19 Essential Gifts for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts


Whether scaling mountain peaks, exploring dense forests, RV camping in their favorite national park, or simply enjoying a leisurely trail walk, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts value gear that makes their experiences safer, more enjoyable, and more comfortable.

Shopping for this type of person might seem daunting, especially if you’re not an avid nature explorer. Use this guide to find the perfect gifts for your nature-loving friends and family. Here are 19 essential items they’re sure to love.

Polarized Sunglasses

When someone spends much time outdoors, sun protection is crucial – and we’re not just talking about sunscreen. Beyond skin, the eyes are also sensitive to the sun, so give your loved one a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized glasses offer 100% UVA and UVB rays, protecting a hiker’s eyes from the sun. They also reduce glare, enhance vision, and reduce eye strain, ensuring clear views even in the brightest conditions. Look for lightweight, durable frames that won’t shatter under pressure.

French Press

For hikers, the day often starts with the rising sun, a tent, and freshly brewed coffee. Ensure your hiking or adventuring loved one starts their day out right by gifting them a portable French press that enables them to savor the views and a rich cup of coffee, prepped with little fuss right in the heart of nature. It’s a simple, timeless way to enhance their mornings. They can also enjoy it at home, so its benefits aren’t just limited to their adventures.

Portable Generators

When you’re on the go outside, power is always a concern. It’s essential to stay safe and connected, but it also provides some luxuries of home by charging your phone and using devices like electric kettles or fans. But without AC outlets, the quest for power often turns to solar energy that you can tap into from anywhere. Portable solar generators and efficient solar panels have become a staple for avid hikers. They are clean and dependable power sources, perfect for camping trips, outdoor events, or emergencies. The compact and lightweight yet mighty EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series includes portable power stations that can be used on their own as portable battery banks and entire EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generators, which include a portable power station and EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels.

If you want to gift them something with alternative power options, opt for the EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel), which can use propane or gasoline and offers 20kWh capacity for worry-free backup power.


Capture every epic moment of their outdoor adventures with a GoPro camera, built to withstand the harshest elements, including dirt, water, and extreme heat or cold. Plus, it’s a gift for you, too! When they return from their adventures, they can share stunning footage of a hike’s highlights. It’s more than a camera—it’s a storyteller’s tool, ensuring they’ll never miss a moment worth sharing.

Portable Cooler or Refrigerator

Nobody likes the taste of warm water after a long trek. A portable cooler or refrigerator keeps food fresh and drinks cool, whether they’re tailgating an event, enjoying a weekend picnic, or camping in the wilderness. For longer adventures that need more than a standard cooler, innovative refrigerators can use standard electricity or solar power to provide cool freshness for days. Take the EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator, for example. It offers ice-making, freezing, and refrigeration of your food and drinks for an extended run time of up to 40 hours. With features like separate zones for freezing and cooling and the fastest chilling time in the industry, it’s a sustainable game-changer for travel. It is one gift your outdoor enthusiast friends or family will go crazy for – and you’ll get major credit.

Hiker Support Shoe Insoles

Comfort is essential regarding footwear on the trail. Hiking shoes sport high-quality material these days, but after many miles and varying terrain, no hiker would say no to supportive shoe insoles designed to keep their hardworking feet comfortable through any adventure. High-quality insoles provide arch support and cushioning and encourage proper foot alignment, preventing fatigue and common ailments such as soreness and blisters. They turn a good pair of boots or sneakers into exceptionally supportive ones.


A good thermos keeps soup steaming hot or a cold drink refreshingly cool for hours, acting as a portable pantry or mini-cooler – perfect for those times they leave their EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator at the campsite and set out for a trek. Look for an insulated thermos with a leak-proof design, rugged construction, and good reviews to keep your drink at the ideal temperature on cold or sweltering hot days. It’s the perfect on-the-go accessory during long-haul hikes.

Protein Snack Box Subscription

For the gifts that keep on giving, look no further than some subscription boxes. A protein snack box is a great way to keep a hiker’s energy stocked, filled with various natural, high-protein snacks to keep them fueled and satisfied on the move. Look for boxes that include snacks like jerky, trail mix, dried fruit, or protein bars that are easy to pack on the go and won’t go bad with a bit of exposure to heat.


