How to Generate Clean Power Using a Portable Generator

Clean power is an essential component in the green transition. But just because society needs to move to cleaner energy sources doesn’t mean you need to struggle to access readily available power when you need it. 

Portable generators are an increasingly prevalent way to access power when and where you need it, and technological advancements have made them capable of producing clean energy. Many models on the market today harness energy from clean sources so that you can feel good about powering your lifestyle. Here’s how they work to generate zero-carbon energy.

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What Is Clean Power?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, clean power is energy that produces minimal or no carbon emissions. 

Occasionally, there is some confusion in the terms, with people using “clean” and “renewable” as synonymous terms. While there is a substantial crossover between the two categories, and both are essential for a greener, sustainable future, they mean slightly different things.

As stated, clean power has zero carbon emissions. It means that sources like solar and wind are forms of clean energy. Wind and solar energy are also renewable, which means they can replenish energy faster than energy consumption. With ample wind and sunlight, solar and wind are incredible renewable, clean energy sources.

But other forms of energy don’t fit neatly into both the ‘clean’ and ‘renewable’ categories. Take nuclear power, for example. Nuclear energy production is a zero-emission process, making it a clean energy source. But nuclear energy is not widely believed to be renewable because it uses radioactive fuel, which is not a naturally renewable resource.

Regardless of which box a given source fits into, we need clean and renewable energy to build new energy systems for a greener, more sustainable future. Clean, renewable sources like solar and wind are vital to this transition.

How to Generate Clean Power Using a Portable Generator

Clean power is not accessible everywhere. While many municipalities are beginning to offer cleaner energy options, putting your money where your mouth is still challenging when relying on the electric grid. 

You could opt to install a rooftop solar system on your home, but that can be expensive and often isn’t accessible to renters. This situation is where portable generators come in handy. 

Portable generators give you control over your energy sources while allowing you greater day-to-day flexibility. Plus, portable generators are available at a wide range of price points, making them accessible regardless of your budget. Here are a few portable power solutions to consider as you seek your perfect fit.

Portable Power Stations

Portable power stations are an essential component of any clean energy solution for life on the go or for those who can’t install a more extensive system in their home. Because these stations are typically small and lightweight, they are convenient to use where and when you need power.

A portable power station is essentially a very smart high-capacity rechargeable battery that you can use to run electronic devices, appliances, and more. It may sound similar to a power bank, but they have some key features that set them apart. 

For one, portable power stations typically have a much higher capacity than any regular battery bank. Additionally, they have high-output capacities and AC outlets, so you can run household appliances that require more energy. While the battery is an essential component of the PPS, these devices also integrate high-tech solutions that regulate electricity flow and charge quickly. 

One thing to note is that a portable power station cannot generate energy. But when paired with a solar panel, it becomes a mean green energy machine.

An example is the River Portable Power Station from EcoFlow. It has three different capacities and outputs to charge any type of device. And at 7.7 lbs (3.5kg), you can take it anywhere. 

The River conveniently connects to solar panels (sold separately) to deliver clean energy, but it can also connect to other supplies like AC power to ensure you have electricity when you need it. The River battery can quickly charge when plugged into a solar panel, AC wall outlet, car charger, or even a USB. It’s a lightweight and durable option for power on the go or as part of an emergency bugout kit.

Solar Generators 

Solar generators are an all-in-one system with everything you need to generate your own clean energy. Portable solar generators are becoming increasingly more common and accessible, making them a financially savvy and planet-friendly option.

Typically, a solar generator includes a power station and connectable solar panels. The photovoltaic panels allow you to capture sunlight whenever it’s most convenient, while the power station lets you store it for a rainy day.

Solar generators today come with high-capacity batteries. Take the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, for example. It’s a highly-customizable solar generator that lets you scale the capacity, with options for a 2kWh battery or a 5kWh battery that you can stack for up to 15kWh. You can also mix and match various solar panels to create a solar generator to meet your unique needs. 

Another option to use alongside solar generators is a dual-fuel generator. It’s not 100% clean energy, but handy if you’re ever in a situation where harvesting solar power isn’t an option. Options like the EcoFlow Dual Fuel Smart Generator act as a last line of defence, recharging the DELTA Pro with propane or gasoline. While not perfect, propane has much lower emissions than gas or oil.

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Wind Generators

While not as widely available as solar generators, you can find portable wind generators in the clean energy market. They use aerodynamic force from the blades of the rotor blades to generate power. 

A portable wind turbine stores power in a battery or portable power station, similar to a solar generator. Some solar generators available today can connect to a portable turbine to maximize the energy input. 

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Portable power generators are an essential player in the green transition. Offering clean power anywhere you need it and available in various models to fit any budget, portable generators are an investment worth making. 

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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