestled deep in the Sunshine State, you’ll find the quaint Peace River campground. The aptly named Peace River is a serene escape from the hustle of everyday life. 

Spend some time on the river and explore part of the historical waterway that spans over 100 miles. The best time to visit is spring, though you must prepare for the inevitable Florida heat. With the EcoFlow WAVE 2, you can ensure your RV is cool and crisp for your return.

5. Jumbo Rocks – California

Within Joshua Tree National Park lies the Jumbo Rocks campground. This destination is known for its unique rock formations and is a spot you don’t want to miss during your 2024 travels. This campground is great to visit year-round, though temperatures can drop in the evenings. 

6. Black Beach – Minnesota

This black sand beach is a sight you must see to believe. The Black Beach was formed after years of heavy iron mining and is truly one of a kind.

The Black Beach campground has everything you could need to enjoy your getaway. Choose from various RV or tent campsites within walking distance of the Black Beach. You can even play a round of golf on the beautiful course located directly on-site.

7. Moraine Park – Colorado

Want a family-friendly campground that your whole crew will love? This one’s for you. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring, where fond memories are sure to be made throughout your stay. 

When viewing the expansive mountainside, keep an eye out for the local wildlife – Rocky Mountain elk are often seen roaming the fields throughout the year.

8. Assateague Island – Maryland

If you’re an animal lover, this campground could be your favorite spot. Assateague Island is home to approximately 80 feral horses that roam the land freely.

The best time to visit and catch a glimpse of the horses is during the summer season. Make sure to book a paddling tour around the island to get up close to these beautiful, wild animals.

9. Fish Creek Pond – New York

Fishing holes, hiking trails, canoe posts – you name it, this campground has it. Situated deep within Adirondack Park, Fish Creek Pond is tucked away and is one of Upstate New York’s best-kept secrets.

On your drive to this remote destination, use the EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger to ensure enough charge to last your trip.

10. Allegheny River Campground – Pennsylvania 

Untouched by the industrialized cities nearby, this spot offers a true escape to relax in nature. Here, you’ll have the luxury of camping under some of the darkest skies on the east coast, making it the perfect location for star gazing. 

11. Colter Bay – Wyoming

Of all the spots on this list, Colter Bay is the best option for a winter getaway. Located in the Grand Teton National Park, you’ll feel like you’re entering a winter wonderland as soon as you arrive. Colter Bay is open year-round and has numerous RV hookups and campsites.

Utilizing the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max + EcoFlow WAVE2 + EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels lets you keep the heat confined to your RV or camper and ensure an enjoyable stay, no matter the conditions outside.

12. Desoto State Park – Alabama

This campground is unique in its location near the second-largest waterfall in Alabama. Desoto Falls is a sight to see and makes for an excellent day trip during your stay. Pack your hiking boots and find a spot for a picnic with this 104-foot-tall waterfall as your backdrop.

13. Holiday Park – Michigan

Nothing beats warm summer days spent out on the lake. This campground adjacent to Silver Lake is every boater’s paradise. Choose from a selection of boat rentals on-site to soak up every bit of the summer sun. While enjoying the sunlight, EcoFlow’s Solar Panels demonstrate exceptional conversion efficiency and charging speeds, ensuring continuous power to meet all energy needs. 

14. Kaibab Camper Village – Arizona

Want to visit the Grand Canyon without battling the crowds of tourists? Consider staying at the Kaibab Camper Village in the Grand Canyon North Rim. This secluded section of the national park is lesser-known, making it a hidden gem. 

Kaibab Camper Village is the only campground with hookups in the North Rim and is an excellent spot to settle off the beaten path of one of the most famous destinations in the country.

15. Champion Meadow – Vermont

Looking for the perfect place to take your camper van? Champion Meadow is the spot you’ve been searching for. 

This peaceful campground offers beautiful views of the Connecticut River and is known for excellent fishing. Bring your ATVs to explore the open fields or make your way onto one of the paved trails throughout the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Number One Campground in the US?

Mammoth Campground in Yellowstone National Park ranks as one of the top-visited campgrounds in the US and is ideal for any family of fun-loving campers. 

Why Choose a Campground Over a Hotel?

Camping is more cost-effective than a hotel and offers additional time in nature. Fresh air and less screen time are known to have numerous health benefits, making camping an excellent choice for your mental and physical well-being. 

When Should I Book My Campsite?

Depending on the popularity of the campground you’re planning to visit, sites can sometimes be booked up months in advance. To be safe, allow ample time and start looking, at the latest, six months out from your desired travel dates.

Final Thoughts

Make 2024 the year of adventure. There’s no better way to explore the States and reconnect with nature than by visiting some of the country’s best campgrounds. 

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