Gifts for the Avid Bird Watcher

Few gifts are as appreciated as those that enhance a dedicated bird watcher’s passion. But finding the perfect present that’s functional, thoughtful, and brings enjoyment can be challenging. Use this guide to explore and find the best choice for any avid bird watcher. 

From gifts that attract feathered friends like feeders and houses to providing them with sightseeing and listening gear like binoculars and audio-recording devices, thoughtful gifts will significantly elevate their beloved pastime. Learning opportunities like books, subscriptions, and clubs—or artwork, jewelry, and clothes—are always well received. Keep reading to find the perfect gesture to show your appreciation and support. 

Bird Feeders And Houses

Gifting a bird feeder, house, or combination is an excellent way to ensure the recipient always has birds in their yard to watch. There are many options for feeders and houses to suit any situation or attract any desired species. 

Suet Feeders

This bird feeder is built to hold suet, a type of feed that attracts chickadees, woodpeckers, jays, and some cardinals. Suet feed often comes in blocks that must be placed in a specific feeder. The best suet feeders are made of metal, not plastic, and have easy-to-use latches. 

Tube Feeders

A tube feeder is a hollow tube with a perch under the feeding holes along the sides. It keeps seeds dry and clean for several types of birds. Mixed seeds are a great way to attract a variety of birds. The size of the feeding holes and perches caters to specific birds, with smaller ports for smaller birds like finches. 

Squirrel Proof Feeders

These feeders have an integrated weight sensor to make them squirrel-proof. When something heavier than a bird, like a squirrel, lands on it, the feeding holes narrow or close entirely so they cannot access the seeds. Other squirrel-proof feeders have metal mesh, so the seeds are only accessible to smaller birds. Pole-mounted feeders are difficult for squirrels to climb up. 

Nesting Box House

A nesting box house is a closed wooden structure that provides a safe space for birds to nest. Entrance holes are sized for specific species, the bottom is slightly raised from the floor, and removable sides allow easy, seasonal cleaning. Often, they’re unpainted and unstained to blend into the surroundings. 

Decorative House

On the other hand, a decorative house is designed for aesthetic purposes, not necessarily for nesting. Instead of blending in, they act as ornamental objects in gardens, porches, and yards. However, since they still contain entrance holes, decorative houses can be used for short-term nesting. 

Feeder/House Combo

You can’t go wrong with combining the two if you’re unsure which feeder or house they need. Combination birdhouses attract both nesting birds and those seeking food. They’re convenient for those with smaller yards and gardens. 

Optics And Viewing Equipment

Enhance their bird-watching hobby with electronics and gadgets that provide better viewing angles, the ability to capture unique birds on film, peace of mind with reliable power, and the ability to record bird sounds in the wild. 


Nothing is more frustrating about bird-watching than being unable to see the birds. Sometimes, the birds are too small to see, even if they’re up close, or the specific one lands far away. Binoculars allow you to make out fine details of birds up close or far away. This is an essential piece of equipment for any avid bird watcher. 

Photography Accessories

A camera, lens filters, tripods, and camera bags are all options for gifting someone who wants to upgrade their bird-watching by capturing special moments. If they already have a camera, gifting a fun camera strap or memory cards will show your support. 

Portable Power Station

A portable power station provides reliable electricity when traditional power sources are unavailable. If the recipient enjoys bird watching in remote areas, an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series is the perfect gift. With lightweight options packed in a backpack, they can keep phones, laptops, and other gear charged when away. 

Recharge these power stations while in remote areas with portable solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity to be stored in the power station. EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels are lightweight, foldable, and easy to use. 

Spotting Scopes

A spotting scope can be an excellent addition if the bird watcher owns binoculars. They provide much higher magnification, have a larger objective lens for better resolution, and can be tripod-mounted for easy use. A spotting scope will enable them to observe birds far away and readily identify species. 

Audio Equipment

Portable speakers that connect to smartphones can be used to play bird calls from their audio library while in the field to attract birds. Parabolic reflectors are dish-shaped reflectors that amplify faint bird sounds to the listener, making locating and identifying birds easier. 

Wireless mic systems allow bird sounds to be recorded. High-quality audio recordings can be added to their library to identify birds viewed that day later. 

