15 Campsite Decoration Ideas for 2024

Serenity and simplicity intertwine to make camping an alluring escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re exploring trails, fishing, or watching wildlife, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature is the ultimate goal of any excursion. Returning to a charming campsite adds extra satisfaction as the day ends, while a few simple accessories can achieve a perfectly curated relaxation spot. 

Check out these exciting and practical campsite decoration ideas to transform an ordinary setup into an unforgettable outside retreat. From twinkling lights to homely blankets, create a welcoming place to relax and unwind amongst the captivating wilderness. 

Camping and Lounge Chairs

Comfort and decoration start with a cozy, cute chair. You can opt for simple folding chairs or choose more luxurious patio sets. The seating area will help create and define the campsite, so make sure your choice is big enough to fill your desired space. Also, consider how many people will hang out for the pieces you need. 

Patio sets can also come with a coffee table, further decorating the space with a homey vibe. Spend time researching the perfect set to ensure you’ve made the best decision balancing comfort and budget. 

Fire Pits

A fire pit is a staple of any campsite for sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the crackling heat of the flames. Fire pits can keep the conversation going outside well into the evening, and numerous fire pit options exist. Portable fire pits are a popular option, with their metal composition enabling you to light a fire inside. 

Portable electrical fire pits are more convenient; they produce a realistic-looking flame but require an electrical supply. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Portable Power Stations are perfect for supplying the required power, boasting a 300W – 800W AC output energy range. 

Outdoor Rugs

For any situation, a comfy rug adds a touch of coziness while pulling everything together. Outdoor rugs are incredible additions to your campsite; whether going over dirt or concrete, a rug is a practical solution for creating a clean and comfortable surface. Arrange your chairs and other furniture over the top of it to define your lounging area and create a welcoming scene. 

Outdoor rugs come in all sizes, colors, and patterns. Reflect your unique personality and style with your rug, from tribal geometric prints to vibrant floral flowers or simple neutral designs. Remember, you can always have more than one outdoor rug if you have a larger campsite, or layer them for a unique look. 

Weather-Resistant Throw Pillows

Introducing weather-resistant pillows to the campsite is a clever way to add comfort. Since these pillows withstand the elements with easy maintenance, there is no need to worry about dirt, water, or sun ruining them. After a long day hiking, out on the water, or exploring local towns, resting your head on a pillow by the fire is the best way to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

As such pillows come in many colors, sizes, and patterns, you’ll undoubtedly find one that represents your style and ties together other decor pieces. Add as many as you want to your campsite to create a relaxing and inviting retreat. 


If you’ve got large, sturdy trees nearby, using them to hang a hammock adds another fun touch to the campsite. But, if there aren’t hammock-friendly trees or you want it closer to the campsite, investing in a hammock stand is worthwhile. Hammock chairs are another fantastic way to integrate the aesthetic. Sway in the gentle breeze, snooze off, or read a book while lying in the hammock. 

Herbs and Flowers

Although likely surrounded by the luscious greenery of the great outdoors, there’s still room to bring another flowery touch into your campsite. Creating an herb garden in cute pots elevates the camp aesthetic and provides freshly grown ingredients. Check out which herbs grow best together and plant them in the same pot. Some great options for fresh and flavorful cooking ingredients are rosemary, basil, thyme, and mint. 

When choosing flowers, opt for flowers native to the area– not only will they be nice to look at, but they can also nurture the local ecosystem. You’ll also likely get to enjoy butterflies and bees benefiting from them. 

Create Shade

There are many ways to add shade to your campsite if escaping the hot sun or drizzling rain is your goal. Portable canopies are the best way to achieve this, with adjustable structures made with durable fabric that can withstand the sun and rain. Umbrellas are another option, and investing in an umbrella stand and a high-quality umbrella can provide ample shading and rainfall protection. If you’re backyard camping, these options add the perfect shading to your area. 

If you’re designing your campsite around an RV, awning attachments might be more practical. These awnings are physically mounted onto the RV and often have a retract mechanism. Once fully extended, add support legs to provide stability. For additional protection, you can also purchase awnings with sidewalls, sunscreens, or mosquito nets. 

