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In 2017,  a multidisciplinary team of engineers — each with vast experience and expertise in the battery and solar power industry — formed EcoFlow. 

United in the belief that access to electricity is a fundamental human right,  EcoFlow’s founders began developing solutions to relieve global populations from power insecurity. 

Today,  as an eco-friendly energy solutions company,  EcoFlow leads the way with industry-defining portable power stations,  solar technology,  and the world’s first home batteries with an expandable ecosystem for personal energy independence.


EcoFlow: The Evolution of Portable Power and Solar Solutions

Launched with the RIVER series of portable power stations in 2017, EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro won multiple awards and was the most-funded tech project ever on Kickstarter.

Since then, EcoFlow’s pace of innovation has skyrocketed.

With the RIVER 2 and DELTA series portable power stations and solar generators — and the 2024 launch of the PowerOcean and DELTA Pro Ultra solutions — true energy independence and security is now available to people in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Award Winning Products and Design

Starting with its very first product, the RIVER, EcoFlow has now won 6 coveted Red Dot Product Design awards for its portable power stations, solar panels, and solar generators.

DELTA Pro was named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2021


EcoFlow was honored by Time again when the GLACIER Portable Refrigerator from EcoFlow’s newly launched Smart Devices line was named Best Invention of 2023

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Recognized In the Press

Best portable power station for camping” – Forbes

“Best portable solar panels for power on the go” – BBC

“Best solar generator” – CNN

Best portable power station” -Wired

“EcoFlow’s scalable solar generators can power your entire home or just a weekend away” – The Verge

“EcoFlow has come a long way since its formative days as a Kickstarter project” – TechCrunch

 “EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a fantastic portable battery for those with bigger needs, featuring a huge capacity, fast charge, and the ability to power any household appliance, without compromise. 10/10”  – MakeUseOf 

“EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the monster of portable power stations!” – Der Stern

“EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is a huge portable battery and generator that will reduce your electricity bills!” – Frandroid


Get EcoFlow Straight From the Source

By purchasing our products from one of our worldwide network of local direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites, you’re virtually guaranteed to get the best price and after-sales support.

Depending on your location, such as in the United States, buying a residential solar power system directly from the manufacturer can make you eligible for financing options that qualify for the Renewable Clean Energy Tax Credit of up to 30%.

Even if you just have questions about our products — or solar and battery backup power in general — our product pages and blog are an invaluable resource.

Each product page features a comments section where real-life users ask questions, leave reviews, and get answers from our in-house experts.

With new articles published daily, our blog is one of the best places online to learn more about solar and battery backup power — with articles on everything from bringing off-grid electricity with you on camping trips to the latest federal and state government incentives on making the solar switch.

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It’s Not Just About the Products — It’s About Our Customers

At EcoFlow, we focus on building innovative products for a greener future, but we’d be nothing without our customers.

Our product warranties are among the most extensive in the industry, and every product we sell comes with comprehensive after-sales support.

If you’re an EcoFlow customer or have any questions about our company, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Join the EcoFlow Community

Become a member of the EcoFlow Community and join the EcoCredits reward program today to get access to product previews, special offers, preorders, and more.

Our thriving online community is packed with renewable energy, solar power, and home battery backup enthusiasts from around the world. It’s an excellent place to get your questions answered, by other EcoFlow customers or a member of our team.