3 Best Indoor Generators in 2024


The market for indoor generators has evolved in 2024. These units offer security in the face of power outages, systems that are increasingly user-friendly and efficient for indoor use in on-grid and off-grid situations. Whether you want a reliable power supply you can take with you for remote work or simply prefer to rely on something besides the grid for your home power needs, there’s an indoor generator for every use case.

Learn more about the three top indoor generators for 2024 to consider for indoor use. We’ll break down the standout features of each and highlight the most important factors to consider so you can make a purchase you feel confident about.

EcoFlow’s Top Indoor Generators

  1. Best for Entry-Level Users: EcoFlow DELTA 2
  2. Best for Higher Capacity Needs & Expansion: EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max
  3. Best for Whole Home Backup: EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra

Best for Entry-Level Users: EcoFlow DELTA 2

An excellent first step into the world of indoor generators that’s perfect for shorter power outages, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 is more than just an efficient power source. Its simple blend of user-friendliness and expandable capacity offers peace of mind for anyone looking to power their indoor world during unexpected outages. 

With the free EcoFlow app, you can control your EcoFlow DELTA 2 from the palm of your hand, tracking the appliance and device wattage and learning how many hours of power you have remaining. If you need more power than the EcoFlow DELTA 2 allows on its own, tap into its expandable storage capacity by adding an extra EcoFlow DELTA 2 battery to increase its capacity to 2048Wh, or pair it with an EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max battery for 3048Wh.

If extra add-ons aren’t for you, take advantage of the EcoFlow DELTA 2’s lightning-fast charging technology, giving you a full charge within 1 hour when connected to a wall or within 3-6 hours with 400W solar panels or lower.

This generator can simultaneously power up to 13 devices, including 90% of household appliances – from lights and microwaves to refrigerators, TVs, phones, and computers. This reliable energy source does the hard work for you so you can focus on daily life without worrying about power interruptions.

And, if you want to bring it with you, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 is compact and portable enough to carry with you on road trips or camping. That’s the beauty of its incredible versatility.


  • Storage Capacity (Minimum): 1024Wh
  • Storage Capacity (Maximum): 3kWh
  • AC Output (Maximum): 1.8kW continuous output (2.7kW Surge)
  • Solar Charge Capacity (Maximum): 500W max (11-60V, 15A)
  • Weight: 27 lbs (12 kg)
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 8.3 x 11.1 in (40 x 21.1 x 28.1 cm)
  • Operating Noise Level: ~50 decibels
  • Charging Options: Solar/AC/Car Charger
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP/LiFePO4)
  • Cycle Life: 3000 Cycles to +/-80% Capacity
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Warranty: Five years (no cycle life restrictions) 
  • App Monitoring and Control?: Yes


  • Ultra-portable versatility for indoor or outdoor use
  • X-stream technology provides fast charging
  • Mobile app integration for real-time supervision wherever you go
  • Compatible with solar panels for completely sustainable energy


  • Not suitable for prolonged power outages
  • 3000 cycles could present challenges for heavy users

Best for Higher Capacity Needs & Expansion: EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max

For households needing substantial and prolonged alternate power, such as overnight outages, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max steps in with its robust capacity and enhanced features, including plenty of expandability to meet all power needs. 

An excellent price for a powerful generator, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max is an upgraded and improved version of the EcoFlow DELTA 2, now with stand-out features such as a LiFeP04 battery, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and capability to support innovative products like the EcoFlow Wave 2, EcoFlow Glacier, and EcoFlow Smart Generator.

This model is designed for the longer haul, ensuring you can power your essential devices and appliances for extended periods. And, when it’s time to recharge, enjoy a rapid recharge time, which is invaluable when power is of the utmost importance.

As your indoor power needs grow, so too can the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max; expand its capacity with an EcoFlow DELTA 2 Smart Extra Battery. If you want to create a fully sustainable energy cycle, pair it with solar panels of 400W or lower to turn this portable power station into a complete solar generator.

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max is perfect for higher capacity needs and expansion, whether using it intermittently as backup power or for an off-grid indoor application.


  • Storage Capacity (Minimum): 2048 Wh
  • Storage Capacity (Maximum): 6kWh
  • AC Output (Maximum): 2.4kW continuous output (4.8kW Surge)
  • Solar Charge Capacity (Maximum):  11-60V 15A, single port 500W; dual port 1kW
  • Weight: 50.7 lbs  (23 kg)
  • Dimensions: 19.6 × 9.5 × 12 in (49.7 × 24.2 × 30.5 cm)
  • Operating Noise Level: ~50 decibels
  • Charging Options: Solar/AC/Car Charger
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP/LiFePO4)
  • Cycle Life: 3000 Cycles to +/-80% Capacity
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Warranty: Five years (no cycle life restrictions)
  • App Monitoring and Control?: Yes


  • Great balance of cost and power
  • Capable of running multiple heavy-duty appliances with a high AC output
  • Durable battery for an extended lifespan of 10 years
  • Quick recharge options for urgency and convenience with a choice of AC or solar


  • Its heavier and bulkier build reduces portability

Best for Whole Home Backup: EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra

Enter the flagship model from EcoFlow, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra. This behemoth of a power source is the world’s most comprehensive backup solution for the entire home. It can easily handle extended power outages of up to a month while maintaining uninterrupted power, giving you unparalleled peace of mind when an emergency strikes.

Its large capacity and high adaptability make it perfect for use in the home, but it’s portable enough for remote work and durable enough for the outdoors.

