20 Top Golf Gifts for Men

Finding the perfect gift for a golf enthusiast can seem overwhelming – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the sport. Regardless, you’ll want to gift them something fun and practical that they’ll appreciate. Fortunately, there are many great presents that all lovers of this sport would cherish. 

This guide will help you find the best golf gifts for men, including gear essentials, fun decor, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Keep reading and find the perfect gift with ease. 


Rangefinders elevate the golfing experience for any level of player. They’re devices that accurately measure the distance to a target, like a hole or a hazard. Knowing the distance from the hole lets golfers select the best shooting club. 

A laser calculates the distance by measuring the time it takes for the laser beam to bounce back to the rangefinder from the target. Ultimately, a rangefinder helps golfers strategise and make confident club decisions, leading to a lower score and a more enjoyable game overall. 

Golf Glove

Golfers wear a glove on the nondominant hand to provide a better grip during the swing. Golf gloves are made of leather, synthetic leather, or Cabretta skin, allowing a better grip than bare hands. This ultimately prevents the club from twisting during the swing, and the golf glove also absorbs hand moisture, which can be problematic in warm months. The glove isn’t required, but most golfers enjoy the benefits of using one. 

Portable Refridgerator

An electric cooler or portable refrigerator is the perfect addition to any day on the golf course. If the course allows you to bring drinks, a cooler is a must to keep them cool. Or if not, it’s handy to have in your car after a long round in the heat. The EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator is the best sustainable option

There’s always ice with its built-in ice maker, and it’s easy to move with a suitcase design. Charge it up at home or away with EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels for chilled food and beverages for up to 48 hours. 

Golf Balls

Golf balls are a consumable golf necessity, meaning that most golfers go through them regularly and need a continuous fresh supply. There are many options for golf balls, with a wide range of prices. Consider your golfer’s skill level and swing, as different ball models are better suited than others. 

Some are designed for longer, straighter flights, while premium balls have more spin and control. Look for their favourite brand and buy in muli-packs. Many popular brands come in sleeves of 3 or 12. 


Like golf balls, golfers always need tees– small plastic or wooden objects that hold the ball for the initial tee shot on every hole. Wooden tees are the most common, but plastic ones are more durable. The tees also come in different lengths, with longer tees being best for drivers and shorter ones for irons. 

To make this gift special, look for personalisations. Some tees have team colours and logos, destinations, and fun patterns. 

Golf Shoes

Quality golf shoes are an excellent option for seasoned players or beginners. They’re specially designed for use on a course, so regular tennis shoes are inappropriate. Golf shoes have unique traction elements, like spikes, to increase stability and traction. 

Even if the golfer you’re gifting these to already has a pair of shoes, a new pair can be an upgrade, a replacement, or a new addition to the wardrobe. 

Golf Polo

Polos are one of the most personalisable gifts to give a golfer. These shirts are available in many patterns, styles, and materials to please anyone. Some golfers prefer a preppy style, so look for light colours, minimal patterns, and high-quality materials. Others want to represent their favourite teams and prefer team-specific colours and emblems. 

Some golfers love to express their style with fun prints and patterns. Take this gift to the next level by adding a golf quarter zip that matches the polo for golfing in cooler months. 

Divot Tool

Also known as a divot repair tool, it’s a small tool that golfers use to fix indentations left on the green from their golf ball after landing. It’s good practice always to fix divots or pitch marks for course maintenance. A divot tool makes it easier for golfers to neatly and effectively fix these spots. 

Many tools can also be engraved with the golfer’s name or initials for a personalised touch. Combine a divot tool with other small gifts for a well-rounded, considerate present. 

Cleaning Rags

Golfers need to keep their clubs clean for optimal performance. After each round, they should have a stash of cleaning rags to wipe down the club faces, shafts, and grips. These rags can also clean golf balls, shoes, and bags that pick up dirt, mud, and water. 

Cleaning rags made of microfiber or terry cloth are best. Some manufacturers allow for customisation with embroidering or come in fun patterns. While this may seem simple, you can add to it with another small gift to make it stand out. 

Groove Cleaners

Also known as club brush cleaners, these specialised tools help golfers clean the faces and grooves of their clubs. They come in different bristle configurations and angles tailored to various club types. 

Using groove cleaners helps maintain the performance and longevity of the golf clubs, so it’s an essential tool for any golfer. These brushes have a compact design that allows them to be stored in a golf bag and accessed anywhere. 

