Summer Motorhoming Day: A Delicious Roadmap for Your Culinary Journey

Spending summer on the open road in a motorhome combines the comforts of home with the thrill of travel during the most beautiful time of the year. One of the most fun parts about motorhoming adventures is the culinary journey you’ll take alongside your travels, from famous dishes at iconic restaurants to creative meals you make on the go.

Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a simple plan to ensure everyone gets fed throughout the trip, here are ideas to turn your motorhome kitchen into a culinary destination. Find your meal plan below, from breakfast and lunch to dinner, drinks, and desserts.

Breakfast on Wheels

Start your day with a hearty breakfast to set the tone for a fantastic journey. Here are some quick and satisfying breakfast ideas you can whip up in your motorhome kitchen:

Overnight Oats

Prepare these the night before for a hassle-free, nutritious breakfast. Mix dry oats with your choice of milk, plus toppings that suit your preferences. Some favourite combinations include cinnamon, honey, and banana or a mix of berries, almonds, and raisins.

Avocado Toast

There’s no better brekkie than fresh avocado spread on crusty bread. Smash some ripe avocados (try to pick these up at local produce vendors along the way) and spread them on whole-grain or sourdough toast. 

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice for a flavorful kick. Like spice? Dab on a bit of crushed red pepper flakes or hot sauce for extra zip. Or make it according to Bill Granger, the Aussie chef who made this delicacy famous.

Expert Kitchen Tips

  • Use Versatile Equipment: To save space, invest in a few multi-functional kitchen tools. For example, a pan that also has a steamer basket or a wooden cutting board that can also serve charcuterie.
  • Keep Cool On the Go With a Portable Refrigerator: A reliable portable fridge like the EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator will keep your ingredients fresh. With separate compartments for freezing and cooling, plus the ability to make ice, this is a multi-functional essential for any motorhome adventure.

Lunchbox Favorites

Midday meals on the road should be easy to prepare yet delicious for the whole family. Here are some portable favourites for hiking or other adventures while the sun’s out.

Meat Pies

Perfectly portable and packed with flavour, meat pies are a savoury treat you can easily make ahead, freeze, and heat in the morning. Wrap them in aluminium foil to preserve their warmth on the go. With no need for forks or knives, this is a great option when there’s no time to sit down for lunch, and you want to keep your hands clean.

Zucchini Quiche Slices

Veggie-packed zucchini slices are tasty and easy to eat on the go. Get creative with your customisations, adding whatever veggies you have that need to be used up or fresh seasonal veg you pick up along the way. Great cold or hot, these slices are one of the most versatile lunch options.

Thermos Soups

Store your soup hot and ready for lunch in a thermos. Not into cooking? Buy premade canned soups or pick up a bowl from a local restaurant and transfer it to your thermos to keep it warm all day. Or, make a big batch of your favourite soup or stew in your motorhome kitchen, portion it into thermoses, and freeze the rest for later.

Expert Kitchen Tips

  • Pack Collapsible Lunchboxes: If you’re taking your lunches on the go, save space with collapsible containers that can be easily broken down and stored without taking up unnecessary room in your packs.
  • Power Your Cooking Equipment: Ensure you have a reliable appliance power source, such as solar. While some campgrounds offer connections to AC power, enjoy the peace of mind of power whenever you need it by bringing your own EcoFlow portable power station, such as the EcoFlow DELTA 2 for 1.8kW of output, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max for an increased 2.4kW output, or the EcoFlow DELTA Pro for a whopping 3.6kW output.

Campfire Classics

Evenings by the campfire with family or friends call for hearty, warming meals that bring everyone together around the warmth and crackle. Campfire meals are a staple for summer adventuring, and having a few go-tos in your back pocket is essential.

Mix and Match Meat on the Barbie

Fire up the grill for a BBQ feast with various meats and veggies. Choose a combination of sausages, chicken cuts, burgers, or steaks, and provide buns so everyone can create their own masterpiece plates. There’s nothing more quintessentially “summer” than a grill out on the open road.

Skewered Prawns and Jacket Potatoes

Grilled prawns and jacket potatoes make for a delightful combination of flavours. First, rub your potatoes with oil and salt, then wrap them tightly in foil and place them near the fire. Once they’re almost done, simply season your prawns, skewer a few onto each stick, and rotate them once or twice while they cook for a few minutes over the fire. By timing it this way, you’ll ensure the potatoes have time to cook through without overcooking the shrimp.

Expert Kitchen Tips

  • Use a Grill Grate: A grill grate over the campfire makes cooking more accessible and efficient. It creates a flat surface where you can lay your dishes, proteins, or wrapped veggies. Some campsites provide these, but bringing your own is always a good idea.
  • Practice Campfire Safety: Always follow safety guidelines when cooking over an open fire. In dry areas such as the Australian outback, it’s vital that you put out any fire with water and follow all protocols to avoid a brush fire.

Sweet Treats on the Road

No journey is complete without indulging in some sweet delights. Try these fun takes on classics.

Tim Tam Smores

Add an Australian twist to traditional s’mores by using Tim Tams instead of biscuits or graham crackers. You don’t even need to add a piece of chocolate; the flavour will come from the Tim Tam itself.

Fairy Bread

Get nostalgic and indulge your children in this classic sweet treat. Just top your favourite soft white bread with butter and a carpet of colourful sprinkles.

Expert Kitchen Tips

  • Choose Desserts to Match the Seasons: Opt for seasonal fruits and flavours to enhance your desserts, and choose cold desserts in the summer and warm desserts in the winter.
  • Make Microwave Magic: Not everything needs a campfire or stove to cook. Use a microwave for quick and easy dessert preparations powered by a portable power station plus EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels. No outlets are needed—just a bit of sunshine.
  • Don’t Forget Fresh Tea or Coffee: Pair your treats with a hot beverage for a complete experience.

Beverage Bonanza

Stay refreshed with these homemade drinks that are easy to prepare in batches and perfect for the road.

Homemade Ginger Beer

Use fresh ginger to make a zesty syrup, plus water and active dry yeast. Make this a few days ahead, and let it ferment in your refrigerator on the road before enjoying it.

Chai Lattes

Steep a few chai teabags in hot water, then add frothed milk and a pinch of cinnamon for a warm drink ideal for cool evenings.

Lemon, Lime, and Bitters

This staple Australian beverage is easy to make and always a hit. To make it, mix lemonade, lime syrup, and Angostura bitters.

Expert Kitchen Tips

  • Chill Drinks and Charge Your Vehicle Battery While You Drive: With the EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger, you can chill drinks as you travel while powering up the refrigerator and your vehicle’s battery.
  • Use Reusable Ice Cubes. These keep drinks cold without diluting them and are environmentally friendly. Just one batch will be enough for all your summer adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Food To Take on Motorhome Road Trip?

When planning your motorhome meals, consider non-perishable items and versatile foods that can be used in multiple recipes. Think canned goods, pasta, rice, nuts, condiments, and seasonings. Produce that doesn’t spoil quickly, like apples, oranges, and root vegetables, is also a good choice. Pick up fresh meat as you go.

Final Thoughts

With easy meals that’ll please the whole family, summer vacation cooking just got a whole lot easier. Use this as a meal plan or inspiration for your own favourite dishes.

Before you set off, shop EcoFlow to ensure you have the right power solutions for all your motorhome electricity needs. From portable batteries to solar panels and fridges, you’ll have the equipment you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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