Love Powered by EcoFlow: Valentine’s Deals For the Entire Family


Valentine’s day only comes once a year, so it’s essential to find the right gifts. While power might not seem like the most romantic gift, imagine all the doors it might open for adventures or romance. Plus, with family-friendly power solutions, now is the perfect time to show your loved ones just how much you care. 

The EcoFlow Valentine’s Sale is Now On!

Save up to 30% on your favorite portable power products.

Spin to win to get extra discounts to use during the sale. Plus, there’s a chance to win freebies, like an EcoFlow DELTA mini! 

Not sure which deals to grab, keep reading our gift guide to find the right power solution for your love.

Grab a Sweetheart Deal

Compact portable power is a must these days. Heading out on a picnic for two? Keep your drinks cool till you arrive. Or, make a romantic gesture, celebrate Valentine’s in style, and watch a classic weepy at your own off-grid movie theatre.

image2 11

Our RIVER Series was specially designed for lovingly planned off-grid adventures, and with our folding, travel-friendly solar panels, you can spend even more time off the beaten track than ever before. Portable power adds an extra level of comfort to camping; take your S.O. coffee in bed (or sleeping bag), charge your phone, so you can play your valentine’s playlist, and even keep your champers chilling for a romantic evening watching the stars.

image5 6
DeviceEcoFlow RIVER ProEcoFlow RIVER 2 Max
Coffee maker0.8 hr (10 cups approx.)0.8 hr (10 cups approx.)
Mini fridge10.8-21.6 hr6.2-12.4 hr
Projector 8 hr5.8 hr

Surely, one of the most attractive features of EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max is its slick charging speed, that’s 5 × faster than the competition and robust LFP battery. Not only can you fully charge in only 60 minutes using AC, solar charging takes as little as three hours.

ecoflow us EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max portable power station

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max

+ 160W Solar Panel

500W (4 × 500W AC Outlets) Up to 1000W w/ X-Boost
Solar Charging Time
4 hours
EcoFlow RIVER Pro portable power station

EcoFlow RIVER Pro

+ 160W Solar Panel

720Wh (Expandable to 1440Wh)
600W (3 × 600W AC Outlets) 
Up to 1800W w/ X-Boost
Solar Charging Time
5.5 hours

Show Love for the Whole Family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love; it’s the perfect time to show our entire family we care about them. Gift your family home power security that’s versatile and compact enough for camping, RVing and road trips. 

While you may not need a whole-home backup solution, having an emergency backup for unexpected blackouts will keep your family safe, secure, and entertained. 

EcoFlow DELTA Max powering home appliances

With 15 outlets and up to 2200W AC output, EcoFlow DELTA Max will keep your entire family comfortable even during extended outages. Add the bifacial solar panel and top-up your power during the day so you can carry on as if nothing happened. Keep the lights on, run your TV, and even cook meals using one integrated unit.

If you want more capacity and power all round, integrate your power stations with your home using our EcoFlow DELTA Pros and Double Voltage Hub. Set up your system to automatically switch over during a power outage, keeping your home running smoothly. 

EcoFlow DELTA MAX 220W的副本

EcoFlow DELTA Max

+ 220W Solar Panel

2016Wh (Expandable to 6048Wh)
2400W (6 × AC Outlets) 
Up to 3400W w/ X-Boost
Solar Charging Time
11.5 hours
ecoflow us EcoFlow DELTA pro double voltage hub bundle 30133151760457 2000x

2 × EcoFlow DELTA Pro

+ Double Voltage Hub

7200Wh (Expandable to 21000Wh)
15 (×2)
7200W (10 × AC Outlets)
Up to 4500W w/ X-Boost
Solar Charging Time

Sweet Best Sellers

EcoFlow RIVER Pro

Add some glam to your next camping trip with EcoFlow RIVER Pro. Run all your essentials on a weekend break, or double the capacity with an Extra Battery for longer trips and basic home backup.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 + 220W Solar Panel

The perfect couple! EcoFlow DELTA 2 and our bifacial solar panel will keep you powering on through outages, outdoorsy pursuits, and more.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

A family favorite, perfect for home backup, RV-ing, and road trips. With up to two expandable batteries, you can customize your power to fit any need for home and off-grid.

EcoFlow RIVER 2

Ideal for short romantic breaks and picnics in the park. It’s lightweight and compact but has enough power to run 80% of your daily essentials, from laptops to fridges.

The EcoFlow Valentine’s Sale ends Feb 14, so don’t miss out on our heart-melting offers.

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Hollie Sowden
Hollie Sowden
Originally from the UK, Hollie has lived in Shenzhen, China for just over a decade. With a degree in English Literature and Film, she has been blogging and working in marketing for many years, and is now a copywriter at EcoFlow.

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