EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Comparison: Features, Specs, Applications


The EcoFlow RIVER 2 series offers industry-leading portable power stations designed for off-grid electricity, entry-level emergency backup power for essential appliances, and compact power on the go. 

EcoFlow RIVER 2 is the next generation of EcoFlow’s game-changing RIVER series that redefines what compact off-grid power can mean…

It’s an upgrade in every way. 

Here’s an in-depth look at what each EcoFlow RIVER 2 model has to offer, depending on your specific use case. 

We’ll compare portability, battery capacity, AC output (starting and running watts), solar charging capacity, battery chemistry, and more.

6 Tips for Choosing a Portable Power Station (PPS)

EcoFlow RIVER 2 series portable power stations offer the best compact power solution for off-grid adventures. 

Like EcoFlow’s EcoFlow DELTA series, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 series comes in various shapes and sizes, with different features tailored toward different users and scenarios. 

Here are the essential factors to consider when purchasing an EcoFlow off-grid power solution that’s right for you.


The best portable power station is one that’s lightweight and compact enough to meet your off-grid electricity needs. Let’s face it – lugging around a massive battery is no one’s idea of fun. 

EcoFlow RIVER 2 series portable power stations start at 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) and go up to 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg).  

If you’re looking for something feather-light and small enough to fit in your backpack, EcoFlow RIVER 2 is a great choice. 

If you need something compact to power more devices,  EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max offers a 512Wh capacity and weighs just 13.2 lbs (6.1 kg).  Maybe not ideal for long hikes, but certainly manageable.

Battery/Storage Capacity

The capacity of your PPS determines how long you can operate your personal devices and appliances between charges. Large-capacity portable power stations like EcoFlow DELTA 2 and EcoFlow DELTA Pro are better suited for heavier applications like emergency backup or residential off-grid power. 

If you need a compact option that can power 80% of home appliances but still weighs under 20 pounds, at 17.2 lbs (8 kg), EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro offers 768 Wh battery storage — perfect for off-grid weekends away with the family.

AC Output

Along with storage capacity, the maximum AC output of a PPS or generator is crucial to understand. 

If you buy a PPS with insufficient starting and running watts to power your desired appliances — simultaneously — you will have to make compromises. A small PPS like EcoFlow RIVER 2 is great for hiking and keeping your laptop charged, but it won’t run a fridge.

If your main goal is keeping your personal devices charged and running a few small appliances, EcoFlow RIVER 2 or EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max could be the perfect fit.

However, if you want to run more demanding appliances, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro or an entry-level home backup power solution like EcoFlow DELTA 2 is likely better suited to your needs.

Thanks to EcoFlow’s proprietary X-Boost technology, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro still packs a powerful punch with 800W of running electricity and 1600W of surge power (starting watts). 

Fast Charging

You don’t want to wait half a day to charge up when you’re on the go. All EcoFlow portable power stations feature X-Stream — offering lightning-fast charging and intelligent battery management.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 charges from 0-100% in just 60 minutes using AC power. EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro offers three times the storage capacity at 768Wh, but it only takes 10 minutes longer to charge using AC. 

Or, you can go solar. Depending on environmental conditions, such as available sunlight, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro can recharge 0-100% in 4.5-9 hours using a 22oW Bifacial Portable Solar Panel

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 series offers 5x faster charging than its PPS competitors.

Solar Charging Input

For off-grid camping, tailgating, or other outdoor activities, charging your EcoFlow RIVER 2 PPS with a solar panel gives you true energy independence. You can harness the sun’s power to generate clean, renewable energy

What if you’re not blessed with all-year-round Arizona sunshine? 

Not to worry. 

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 series portable power stations have an advanced MPPT solar charge controller that automatically monitors voltage and current in real-time to increase solar electricity generation, even in cold and cloudy conditions.

Battery Chemistry

You’ll often hear portable power stations called solar, battery, or even portable generators. Ultimately, they’re all battery-powered devices. 

One essential factor to consider is battery chemistry. 

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 series utilizes cutting-edge Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry — also known as LFP or LiFeP04. LiFePO4 is a newer subset of the traditional Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery chemistry commonly found in older PPS models and Electric Vehicles.

LiFePO4 offers many advantages over Li-Ion, including longer lifespans, faster recharge times, and increased performance in extreme temperatures.

