Dual Fuel Generator for RVs – Everything You Need To Know

The RV lifestyle lets you enjoy life on the open road. But no matter where you travel, you still need electricity.  

Dual fuel generators are a powerful solution for trips where you want to stay connected but travel off-grid. Combining two fuel types — such as gas and propane — means better fuel efficiency and more reliable electricity on the move. 

There’s a lot to know with so many dual fuel generators on the market. We’ve compiled it all into this in-depth but quick guide, including your best options for reliable backup power, better fuel efficiency, and even eco-friendly options. 

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What Is a Dual Fuel Generator?

A dual fuel generator creates backup energy for your RV. The engine runs on two fuel sources, with options including diesel, gasoline, natural gas, or liquid propane. It lessens your dependence on gasoline and can keep you powered longer.

Dual fuel generators help provide energy independence to the user. Depending on the fuel sources, you can save money on your gasoline expenses and feel reassured that you’ll have an electrical supply, no matter the weather or how remote your travels take you.

Why Should You Consider Using a Dual Fuel Generator for Your RV?

Dual fuel does it better.

Backup Power

Natural disasters, weather conditions, poor planning, or the like can disrupt your access to electricity and gasoline. Dual fuel generators provide backup power when you can’t reach the campground or fuel runs low.

Most dual fuel generators run on propane as one of the fuel sources, which is easy to find and store. If you run short, many gas stations, grocery stores, and hardware stores stock propane. 

The EcoFlow Smart Dual Fuel Generator also ensures the utmost reliability. With a 4-litre tank, it provides hours of backup power. It also has a large capacity of 20kWh when you use propane (LPG), which averages almost 13 hours of runtime. An auto start/stop allows for better safety, while a quiet engine keeps the noise to a minimum. 

If you’re working to be more environmentally friendly but still want the security of a fossil-fuel-powered generator, a smart dual fuel generator is a reliable option. It integrates with the DELTA Max portable power station and the Delta Pro, letting you recharge your PPS in 1.8 hours. 

Add EcoFlow’s portable solar panels to the portable power station, and you can generate clean, renewable electricity and still have your dual fuel generator as a last line of defence.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Dual fuel generators have better fuel efficiency, especially when you use propane.

When paired with the DELTA Pro portable power station, the EcoFlow Smart dual fuel generator saves you 40% more fuel than traditional fossil fuel-powered generators. 

When your DELTA Pro or Max PPS is down to 20% power, the Smart Generator automatically kicks into gear, ensuring zero interruption in your power supply.


Dual fuel generators can reduce your environmental impact. Fuel options like propane burn much cleaner than gasoline or diesel, meaning you can forego more toxic fuels. The result is fewer harmful fumes, less noise, and reduced carbon emissions.

Solar generators are even cleaner and work similarly to dual fuel generators, creating electricity you can keep in reserve to power your RV appliances and devices. However, instead of fossil fuels, they harness the clean, renewable power of the sun. 

However, there can be times when solar generators run out of electricity or can’t generate enough power to keep up with your demands. If you’re not near a campground, you might not have access to shore power.

Smart dual fuel generators compatible with solar generators like the DELTA Pro offer another charging option. They’re an ideal last resort when your solar generator runs out of energy. 

How Long Can a Dual Fuel Generator Power an RV?

Dual fuel generators are safe to run for long hours, even the whole day, as long as they’re sufficiently ventilated. The total run-time depends on the fuel types, if you have a full tank, the tank size, and whether you run the generator continuously or as needed.

Suppose you have the EcoFlow dual fuel generator. If you run it using a 4-litre tank of gasoline, you can run the generator continuously for 3.5 hours. If you switch to propane (LPG), you can run a full load with a 20-pound propane tank for 13 hours. 

That’s enough to create around 5.4kWh of energy or as much as 20kWh with LPG. The actual runtime for your generator will depend on your specific needs and what you power with it.

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Is It Better to Run a Dual Fuel Generator for Your RV on Gas or Propane?

If you already have a traditional fuel generator, gasoline may be your go-to. Propane is likely to be the best choice as an alternative fuel

Propane offers longer run times, better fuel efficiency, and is easier on the environment. It’s also safe to store for longer. Gasoline deteriorates much faster than properly stored propane. 

A rule of thumb is that propane tends to be safer all around than gasoline. Gasoline is more flammable, making leaks and spills dangerous, and it creates more particulate pollution and toxic emissions.

Is It Worth Getting a Dual Fuel Generator for RVs?

A dual fuel generator is beneficial for many reasons, especially for RV owners.

Many generators are portable, so they’re versatile in where and when you use them. They’re also quieter than traditional fossil fuel generators. 

Plus, if you ever travel in remote locations, access to electricity could make the difference between safety and peril. 

Dual fuel generators are also ideal for home backup. Unlike solar generators, you can’t use them indoors because of the emissions, but when combined with a DELTA Max or Pro PPS or solar generator, they can be part of a complete home backup solution.

During natural disasters or blackouts, acquiring gasoline will likely be difficult. Everyone will be rushing to gas stations to restock their supplies. Propane is safe and easy to store at home.

If you have a Dual Fuel option, typical panic buying won’t affect you quite as much. You won’t have to wait hours to fill up at the gas station only to find the prices are through the roof or the supply has run dry. You can reduce your gasoline use instead by running it along with propane. 

Final Thoughts

A Dual Fuel generator could be the alternative power source your RV is missing. If you’re curious about sustainable alternatives to your portable energy supply, EcoFlow provides a wide range of portable power solutions, including the most innovative portable solar generators on the market.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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