DIY Glamping Ideas: Glamping in Your Backyard

Glamping has quickly become one of the most popular alternatives to the more traditional, bare-bones form of camping. Where camping is about letting go of luxuries and roughing it in the wild, glamping keeps all the amenities of modern life and brings them into nature. 

DIY glamping in your backyard lets you have the best of both worlds, combining that adventurous feeling of sleeping out in a tent with the comfort and convenience of staying close to home. Check out these backyard glamping ideas and transform your weekend staycation. 

Essential Backyard Glamping Supplies

What separates glamping from camping are the supplies. While regular camping requires only a tent and a sleeping bag, glamping offers more luxury. It takes time to plan and set up right. Here are some of the essentials.  

Glamping Tent

A good tent is the cornerstone of any glamping experience. A large canvas tent is the way forward if you’re looking for the most authentic experience possible. Not only do they offer a surprisingly large space within, but they also look the part. These come in all shapes and sizes. Your best option depends on how many are glamping, the available space in your backyard, and the price.    


You can go glamping any time of year, as long as you prepare for the hot or cold. Glamping is an activity that is all about comfort and luxury. 

You’ll want a camping heater when preparing for the fall or winter weather.  Even during spring, there can be a bite in the air at night, and it’s always a good idea to have some heating. 

On the other end of the spectrum, summer nights can be deeply uncomfortable when glamping, so having an AC unit operating will make a huge difference.   

Power Source

While there are several ways to keep a tent cool without electricity, having a reliable power source at your fingertips is nice when glamping. Not only can this provide heating, AC, and lighting, it’s nice to be able to keep those phones charged. 

You have a few options: portable power stations, a generator, a mains connection with an extra-long extension cord, or going old-school and using batteries for everything.    


Glamping isn’t about sleeping on a wafer-thin camping mat. A good bed or mattress is essential for a comfortable night’s sleep. Even better if you have an air mattress—comfort should be one of your priorities when setting up your glamping boudoir. 


Camping with a single torch or lantern may be sufficient for roughing it in the wild, but with glamping, the lights add to the ambiance.

Glamping lets you experiment with more creative lighting—string fairy lights around the tent or hang lanterns to create a truly memorable experience.  


Seating can make all the difference between kicking back and relaxing or getting sore from sitting on a rickety plastic chair.

Consider bean bags, floor cushions, or sun loungers instead. 

Powering Your Backyard Glamping Experience

A good quality power source brings several substantial knock-on effects. It turns a cold, drafty tent into a warm, inviting, glamping environment. And it lets you power your electronics, including your smartphone, speakers, and even a small projector—all those elements that transform a backyard campout into a glamping experience.

A portable power station is also the perfect accompaniment for backyard glamping because it’s quiet. You won’t have to worry about a loud generator engine waking up your neighbors. Plus, when combined with solar panels, it can morph into a clean-energy-producing, quiet solar generator.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 

If you just need something small and lightweight to cover the bare necessities, the RIVER 2 is a perfect option. At just 7.7 lbs (3.49kg), the RIVER 2 is light and compact. 

The 300W capacity (600W surge power with X-Boost) is great for a backyard glamping trip. It’s perfect for keeping your phone charged, powering a small speaker, and plugging in a couple of electric lanterns for when the sun sets. You can even plug in your laptop for late-night movies. 

With two AC and three USB ports, it can handle the essentials. If you want to go entirely off-grid, you can combine the RIVER 2 with portable solar panels to create a solar generator that can recharge in three hours of sunlight.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro 

The RIVER 2 Pro is a step up from the RIVER 2 but not much heavier at 17.2 lbs (7.8kg). Its compact size makes it incredibly easy to transport, even if you are only a few steps from your backdoor.

The RIVER 2 Pro has a capacity of 768Wh and an AC output of 800W (1600W with X-Boost). That’s enough to keep your glamping running all weekend. 

You can run your electric kettle, laptop, multiple smartphones, speakers, tent heater, fan, and movie projector with the RIVER 2 Pro. It has four AC and four USB ports, allowing more direct connections than smaller models.  

When charged through AC (household) electricity, the RIVER 2 Pro goes from 0 to 100% in a breakneck 70 minutes. Solar charging will have your generator at maximum capacity in around three hours of direct sunlight

If you need more power but don’t want to cut corners, the River 2 Pro is the ideal glamping power source. 

DIY Backyard Glamping Food and Drink Ideas  

One of the joys of glamping is sitting around with loved ones and enjoying delicious food and drink. And when you host it in your backyard, you have the benefit of a fully equipped kitchen just steps away. Glamping food and drink can still set those taste buds alight.

  • BBQ—A BBQ grill might be on hand since you’re in your backyard. Grill burgers and sausages with corn on the cob, and enjoy the best camping and backyard BBQ.
  • Foil Campfire Meals—If you’re setting up a campfire, why not test your cooking skills with a foil campfire meal? You can make countless meals over a campfire, including salmon, gnocchi, surf & turf, burgers, and much more. A portable fire pit will minimize fire hazards and damage to your lawn.  
  • Picnics—With your home so close, why not prepare a lavish picnic of your favorite food and drink and bring it outside? Food platters, charcuterie boards, sprawling salads, delicious smoothies — go wherever your culinary imagination takes you.  

DIY Backyard Glamping Entertainment Ideas

Glamping needn’t be all about sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya. There are countless entertainment ideas out there to keep the whole family entertained. 

  • Stargazing—The night sky is astonishing, but unfortunately, we rarely take the time to enjoy it. Glamping provides hours of stargazing, which parents or lifelong learners can make all the more educational by using apps to pinpoint different constellations. Consider glamping during the Perseid meteor shower to take things up a notch. You won’t be disappointed. 
  • Treasure Hunts—Before the sun goes down, a treasure hunt can provide hours of fun and thoroughly entertain children (and adults). 
  • Movie Night—Hang up a sheet or portable screen and use an outdoor projector for movie night after sunset. With a bit of popcorn and some fairy lights, it’s a magical experience. There’s something about cuddling up under a blanket to watch a movie outside that will forever make the living room a little dull in comparison. 

Final Thoughts 

Glamping is a wonderful way to mix the novelty and excitement of being outside with the home comforts we all love. It’s about getting it right and creating the kind of experience and environment that’s perfect. With the right tent, bed, lighting, and a reliable power source, glamping in your backyard is your holiday at home. 

Are you looking for small portable power stations or solar generators before heading out for your DIY glamping vacation? Shop EcoFlow RIVER 2 solar generators today and bring the modern amenities of your home into your backyard. 

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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