With the ability to integrate with rooftop solar systems of up to 42 400W rigid solar panels, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is an all-encompassing energy insurance policy that can seamlessly join the other sustainable components of your home. It can even provide EV charging.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra offers a 0ms transfer time UPS, so you’ll never have to deal with moments without power, even in the long haul. This makes it perfect for off-grid applications, and its ability to connect with net metering makes it a fantastic solution for on-grid setups.

Get incredible power and capacity with up to 3 EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverters and up to 15 x 6kWh EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Batteries. It can also pair with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 and EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel.


  • Storage Capacity (Minimum): 6kWh
  • Storage Capacity (Maximum): 90kWh
  • AC Output (Maximum): 7.2kW continuous output and 10.8kW peak output for 10 seconds. 
  • AC Output (Maximum):  AC output expandable up to 21.6kW with three inverters connected.
  • Solar Charge Capacity (Maximum): 16.8kW with 3 inverters and 42 x 400W Rigid Solar Panels
  • Weight: Inverter: 70 lbs (32.7kg); Battery: 116.4 lbs (52.8kg)
  • Dimensions: Inverter: 27.2 x 18.9 x 8.4 in (69.1 x 48 x 21.3 cm); Battery: 26 x 18 x 8 in (66. x 45.7 x 20.3 cm)
  • Operating Noise Level: ~50 decibels
  • Charging Options: Solar/AC/Car Charger/Smart Home Panel/EV Charge Station
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP/LiFePO4)
  • Cycle Life: 3000 Cycles to +/-80% Capacity
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Warranty: Five years (no cycle life restrictions)
  • App Monitoring and Control?: Yes


  • Unmatched capacity for long-term power needs
  • High output to run all of your household appliances
  • Seamless rooftop solar integration for sustainable backup
  • Instant UPS for zero interruptions


  • Overkill capabilities for minimal power consumption
  • Considerable initial investment may not be viable for every homeowner

What Is an Indoor Generator?

Indoor generators, also known as battery backup systems, are energy solutions that provide power when primary energy sources fail. Unlike traditional generators, these models are designed to work safely indoors, emitting no fumes and operating silently. Many, including all of EcoFlow’s models, can be run with solar power. 

With the advancement of technology, home generators have become more user-friendly, compact, and, in some cases, integrated with smart home or rooftop solar systems.

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Indoor Generator

Choosing the right indoor generator is crucial to ensure your power needs are effectively met. Consider the following factors before making a purchase decision:

Output and Capacity

Determine the wattage needed to power your essential devices and understand that the length of time you plan to use them will also directly impact the storage capacity you’ll need. These two things are found in output capacity and storage capacity, so once you determine your needs, check to ensure that the indoor generator size you’re considering buying can satisfy both of these metrics.

Battery Chemistry

The two most common types of battery chemistry are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Lead batteries are cheaper but less durable, take up to 8 hours to charge, and require regular maintenance. They can also become a safety hazard and pose a serious pollution issue.

Lithium-ion batteries last much longer and are lighter. All EcoFlow batteries are lithium-ion, using a newer, more innovative type known as LiFeP04. They’re known for their long lifespan and improved safety, even more so than traditional lithium-ion batteries. They provide more charge cycles, enhanced durability, fast charging, and little required maintenance. 

EcoFlow’s LiFeP04 batteries can charge from 0-100% in an hour with AC power and just a few hours with solar.


Noise matters when it comes to generators, especially when being used indoors. Other generator types can be so loud that even the neighbors can hear them running. Solar generators like those from EcoFlow work silently, allowing you to carry on your indoor tasks without distraction or interruption.


A warranty shows that the manufacturer has confidence in their product. It gives the consumer peace of mind, especially if they intend to use the generator heavily. EcoFlow products come with a comprehensive five-year warranty, covering the product for half its lifetime.

Charge Time

The charge time is the speed at which the generator’s batteries are charged. It depends on the charge method, power source wattage, and battery capacity. A larger battery equates to a longer charge time. A short charge time is critical when continuous power is needed, such as when there’s a blackout. EcoFlow’s batteries harness X-Stream Technology to provide a full charge in 1 hour or less with AC power and just a few hours with solar panels. 


Some models can be paired with additional batteries to increase capacity. If you don’t exactly know what kind of power you’ll need or expect your energy needs to grow over time, an indoor generator with expandable capacity provides versatility to meet your needs wherever they are. Most EcoFlow indoor generators can be expanded with extra batteries to stretch their power as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Generators That Are Safe To Use Indoors?

Yes, modern indoor generators such as the ones from EcoFlow are designed with safety in mind, featuring enclosed designs and clean energy options that make them safe for indoor use. EcoFlow’s indoor generators can charge using AC power if available, but they can also connect to solar panels to draw clean, sustainable energy.

What Is the Best Generator for Indoor Use?

The best generator for indoor use is always the one that aligns with your specific power needs and offers the features that are important to you. The EcoFlow DELTA 2 is great for shorter uses, while the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max offers lots of expandable capacity, and the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra provides excellent whole-home backup.

Final Thoughts

Whether preparing for power outages or just preferring an off-grid energy option available at your fingertips, having a reliable indoor generator can make a world of difference. With options like the EcoFlow DELTA series, the choice now extends beyond basic functionality to include enhanced sustainability and technological integration. 

Whether it’s the entry-level efficiency of the EcoFlow DELTA 2, the extended capacity of the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max, or the comprehensive power solution of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra, there’s certainly a model that fits your needs. Consider your home’s energy needs and find the right indoor generator option among EcoFlow’s Portable Power Stations.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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