How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?


For its flavor and its caffeine content, coffee has become an essential part of so many people’s morning routine. Even though coffee makers only operate for a short amount of time, they need a lot of power to run. Living off-grid or going through a power outage can prevent you from getting that morning brew. 

In this article, learn what wattage is, how much is required to power a coffee maker, and how you can use solar energy to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Keep reading to learn how to keep your coffee maker going, no matter the circumstance. 

What Is Wattage, and Why Does It Matter?

A watt is the unit for electrical power. It can be calculated using the equation below: 

Watts (W) = Amps (A) x Volts (V)

Most manufacturers tell you the wattage of an appliance in the specs. 

Your energy bill is typically based on the amount of electricity you’ve consumed. Understanding the wattage needs of your appliances is a great place to start lowering your energy usage!

How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes and require a wide range of wattage. Your coffee maker will likely consume between 550 and 1500 watts. Looking at the manufacturer’s advertised wattage is the best way to find out the required wattage of your specific coffee maker.

What About Different Types of Coffee Machines?

To get specific information about the wattage requirements of your specific coffee maker, consult your user manual or the company’s website. Below, we cover some ranges for popular coffee machine brands on the market.

Keurig and Nespresso

Brands like Keurig and Nespresso that use single-use coffee pods use around 900-1500 watts of power in order to operate. This could vary depending on your specific coffee maker, so make sure to consult the manual for accurate information.


Again, this will depend on the specific unit you have. For example, the Capresso – Steam PRO  Espresso and Cappuccino Machine uses 800 watts. Look up the information for your specific device to better understand its wattage.


Different units have different wattage requirements. As an example, the De’Longhi – DEDICA Espresso Machine consumes 1300 watts. Consult your manual for accurate wattage information for your specific model.

What About Different Stages of the Coffee-Making Process?

Further, different stages, such as brewing versus idling, consume different amounts of power. The most energy is typically consumed in the brewing step. Your machine will usually consume less power when it’s keeping your beverage hot.

Can You Power a Coffee Machine Using Solar?

You can absolutely power a coffee machine with solar if you have the right solar generator! However, choosing the right solar generator involves considering the wattage your coffee maker consumes. EcoFlow offers a wide range of solar generators to choose from, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy while you drink your morning cup of coffee.

What Size Solar Generator Would I Need to Power a Coffee Maker?

First, you need to determine the running wattage your coffee maker needs. If the manufacturer only reports the volts or amps, you need to convert them to watts using the equation above to get your running wattage.

But you’re still not done. Appliances have a starting wattage, which refers to the power needed to turn it on. Make sure you know the starting wattage of your coffee maker to make sure your EcoFlow portable power station can supply the wattage needed to turn it on and get it running.

Keep the capacity of your generator in mind as well, as this impacts how much electricity your battery can store and, thus, how long you can go before needing to recharge. Both electricity storage and power output are important factors to consider.

When comparing the specs of EcoFlow’s portable power stations, look for one that provides equal or higher output than you need. Depending on what you’re looking to power, the right solar generator for you will vary. 

If you want to power a coffee maker, EcoFlow’s RIVER 2 Pro is a good choice, depending on your specific coffee maker. Make sure to confirm that RIVER 2 Pro’s AC output is compatible with your specific unit.

Want something more powerful? EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro is an extremely powerful and expandable option, even working as a home backup solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Watts Do You Need to Run a Coffee Maker?

Every coffee maker consumes a specific wattage depending on the brand and size. They tend to consume more power than other devices – often ranging between 500 and 1500 watts. Look at the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website for accurate information.

Final Thoughts

A solar generator is a great option to power your coffee maker with clean and renewable energy. EcoFlow offers several solar generators to meet the needs of any situation, from off-grid living to home backup systems. 

Don’t forget to also check out EcoFlow’s portable power stations, from the RIVER 2 Pro to the DELTA Pro, to ensure your coffee cup stays full!

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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