Practical Gifts for Homesteaders


Homesteading is far more than a hobby; it’s a way of life rooted in self-sustainability, independence, and a love for the land as it is. For the homesteader in your life, a gift that complements their day-to-day pursuit of a self-sufficient lifestyle is more than thoughtful; it can enhance their livelihood. 

Whether the homesteader is tending to their land, preserving harvests, or managing life off the grid, practical gifts show that you appreciate and support their dedication. Here are some top suggestions for gifts that any homesteader will surely cherish.

Kitchen Gift Ideas

The kitchen is a busy place for a homesteader. When you make things homemade wherever possible rather than buying prepared items from a grocery store, there’s lots to do to feed a household. From ensuring food products can last to having the right tools to make meals, here are four kitchen gift ideas for a homesteader you love.

  1. Food Dehydrator

Food preservation is an essential skill for a homesteader. A high-quality food dehydrator allows them to preserve fruits, vegetables, and meats without unnatural preservatives or chemicals, retaining much of the food’s nutritional value. It’s perfect for seasons when the crop yield is high, allowing the homesteader to keep much of the bounty to enjoy during more barren seasons.

  1. Knife Set

Whether butchering animals from the farm or prepping large quantities of home-grown produce, having sharp knives is essential to a productive kitchen on a homestead. Give them a gift that can last many years (despite heavy use) with a durable knife set, including a large chef’s knife and a smaller paring knife for foods of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Canning Kit

Canning is an age-old method of preserving food, and while simple, it requires specific items to do it successfully. Every homesteader should have the necessary tools, including a comprehensive canning kit, jars, lids, and a water bath canner, making a thoughtful and practical gift. 

  1. Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron is reliable, durable, and works well to cook various foods. It only gets better with age, so gifting someone a cast iron pan gives them something with exponentially more benefits over time. It’s a homesteading staple and one of the most beneficial and versatile kitchen tools. Find one large enough to feed the entire family, and they’ll use it daily.

Garden and Farming Gift Ideas

When you have a homestead, you live off the land. Most food comes from gardening and farm animals such as chickens, cows, or pigs. For a gift that they’ll use often, give the homesteader in your life helpful tools to take advantage of their food supply.

  1. Compost System

Homesteaders understand the value of composting for their gardens. A well-designed compost system can help them manage waste efficiently and produce nutrient-rich compost for their plants. Look for a compact compost tumbler or a more extensive system they can set up to make their homestead operations more sustainable and bountiful.

  1. Gardening Stool

When you have to harvest for your food daily, bending down so much can take a toll on the body. With extended hours spent tending to their gardens, a comfortable and sturdy gardening stool allows homesteaders to work with ease, reducing strain on their backs and knees.

  1. Egg Incubator

Some homesteaders have great luck using a chicken coop and allowing their chickens to sit on the eggs to add more birds to the mix. Others, who may face harsher weather or threats from predator animals, prefer to do their incubating in the safety of the indoors. For the homesteader interested in poultry, an egg incubator is a valuable tool for maintaining and growing their flock. 

  1. Rubber Boots

Homesteading means spending long hours outside each day, come rain or shine. Ensuring they have the proper gear will make this job much easier and more enjoyable. A reliable pair of rubber boots is indispensable for traipsing through muddy fields or working in wet conditions, making comfortable and durable boots a homesteader’s best friend. 

DIY Gift Ideas

A homesteader likes to be crafty and innovative, whether making their own furniture or giving DIY gifts to friends. From tools and supplies to craft kits, here are some great gift ideas for the DIYer on a homestead.

  1. Solar Generators

EcoFlow Solar Generators can be a lifeline to off-grid homesteaders. They can power small appliances, charge devices like electric saws, and provide light in a workshop, offering a sustainable energy solution. For minor power needs, such as powering tools, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generators pack enough punch while remaining small and compact. 

For bigger jobs in the home or the ability to run more demanding items like appliances, the EcoFlow DELTA Series Solar Generators can provide anywhere from 1024Wh to 25kWh for comprehensive home backup power needs.

  1. Power Tools

There’s no such thing as a homestead tool kit that’s too extensive. High-quality power tools are essential for maintaining and improving the homestead. Tools such as saws, drills, and sanders help with construction, fencing, and repairs, allowing them to DIY to their heart’s content without requiring outside help.

  1. Tool Bench

A tool bench makes a significant impact on the homesteader with the tools they need but without a system of organization. A sturdy tool bench can provide a central location for their tools and projects, offering functionality and order critical to homesteading life. 

  1. Soap Making Kit

Homemade soaps are often made from natural, simple ingredients and are a treat for both body and skin. A beginner’s soap-making kit is perfect for homesteaders interested in self-care and DIY projects.

Off-Grid Gift Ideas

True homesteading doesn’t rely on an electricity grid or water supply. These gifts can make a world of difference in a homesteader’s lifestyle, supporting self-sufficiency for off-grid livers. 

  1. Dual Fuel Generator

For homesteaders who want a reliable off-grid power source with more than one fuel option, the EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) can offer flexibility by allowing for both gasoline and propane use. This versatility allows them to flex when specific fuel sources aren’t available, ensuring peace of mind they’ll always have backup power in a last-resort scenario.

  1. Solar Panels

A set of EcoFlow Solar Panels is a fantastic gift for homesteaders who care about harvesting their own power. It’s an investment in efficient, sustainable energy and the foundation of any PV solar system. Give them EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels if they need more than one set-up on the homestead, or opt for EcoFlow Rigid Solar Panels if they want to create a fixed solar energy system.

  1. Water Filtration System

Access to clean water is essential for every homesteader. A robust water filtration system attached to the sink purifies the water from their well, springs, or even rain catchments, ensuring a safe water supply.

  1. Walkie-Talkies

Communication tools are pivotal, especially on larger homesteads where cell service is sparse. Walkie-talkies provide a simple and effective way for homesteaders to stay in touch, even when working in remote areas of their land.

Household Gift Ideas

These gifts around the house are a nice touch for anyone with the essential resources a homestead requires.

  1. Natural Laundry Detergent

Homesteaders care about the environment and the products they use. A natural laundry detergent helps them maintain their conscious lifestyle while keeping their clothes clean. Better yet, give them the ingredients to make their own so they can always keep a full supply.

  1. Portable Power Stations for Backup Power

If electricity is spotty near their homestead, portable power stations such as EcoFlow Portable Power Stations they can keep around the house are great gifts with various uses. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series offers portable and lightweight options for small personal devices like phones and tablets, while the EcoFlow DELTA Series PPS is designed for more energy-intensive applications.

  1. Informative Books on Homesteading

A book is a timeless gift, and for the homesteader, a guidebook on specific topics like gardening, preserving food, or living independently can be invaluable.

  1. Sewing Kit

A well-stocked sewing kit enables homesteaders to mend clothing and linens, make repairs, and even start creating their own garments, promoting a sustainable and frugal approach to dressing their family.

Final Thoughts

Whether the homesteader you’re shopping for is just starting or is an experienced off-gridder, a thoughtful gift that aligns with their lifestyle can make their life easier. Practical presents show that you recognize their commitment to sustainable living and self-sufficiency.

Invest in your loved one’s self-sustaining lifestyle with a gift that keeps on giving – like a portable power station from EcoFlow. Whether charging their farming tools or powering up their workshop, EcoFlow’s products will be a welcome addition to their off-grid toolkit.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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