String Lights

Brighten the campsite with cozy string lights to hang from nearby poles, off an RV, or around a tent. Many kinds of string lights will fit your style, including vintage and globe string lights, while festoon styles add a touch of whimsy. Not only will they make the campsite more inviting, they will also provide a gentle light once the sun goes down. Plug them into your RV, a nearby outlet, or an EcoFlow Portable Power Station. 

Camping Blankets

Like pillows, a camping blanket is the final touch of a great campsite setup, and styling a cute blanket over the back of a chair or sofa adds a sense of home. Play with outdoor-friendly fabrics like woven cotton, acrylic, and ripstop nylon to enhance textures while lounging at the campsite. It’s a great decorative piece and very functional; wrap up with loved ones next to the fire to keep the evening going on cool summer nights. Camping blankets come in many sizes, colors, and designs, so you’ll find the perfect accessory to meet your campsite’s needs. 

Outdoor Dining Table

Lounging chairs with a nearby coffee table is suitable for relaxing, but an outdoor dining table sets the tone for dinner routines. The outdoors can make finding space to put a plate down or lay ingredients challenging, while a proper table can also be a place for board games or art creation. Choose a table that meets the campsite’s needs and aesthetics, such as treated wood, synthetic rattan, or aluminum. Gather friends and family to share classic, warm campfire foods. 

Streamers and Garlands

Streamers and garlands are the perfect hanging accents. Hang them from nearby branches or stakes in the ground for a colorful background to the campsite. You can also use them as pathway markers or door decor, and you can reduce waste by using eco-friendly options like recycled paper, foraged foliage, or fabric strips. 

Wind chimes and bird feeders are other hanging decor options if streamers and garlands aren’t your style. These hanging decors are versatile, adding charm and festivity to the natural surroundings and facilitating creativity and expression. 

Plastic Tableware 

Setting the table for dinner nights or themed events at home is fun, and you can bring this same enthusiasm and creativity to your outdoor dining table. Plastic tableware is practical and visually appealing, while plastic cups, plates, and utensils come in vibrant colors and patterns to match the campsite theme. Grab larger bowls and platters to place chips, dips, or other side dishes at dinner time. Plastic tableware is also eco-friendly; you can wash and reuse plastic cups, plates, and utensils, minimizing your ecological footprint. 

Outdoor Television 

An outdoor television can transform your camping experience into a glamping excursion. Enjoy your favorite movies, sports games, and TV shows in the comfort of your campsite sanctuary. Invite friends and neighbors to lounge and watch the big game or a new movie release all at your campsite. Outdoor TVs can withstand the elements with built-in weatherproof materials to be enjoyed year-round. 

You can use an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generator to power your outdoor TV. Solar generators convert sunlight into usable electricity with solar panels and then store that electricity in a portable power station for later use, ensuring you can always watch your favorite shows.

Books and Games

Books and games are fantastic entertainment sources and can serve as fun decorative pieces. Outdoor books like plant, mushroom, animal, and insect guides are great tabletop decor, or you can take them around the campsite to identify whatever you observe. 

You can also paint cornhole boards in cute designs and colors to add a flare of personal style; they’ll look cute out on the grass when playing or folded up when not in use. Outdoor chess sets are also excellent tabletop decor, and you can play a quick game with a friend when hanging out. 

Citronella Candles

In a home, lighting a candle is a relaxing way to create a warm, welcoming environment or start a lavish evening. Bring this sensation to the campsite with a citronella candle, a great decor piece that adds ambiance and repels mosquitoes and other flying insects. Add a citronella candle to the coffee or dining table as the centerpiece of your evening meals. 

Grab hanging citronella candles to hang from branches or stakes around the campsite. Hang them at different heights for visual interest, or add light for evening activities like board games, card games, or storytelling. Choose an eco-friendly candle made from natural and biodegradable ingredients to reduce any waste you may leave behind. 

Final Thoughts

Enhancing your camping experience with decorations transforms a simple outdoor setup into an inviting retreat. Build the foundation with comfortable camping and lounging chairs, fun outdoor rugs, and fire pits that meet your practical and stylistic needs. Then, elevate the aesthetic with weatherproof pillows, string lights, plants, and candles. Create the ultimate glamping experience with an outdoor television and exciting books and games. 

Whether enjoying a fireside chat or exploring the surrounding nature, these campsite decorations add comfort, style, and functionality. You can rely on Ecoflow’s RIVER series portable power stations and RIVER series solar generators for dependable power to your outdoor retreat.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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