Inspire your loved one’s creativity and give them the tools and the space to chronicle their most exciting experiences in the wild. A rugged, water-resistant journal is the perfect place to record thoughts, impressions, and the untold stories of their outdoor adventures. For someone who prefers to draw more than write, look for an unlined journal and pair it with a few colored pencils to give them a canvas to capture the best views from their explorations forever.

Sweat-Wicking Headband

A sweat-wicking headband is a small accessory with a significant impact. On hot summer days, it keeps sweat away from the face, preventing irritation and enhancing comfort—two crucial factors to consider during high-intensity treks. They can also help during colder months by shielding ears from brutal wind and chilly temperatures. Pick a color or pattern that reminds you of the recipient, and they’ll get excited to sport their new gear on their next adventure.

Bear Spray

Safety comes first, especially in areas where you may encounter wildlife. Bear spray is essential to deter aggressive bears and other wildlife, providing peace of mind on the trail in remote wilderness areas. Look for a spray with a high range of around 30 feet so your loved one can keep a safe distance while protecting themselves.

Multi-Purpose Tool

Ensure your loved one gets prepared for anything with a compact yet powerful multi-purpose tool. An excellent multi-purpose tool is a hiker’s best friend. From cutting branches or tightening screws to opening a can of beans, these devices are the epitome of utility. They’re sure to get tons of use out of this gift.

Personalized Keepsake Map

Though not the most practical, given that most people map their treks using their phones, a personalized keepsake map serves as a charming memento of their journeys. It’s a thoughtful reminder of the paths they’ve trodden and those that await them and something they’ll smile at whenever they see it at home.

Hydration Backpack

Staying hydrated is crucial; a hydration backpack like a Camelbak makes it effortless. It offers hands-free drinking with a built-in water reservoir and provides storage for other essentials, like snacks, a thermos of coffee, bear spray, and more. Plus, as you drink the water, the backpack’s size decreases, helping to minimize bulk on the return trip home.

Fuel-Free Lighter

For campers, a fuel-free lighter is a boon. It uses plasma rather than flame, working even in the windiest conditions. It can be recharged via USB using your portable solar generator, ensuring the ability to start a fire is always within reach. Other helpful gifts to ensure your loved one can start a fire include flint or a waterproof camping lighter.

Rocking Camp Chair

Most camping chairs get the job done, but enhancing the camping experience and giving your friend a bit of luxury they may not opt to buy for themselves is a great gift. A rocking camp chair is the epitome of relaxation after a day’s adventure. It lets hikers unwind and enjoy the campfire in comfort, with the gentle rocking motion adding an extra layer of serenity and relaxation to the great outdoors.

Electrolyte Packets

Water is just one essential for rapid rehydration. Replenishing electrolytes is also vital to maintaining energy levels, especially when sweating it out on a trail. Electrolyte packets or tablets are a convenient way to restore balance without the extra weight of drinks or supplements. Popular brands include Liquid IV and Nuun, which pack electrolytes such as sodium and magnesium for an extra boost that plain water won’t provide.

Tall Wool Socks

High-quality wool socks are a must for outdoor treks. They keep hiker’s feet warm in winter and cool in summer and can also prevent blisters. Plus, when trekking in the wilderness, pests like fleas and ticks can try to attack the ankles, so a bit of height on the socks provides safety and protection.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles provide stability, support, and balance for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer strenuous hikes with high elevation changes or rocky terrain. They reduce leg joint strain and distribute weight more evenly, turning rugged hikes into manageable paths. It’s a significant upgrade that your loved one will use often.

Final Thoughts

When finding a gift for a hiker or outdoor lover, put yourself in their shoes. Gifts that elevate or improve their experience will be well received. These can include anything from protein-packed snacks and multi-purpose tools to solar-powered generators like the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Generators that provide energy even when no outlets exist. Whether your gift ensures safety, provides extra comfort, or helps your loved one create lasting memories, these will reflect your appreciation for the outdoor enthusiasts and allow them to connect with nature more deeply.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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