Golf Hat

A personalised golf hat is the perfect practical gift for any golfer. Many golfers wear hats to protect their faces from the sun while playing, giving their outfits a classic touch. Golf hats come in many styles, colours, and designs. 

You can pick out a hat that is their favourite colour, team, or golf brand. Even if the recipient has a golf hat, golfers tend to rotate their hats for fun or to match their outfit, so an additional hat will still be appreciated. 

Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generators are the perfect gift for avid golfers or anyone who loves the outdoors. A solar generator combines a portable power station, like the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series, with solar panels to convert sunlight into stored electrical energy. 

These lightweight, compact, portable power stations are a great present for golfers to bring onto the course to keep their phones and other electrics charged all day. 

Golf Course Art Piece

If you’re unsure what gear to gift a golfer, a professional picture or drawing of their favourite course would make a fantastic, one-of-a-kind gift. This type of artwork is often found at the course’s clubhouse or online. When displayed, this gift would be a great conversation starter about favourite courses and memorable golf moments. Grab a nice frame for the artwork so it’s easier for them to hang up. 

Portable Speaker 

Listening to music on the golf course is extra fun for many golfers, especially when playing with friends. It’s not uncommon for courses to ban headphones or earbuds for safety reasons, so a portable speaker is essential to bring this kind of entertainment. Look for lightweight and compact speakers to fit into their golf bag easily. 

Additionally, a speaker with a long battery life and water resistance will be more efficient while on the course. More so, a portable speaker is versatile beyond golf as the player can use it at home, the beach, or at parties. 

Golf Bag

A golf bag holds clubs, balls, tees, and other accessories. This gift might require asking your golfer questions about preferences, but a new or upgraded bag will be much appreciated. They come in many colours and styles to suit any preferences or needs. 

Sometimes, the bag can be customised with team logos or someone’s initials. Other bags are designed with many pockets and compartments to organise accessories. A high-quality bag will last a golfer years of rigorous use. 

Golf Umbrella

It’s happened to almost every golfer– getting caught in a short rain shower while on the course. However, like most sports, the game continues no matter the weather. A golf umbrella provides much-needed protection from the rain and even intense sun. With a quality umbrella, a golfer can continue to play in light rain without interruption. 

There are many colours and styles of umbrellas to choose from. Make sure you choose a large, durable umbrella to provide plenty of coverage and withstand winds and rugged use.

Golf Lesson 

A lesson with a golf pro or coach at the recipient’s favourite course or club would be an invaluable gift for any golfer. A golf pro can help a golfer improve their skill level by working on swing mechanics, short game techniques, and mental approach. The pro will use drills and personalised guidance in a golf lesson based on the golfer’s weaknesses and abilities. 

Any level of player can benefit from expert knowledge and training. You can gift a single lesson or a series of lessons; either will show your support for the golfer. 

Subscription To A Golf Magazine

A golf magazine subscription is a fun present as it’s a convenient way to provide a steady stream of golf content to their doorstep every month. These magazines include instructional tips, tournament coverage, course reviews, and professional insights. 

The storytelling, course photography, and featured articles can inspire and motivate golfers. They can also keep these articles as a keepsake or decoration for their home. There’s something for every golfer, no matter the level of skill. 

Golf Ball Display Case

Hitting a hole-in-one, obtaining a signed ball, or winning at a prestigious tournament gives an ordinary golf ball sentimental value. A display case provides the golfer with a designated spot to display their prized ball. Not only will the case preserve the ball for years, but also the cherished memories. A quality display place can be a decoration piece for one of their favourite golfing moments, bringing the memory to life. 

Tickets To A Major

Tickets to major golf tournaments, such as The Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championships, would be an incredible gift for any golf enthusiast. Attending one of these championships is a bucket list experience for most golfers, as tickets are limited and difficult to obtain. At majors, the world’s best players come together to compete on iconic courses. This gift would be a unique, one-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Final Thoughts

No matter the golfer’s skill level or playing experience, any of these gifts will excite them. From practical gear essentials like rangefinders, golf balls, and shoes to decorative pieces like artwork or stylish clothing, you’re sure to find the perfect gift. 

Remember to consider unique gifts like golf lessons, an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series, an EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator, or dream tickets to a golf major. With so many fantastic options, putting the care into the right golf-themed gift will be greatly appreciated. 

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