LiFePO4 also doesn’t require cobalt, an essential material for other Li-Ion batteries. Cobalt is primarily mined unethically in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — often using child labor. Working conditions are so poor that cobalt is commonly referred to as a blood metal.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series: Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that you know the essential factors to consider when choosing a portable power station, let’s compare EcoFlow’s EcoFlow RIVER 2 series head-to-head.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 

EcoFlow RIVER 2 is the smallest portable power station in the EcoFlow RIVER 2 series. It’s more powerful than a power bank and more compact than other portable power stations. 

With a feather-light EcoFlow RIVER 2, you can take electricity to go — anywhere.

Portability: Best for Hiking and Backpacking

When we say the EcoFlow RIVER 2 is small and light, we’re not kidding.  

Weighing just 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) with tiny dimensions of 9.6 x 8.5 x 5.7 inches (245 x 214 x 142 mm), you can carry EcoFlow RIVER 2 in one hand or put it in your backpack.  

If you’re looking for something more powerful than a power bank to charge your personal devices off-grid but don’t want to skimp on portability, EcoFlow RIVER 2 is a great option.

Capacity: 256Wh 

Even higher-capacity portable power banks only store about 20,000 mAh of electricity. That’s roughly 74Wh. At 256wH, EcoFlow RIVER 2 offers almost 250% more electricity storage capacity.

AC Output: 300W (600W Surge Power w/X-Boost)

You can’t run a washing machine with EcoFlow RIVER 2, but you’re not likely to take one camping anyways. 

With 300W operating AC output (600W starting wattage with X-Boost), you can run up to 99% of consumer electronics. 

Need to charge numerous devices at once? With multiple AC, USB-A, USB-C, and DC outlets, EcoFlow RIVER 2 has you covered.

Fast Charging with X-Stream: 0-100% in 1 hour

Charging doesn’t have to be a chore. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 mini charges from 0-100% in one hour using household AC electricity. 

You can charge using AC power, solar panels, a car adapter, or USB-C. 

Solar Charging: 110W Solar Charging

Traveling off-grid? 

Add a 110W portable solar panel, and recharge in as little as 3 hours (depending on environmental conditions). 

Battery Chemistry: LFP/LiFePO4 Battery

All EcoFlow RIVER 2 series portable power stations feature industry-leading LFP (LiFePO4) battery chemistry. Longer lifespans, lower weight, and a wider range of operating temperatures are just a few of the benefits LFP offers.

EcoFlow RIVER 2: The Final Verdict

Looking for a portable power station that’s much more robust than a power bank, has more ports, and is small enough to fit in your backpack?

EcoFlow RIVER 2 is a superb choice — and it’s easy on your wallet!

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max

Hit the outdoors for an off-grid camping trip and keep everything charged and running with EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max

Portability: Best for Weekends Off-Grid

About double the weight (and the power!) of EcoFlow RIVER 2, the Max weighs in at 13.2 lbs (6 kg) and features a similar comfortable grip, design, and frame. The additional weight won’t matter much if you’re car camping, but it may not be as suitable for extended hikes on foot.

Capacity: 512Wh

With double the electricity storage capacity of EcoFlow RIVER 2 — EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max provides reliable off-grid power. Anywhere. Anytime.

AC Output: 500W AC Output (1000W Surge Power with X-Boost)

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max features four pure sine wave AC outlets that deliver up to 500W (1000W of surge power with X-Boost.) 

That’s enough starting and running wattage to turn on and operate up to 80% of essential appliances. 

Fast Charging: 0-100% in 1 hour

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max also goes from 0-100% charge in just 60 minutes. Our unique X-Stream technology offers the fastest portable power station charging on the market.

Solar Charging: 220W Solar Input

If you’re camping without access to shore power or hookups — or simply want a cleaner way to generate electricity, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max connects with up to two 110W solar panels or a 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel to give you renewable, green power.

With 220W of solar input connected, EcoFlow RIVER Max can recharge using PV panels in as little as three hours of peak sunlight.

Battery Chemistry: LFP (LiFePO4) Battery

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max also uses advanced LFP battery chemistry. EcoFlow’s LiFePO4 batteries have an extraordinarily long lifespan: six years longer than the industry standard. 

