6 Best Portable Power Stations for Camping in 2024

In recent years, camping has become a popular pastime. But just because you’re roughing it in the wilderness, doesn’t mean you have to struggle without power. With the emergence of portable power stations, you can easily power all your gadgets, lights, and camping appliances. Great news, as it means you can power your speakers rather than get the guitar out to play kumbaya on repeat.

Taking power camping has never been easier. If you prefer camping with your tech charged and some home comforts, we’ve got your back. We’ve broken down the best campsite power options for you.

Find out about 7 best portable power stations that keep your camping trip alight.
Taking power camping has never been easier.

Large Portable Power Stations for Camping

When camping for a week or two in a remote location you’ll need something with enough power you can rely on. The best camping batteries have abundant power, a choice of ports and outlets, multiple charging methods, and great portability. This is where the DELTA series comes in.

Here are your options:

1. DELTA Pro – Huge power supply on wheels

If you're going on a camping trip for a couple of weeks DELTA Pro has enough power to power your home comforts for hours on end.
DELTA Pro portable power for longer camping trips.

Typical power sources for camping run on gas and create constant noise. Whereas DELTA Pro offers a rechargeable lithium camping battery with 3600Wh capacity. With this amount of capacity, four USB ports, five AC outlets, and a 12V car port you can recharge multiple devices at the same time for your whole trip.

If this level of capacity isn’t enough, you can pair another DELTA Pro, Smart Generator, and extra batteries to expand all the way up to 10kWh while on the go. You can learn more about that here.

When it’s time to recharge you’ve got options. If you’re lucky enough to be on a campsite with power outlets, hook it up. You’ll reach 100% battery within 2 hours.

However, when you’re camping its 1600W solar input is your best bet to recharge. Hooking up four EcoFlow 400W portable solar panels will give you a full charge in 2.6 – 5.6 hours.

Typically, a generator with this much power weighs between 150lbs – 200lbs. But DELTA Pro doesn’t have mechanical parts and is compact in design. It weighs 99lbs and comes with wheels too. Brilliant if you’re looking for campsite power for extended stays or large groups.

2. DELTA 2 – The best all-rounder

Need a good balance between power and portability? DELTA 2 is the best all-rounder for camping.
DELTA 2, the best all-rounder when it comes to campsite power.

Another option to consider for longer camping trips is DELTA 2.

DELTA 2 has more than enough power to keep your camping trip powered. It packs a 1800W output and 1kWh expandable capacity (up to 3kWh). This means it can power a portable 1200W camping stove for 90 minutes, not that you would need to. Another example is you could power all your devices and your friend’s devices for hours on end, keeping everything charged.

Like all DELTA models, it sports a rechargeable lithium battery. In DELTA 2’s case, it’s LFP. Meaning it’ll last for up to 10 years of regular use before degrading to 80% capacity. Plugged into a wall socket DELTA 2 recharges at 7 times the speed of most portable solar generators out there.

Nonetheless, we know that’s not always possible on a camping trip. This is where the 12v car port comes into play. Connected to a 12v car port you can charge DELTA 2 on the go.

What’s really special about DELTA is how quick its charges via solar panels. It has a 500W solar input. Connected to two 220W bifacial solar panels it fully recharges in 3-6 hours. Perfect if you find yourself in a remote camping spot.

DELTA 2’s power-to-weight ratio strikes a remarkable balance. At a mere 27 lb, it’s super lightweight. Pick it up, pack it in your car and you’re good to go.

3. DELTA mini – Portability first

Looking for a portable powerhouse? DELTA mini strikes an astounding balance between power and portability for camping trips.
DELTA mini, a true portable powerhouse.

Next, we have DELTA mini, the lightest DELTA portable power station. This pint-sized powerhouse is a great option for medium-long stay camping trips.

At a 1400W output and 882Wh capacity, DELTA mini has a tad less power than DELTA 2, but makes up for it with more portability. With it, you’ll have no problem starting up your essential camping kit. DELTA mini weighs 5 lb or so less than DELTA, giving you a nice balance between power and portability.

DELTA mini’s recharge rate is great too, as is the whole DELTA series. Plugged into a wall socket it will reach full charge in 96 minutes. But we know wall sockets are unlikely in the wild. So you have the option to charge via a 12v car outlet or solar panels. Using your car, it will fully recharge in 9.5 hours or 3-6 hours using two 160W solar panels.

With all EcoFlow portable solar generators, you can recharge your unit and power devices simultaneously. Plus, if you want to monitor energy activity, use the smart app and do it all from your camping chair.

Small Portable Power Stations for Camping

Gone are the days of bulky, fuel-guzzling portable power stations. The EcoFlow River 2 series is a smart, environmentally friendly way to keep your camping trips powered.

Here are your options:

4. River 2 Pro – The middle ground

River 2 Pro, charge your essentials while camping.
River 2 Pro, charge your essentials while camping.

With a 800W output, 768Wh capacity, and 4 ports, you’ll be covered for almost all camping equipment. With River 2 Pro you’ll have enough juice to power drones, lights, laptops, mini-fridges, small camping stoves, and more.

When it comes to moving from place to place, taking River 2 Pro is easy. With a built-in handle and weighing 17.2 lbs, you can pick it up and go. Also with a 12v/24v car port and 220W solar input you’ve got some great charging options for the road.For perspective, with two EcoFlow 110w solar panels, you’ll go from 0-100% battery in 70 minutes.

5. River 2 – Light but not lightweight

image1 20
EcoFlow River 2, portable power for every camping trip.

If it’s just a short weekend away camping, River 2 has the perfect amount of campsite power. River 2 packs a 600W output and 256Wh capacity. This is perfect if you want to keep camping lights on at night.

If River 2 happens to run out of juice, you’ve got a few recharge options, including AC charging, car charging, solar charging, and USB-C charging.But if there are zero outlets to hand, two 110W solar panels will give you 100% battery in 3 hours. 

When it comes to size, River 2 is around the size of a toaster, weighing 7.7 lb. With its compact design, it will easily slide into your car while not taking up much space. Plus, it’s small enough to sit inside your tent, while making minimal noise to charge your devices overnight.

Wild Card for Campsite Power

6. EcoFlow Smart Generator – Go entirely off-grid

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is your camping wildcard. It's 1800W output will have your power needs covered.
EcoFlow Smart Generator, your wildcard option for campsite power.

A wild card choice for campsite power is the Dual Fuel EcoFlow Smart Generator. Although the smart generator was made as a complement to DELTA Pro and DELTA Max, it works like a traditional gas generator too.

Simply add unleaded gas or propane and you’ll have access to 1800W output. You can power devices through a DC or AC port.

Compared to traditional gas generators, the Smart Generator is more compact and lightweight. The average gas generator in the same class weighs 150 lb. The smart generator is much lighter at 62.8 lb. It’s also easier to use with the EcoFlow app, automation features, and a ton of features to keep you in the know.

The smart generator would be great for longer camping trips. It’s especially useful as back up charging option for DELTA Pro and DELTA max as it saves on fuel by being far more efficient when paired with them.

In summary…

When it comes to a portable power supply for camping, it depends on your needs. If your going for longer trips with the family then one of the DELTA models will be more appropriate. If it’s just a short trip, the River 2 series is perfect. Overall, the best all-around power station for camping is DELTA 2 which sits right in the middle. You can learn

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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