Field Guides And Resources

Guided Bird Watching Tours And Expeditions

Give the gift of an experience by paying ahead for a bird-watching tour. Expeditions typically involve a tour guide assisting with bird identification, listening for sounds, and teaching about local biodiversity. 

Membership To Birding Clubs Or Organizations

If the recipient lives in a town with a local bird-watching club, you can sign them up for a membership and pay the dues. At a club, they’ll meet with other locals who share their passion for watching – you could even go with them in support. Clubs and organizations host regular meetings with activities, news, and social events. 

Bird Identification Guides

Many guides are available for bird identification, spotting, biodiversity, and species history. A good field guide is an excellent tool for identifying birds. Physical books can be brought outside for reading, used while sightseeing, and serve as home decor when unused. 

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving—pay for a yearly subscription, and every month, a new magazine full of inspiration arrives at their doorstep. Bird-focused magazines contain information on species, new equipment, personal stories, beautiful photography, and watching tips. 

Portable Chairs

A high-quality, portable, comfortable chair is a must if the bird watcher loves to travel outside to observe birds. Look for a chair in their favourite colour or pattern, with plenty of room, straps for packing, and cup holders. Avid bird watchers would appreciate a durable, comfortable chair in the field. 

Portable Refrigerator

For those lengthy spells in the wilderness, consider gifting a portable refrigerator to your loved bird-watcher to keep their snacks and drinks cool all day. The EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator is a high-quality choice, with 40 hours of run time and the ability to generate 18 ice cubes within 12 minutes. 

Bird Themed Decor And Accessories

The perfect addition to any home or lifestyle of an avid watcher is themed decor that showcases their passion. This gift allows them to embellish their home, garden, or personal style with thoughtful accessories. 


A beautiful piece of artwork will enhance their home and showcase their bird-watching love. If they’re photographers, you can have their favourite photos printed and framed. Alternatively, look in shops for local artists’ paintings or photographs of native birds. A personalized, thoughtful piece of artwork will be loved for many years. 

Birdbaths And Garden Decor

Provided they have space in their yard or garden, consider decorative pieces like birdbaths, windchimes, flowers, and figurines. Birdbaths and flowers will attract birds to their garden. Windchimes add a touch of whimsy to a garden space or porch. Figurines add eye-catching beauty from stone statues or glass species. 

Bird-themed Mugs

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of coffee in the early morning, sitting outside, enjoying the sounds of nature—which is also the perfect time for bird watching. They can bring a nice tumbler on a hike or pick out a classic coffee mug with a funny message, attractive pattern, or fun colour. 


Clothes that protect endangered bird species are an excellent, unique gift to give someone passionate about this animal. Many organizations that work to protect endangered species sell T-shirts and other apparel and donate proceeds to the cause. Not only can this T-shirt be worn, but it’ll also have a special place in their heart for the cause it supports. 


There are many routes to go with jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Knowing the recipient’s preferred metal tone—silver, gold, or rose gold—is helpful. With jewelry, look for brands that support endangered bird species so the piece stands out. Or, look for cool designs like flowers, trees, and other natural patterns. Fun-coloured gemstones can also elevate the piece.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Get an Avid Birder?

For avid watchers, look for gifts to enhance their watching experiences, such as binoculars, field guides, feeders, houses, or learning opportunities like a tour or club. This type of gift shows thoughtfulness and support for their hobby. 

What Do You Get a Bird Watcher for Christmas?

Bird watching doesn’t stop in the winter—look for gear and supplies to support winter watching. Winter bird guides, extra food like seeds and suet, or waterproof binoculars are wonderful options. Of course, any spring and summer gear can be used when it warms up. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, finding the perfect gift is about tapping into their passion and making their hobby even more enjoyable. Whether providing new feeders or houses to enjoy bird watching from home or opportunities to sharpen their skills with guides, clubs, or magazines to elevate sightseeing, any avid bird watcher will be pleased. 

You can also invest in high-quality gadgets like binoculars, audio devices, cameras, or an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series that will be treasured. No matter your gift, it will surely be meaningful because it supports their love of observing nature’s feathered friends. 

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