15 Gifts for RV Owners


RV living is about freedom and exploration, but even the most experienced adventurers appreciate the convenience and comfort that a well-chosen gadget or accessory can bring to their mobile home away from home. When choosing a gift for the RV owner in your life, think about things that can enhance their safety on the road, add luxury to the camping experience, or make compact and nomadic life a bit easier. 

If you’re shopping for the RV enthusiast, here’s an extensive list of gift ideas covering everything from practical solutions to tech-savvy devices.

Apple AirTags

Losing items, whether in the vast wilderness or the small confines of the RV, is a frustrating aspect of RV living. Apple AirTags offer a simple and effective solution – if a tagged item goes missing, the “Find My” feature can precisely locate it using a smartphone. 

Each AirTag is designed to be spotted easily, thanks to its lightweight and handy key ring, ensuring that every essential travel companion is accounted for. Losing the RV keys or misplacing a phone are no longer issues, making life on the road much more enjoyable.

Outdoor Rug

When an RVer sets up camp somewhere for more than a day or two, little extras can turn the campsite into more than just a stopping place. When going in and out of the RV, it’s easy to track dirt and debris, and increased dirt means they’ll always need to wear shoes. 

Enhance the outdoor living space of any RV dweller with a durable, weather-resistant outdoor rug. The right rug adds a cozy touch to the campsite and minimizes indoor mess by providing a clean, designated space for seating and socializing. Plus, for those who prefer to take their shoes off now and then, a clean outdoor rug creates the perfect place to do just that.

Inflatable Paddle Boards

For someone who loves being active and tends to meander in the direction of rivers, lakes, and oceans, inflatable paddle boards are an excellent space-saving option for water fun they can use anywhere they stop. Easily stowed away when deflated, these boards are convenient without compromising performance, allowing for hours of entertainment on the nearest body of water. 

Plus, having their own means they’ll avoid paying paddle board rental fees at recreation areas, saving them money in the long run. Consider this for a Christmas gift any camper will love.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Safety should always come first. While any car should keep an emergency kit, the types of emergencies that can occur become broader when it’s an RV. A fully equipped roadside emergency kit is essential, whether for quick fixes or peace of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances on the road. 

Look for comprehensive sets that include first-aid supplies, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, an air compressor, safety flares, an emergency 2-way radio, biohazard waste bags, wheel chocks, and more.

Electric Blanket

Chilly nights are no match for a cozy electric blanket. Even with the heat turned on, being in an RV at night can still get much colder than a typical night in a house. When a blanket simply can’t provide enough warmth, turn to an electric blanket for more coziness. 

An electric blanket consumes minimal power and can turn a brisk evening into a snug retreat. Plus, RV mattresses are notoriously thin, so having an additional layer of comfort is a gift worth cozying up to.

Solar Power Kit

For the eco-conscious RVer, a power solution like an EcoFlow Power Kit is a practical and planet-friendly gift. This high-tech solution improves off-grid power capabilities, letting owners enjoy the benefits of electricity without needing to be hooked up at a campsite. With its modular design, you can create a customized kit that meets their unique wattage needs, making it easier and quicker to find a comprehensive energy solution that can be used anytime, anywhere, all integrated seamlessly into the RV itself. 

This power kit has four charging options: AC power (such as shore power), the RV’s alternator, a smart generator, or solar power. To go the fully sustainable route, pair it with a combination of EcoFlow 400W Rigid Solar Panels, EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panels, or even a range of portable panels to mix, match, and find the perfect setup. 

Rigid panels are ideal if they’re interested in a permanent RV rooftop installation. At the same time, the flexible options help maximize the surface area available on a curved or irregular surface, allowing them to match their kit with the unique shape of their RV.

Nesting Kitchen Supplies

Keeping a small space organized and efficient is the name of the game in an RV. Nesting kitchen supplies, from pots and pans to cups, bowls, or storage containers, are designed to fit neatly together, saving valuable storage room without skimping on functionality. 