With normal use, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max can fully discharge/recharge 3,000+ times without diminished efficiency. That’s 10+ years of regular use.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max: The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a portable power station that gives you the flexibility to operate essential appliances while remaining lightweight and portable — EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max could be the right fit.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro is an off-grid powerhouse built for extended outdoor adventures. 

From extended dry camping to RV trips, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro is the ultimate compact power solution. 

You simply can’t pack more power into a unit this lightweight.

Portability: Best for Extended Road Trips

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro is the heavyweight of the EcoFlow RIVER 2 series. 

But make no mistake, at just 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg), it’s still super portable. It features a comfortable grip that makes it easy to carry and a compact design that makes it a perfect grab-and-go power source for higher-wattage appliances.

Capacity: 768Wh 

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro’s substantial storage capacity makes it perfect for extended off-grid trips. It also makes it an excellent entry-level home backup solution for essential appliances. 

With a switchover speed of less than 30ms when the lights go out, you won’t even know there was a blackout for connected devices.

AC Output: 800W AC Output (1600W with X-Boost)

4 AC outlets deliver up to 800W, ideal for powering more demanding devices. EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro can run up to 80% of high-wattage home appliances.

Here are some examples:

Starting and Running Watts of Typical Household Appliances 

ApplianceRated (Running) WattsStarting Watts
Light Bulb60-750
Coffee Maker10000
Toaster Oven12000
20” Box Fan200350

Keep in mind, a portable power station or generator’s AC Output indicates the maximum amount of electricity it can provide instantaneously. As you connect more appliances simultaneously, you will use more of the PPS’s AC output until it can no longer power additional devices.

Fast Charging: 0-100% in 70 Minutes

The last thing you want to think about when you’re camping is having to put everything on pause so you can charge up. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro charges rapidly from 0-100% in just 70 minutes when using AC power, giving you a full charge before you can finish packing your bags, throwing everything in the car, and riding away into the sunset.

A quick note, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro doesn’t charge more slowly than EcoFlow RIVER 2 or EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max. Because of its additional storage capacity, it takes about 10 minutes longer to recharge fully.

Solar Charging: 220W Solar Input

When you’re halfway through a 2-week overlanding trip, having a renewable power source to keep all your gear powered comes in handy. 

With EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro, you can connect up to two 110W solar panels or a 220W bifacial solar panel, giving you a solar generator that fully recharges in 4.5 – 9 hours, depending on environmental conditions.

Battery Chemistry: LFP (LiFePO4)

Like the rest of the EcoFlow RIVER 2 series, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro features advanced LFP (LiFePO4) battery technology that leaves traditional Li-Ion and lead acid batteries in the dust.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro: The Final Verdict

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro is the most versatile option in the EcoFlow RIVER 2 series. 

Whether you’re going on off-grid road trips, overlanding, or camping, EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro gives you 768 Wh capacity, 800W AC output (1600W with X-Boost), and 220W solar charging input to take on the great outdoors in style.

Product NameEcoFlow RIVER 2EcoFlow RIVER 2 MaxEcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro
Net weight7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)13.4 lbs (6.1 kg)17.2 lbs (7.8 kg )
Dimension9.6 x 8.5 x 5.7 in (245 x 214 x 142 mm)10.6 x 10.2 x 7.7 in (270 x 260 x 196mm)10.6 x 10.2 x 8.9 in (270 x 260 x 226 mm)
OutputAC Output PortsUS/CA: 2 outlets, 300W totalUS/CA: 4 outlets, 500W totalUS/CA: 4 outlets, 800W total
X-BoostUS/CA: 600WUS/CA: 1000WUS/CA: 1600W
InputAC charging360W660W940W
Solar charging110W, 11-30V 8A Max220W, 11-50V 13A Max220W, 11-50V 13A Max
Car chargingSupport 12V/24V, default 8ASupport 12V/24V, default 8ASupport 12V/24V, default 8A
BatteryCycle life3000 cycles to 80+% capacity3000 cycles to 80+% capacity3000 cycles to 80+% capacity

Final Thoughts

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 series offers industry-leading portable power stations and whole home generator solutions for any application. 
From emergency home backup to off-grid adventures, there’s an EcoFlow portable power station that’s right for you.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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