Choose a set in aesthetically pleasing matching colours to bring some joy into cooking and keep even the most minor details fun in such a compact space. Not only is this gift practical, but it shows you recognize and appreciate the unique limitations of RV living.

Personalized Doormat

Personalization can transform an RV from a generic vehicle into a cherished home. A personalized doormat helps keep the indoors clean and makes the space feel more welcoming and uniquely theirs. If they have any campsite visitors, they’ll enjoy showing off this fun gift. 

Even if it’s just them on the open road, they’ll be able to think of you and your kindness whenever they leave the RV at every campsite. Customize it with their last name, a catchphrase they have for RV life, or even the names of their furry friends if they bring their pets along for the ride.

Outdoor Cafe Lights

Just because your RV-ing loved one is camping doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a bit of charm and elegance in their outdoor setups. The ambiance of outdoor cafe lights can turn a dull camping spot into a magical setting. These lights are often LED, providing an energy-efficient and long-lasting solution for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere under the open sky. Plus, they provide practical lighting for when the sun goes down, so they can cook, socialize, or enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors without being in total darkness.

Portable AC

Summer can bring sweltering heat that’s uncomfortable and even dangerous. A portable AC unit can be a game-changer, keeping the interior of the RV cool and livable when the sun is at its hottest. Consider an eco-friendly option like the EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable AC, which can provide an 8ºC temperature drop in as little as 5 minutes, plus up to 8 hours of wireless comfort before needing another charge. 

And it’s not just valuable in the hotter months. The EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable AC also provides fast heating when the winter chill hits. Since running it doesn’t require fuel, they’ll enjoy peace and quiet without compromising comfort.

Backup Camera

Maneuvering a large vehicle can be challenging, especially in tight spots. If their RV model doesn’t include a backup camera already built-in, gifting them a stand-alone backup camera can assist in guiding the RV safely into position without needing a second person to direct the driver. While it may seem small, this little gift can make RV life easier in a big way.


Space is hard to come by in RVs, but book lovers can still maintain their reading habits. A Kindle offers a vast library in a device the size of a single book, perfect for enjoying literature without adding to the physical clutter. If you want to pair this gift with something extra, get them a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which provides free access to thousands of books without paying extra.

Grilling Cookbook

Outdoor grilling is a favourite pastime for many RV owners, but only some recipes work well with just a grill. A cookbook tailored for grilling can help take their culinary skills to new heights and expand their repertoire of easy-to-grill recipes perfect for campsite dining. Look for a book with classic and inventive recipes suitable for any occasion.

Portable Refrigerator

Standard RV refrigerators can be heavy and take up significant space. If their RV doesn’t include a kitchen with a built-in refrigerator, consider giving the generous gift of a portable refrigerator that can provide additional cold storage and the flexibility to carry more perishables on longer journeys. With an innovative option like the EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator, they’ll enjoy dual cooling zones for freezing and refrigeration, plus the capability of making ice. 

With an extended run time of 40 hours and a detachable suitcase design, this refrigerator can easily leave the RV and go with them on their adventures, bringing the luxury of fresh food and cold drinks anywhere. Its 38L capacity means they can keep all their favourite things cold without leaving anything behind.

Foldable Pet Fence

For RVers who travel with their pets, keeping them on leashes at every stop and campsite can become laborious. With a portable pet fence, pet lovers can ensure their furry friends have a secure area to play while allowing them to remain hands-free. These easily foldable fences come in various sizes and materials, catering to any pet and breed’s specific needs. Plus, when it’s time to hit the road again, the fence’s compact nature makes it easy to stow away until the next time it’s needed.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect gift for an RV owner should reflect an understanding of their lifestyle and priorities. The presents in this list are more than just material items. The bond between a traveller and their RV is special, and any gift that celebrates this relationship is sure to be treasured. 

Small things like stackable bowls make a big difference, and useful tech like an EcoFlow Power Kit ensures access to energy no matter where the journey takes them. Consider the recipient’s needs and interests, and you’ll pick the perfect present they’ll surely cherish.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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