Camping Essentials Checklist for 2024

Camping in the great outdoors is one of the most celebrated pastimes. It’s a great way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and provides an excellent opportunity to ground yourself in nature. 

In an effort to ensure your camping trip goes off without a hitch, we’ve compiled a list of all essentials that should be prioritised on your packing list. Let’s get started.

What Essentials Do I Need To Go Camping?

When planning a camping trip, you need to consider many items to ensure that you are fully prepared. What season will you be camping in? Is there an electricity hookup near your site? What are some things that you will require to be fully comfortable on your trip? 

All of these questions are excellent starting points and should help you focus on the essentials for your upcoming trip. It’s easy to forget the little things, so we have compiled a list below of the most important items that should take priority on your packing list.


  • Tent: First and foremost, a safe and adequate shelter is essential for a successful camping trip. Regardless of what you have planned for your trip, you’ll be spending a decent amount of time inside your tent. So, take the time to make sure your tent is sizeable enough for the crowd you are travelling with and that it’s safe and comfortable enough to enjoy spending time inside.
  • Fuel or Power Supply: Whether camping in a remote destination or a popular tourist spot, you will likely need to bring along some fuel or power to use at your campsite. In order to cook a proper meal, you are going to need a way to power up your stove or grill, so consider this important item before heading out on your trip. 
  • High-Quality Tarp: Setting up your tent directly on the ground can make sleeping very uncomfortable. We highly recommend that you invest in a high-quality tarp to set up underneath your tent. This will ensure the floor of your tent stays dry and is more levelled out than it would have otherwise been.

Are you braving the wilderness at a campsite without a power hook-up? There are ways to work around this. With the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Portable Power Stations and EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels, you can have an unlimited supply of power straight to your campsite.


  • Pots and Pans: Staying nourished on your adventure should definitely be a priority. Cooking meals on the grill or fire is great, but only if you have the proper tools to do it. Pots and pans are easy to pack and are very helpful in keeping your entire camping party nourished and full throughout the length of your trip.
  • Utensils: Depending on your food type, you may need to pack some forks and knives to enjoy your meals properly. Bring some disposable plates and utensils for easy cleanup, and ensure you take your trash with you without leaving a mess behind.
  • Cleaning Items: Dirty pots and pans may attract some unwanted visitors during the night, especially if you are camping in the wilderness. To ensure this is a non-issue, you must pack some cleaning items like dish soap and sponges to remove any food residue on the items you will be storing at your campsite. Hand wipes and napkins are also excellent additions to include on your list.

Health and Cleanliness

  • Hydration Packs: Hydration is critical when you’re spending a lengthy period in outdoor conditions. You must pack enough water for each member of your party to avoid any dehydration concerns. It’s generally recommended to have one gallon of water per person each day you’ll be out on your trip. Plenty of electrolyte packets are on the market, which would be a great idea to add to your packing list.
  • Food: Make sure to pack enough food for every member of your group. Keeping your food and drinks cool is also essential, so bringing along an EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator will help make for a successful and safe trip.
  • Personal Care: Staying clean throughout your trip is essential. Prioritise your health and hygiene and pack any personal items you may need while you’re away from home, including soaps, dental care products, and any medications or prescriptions.


  • Sleeping Bag: Making a comfortable space to sleep is key for any successful camping trip. Sleeping bags are easy to pack and make for an excellent place to rest your head throughout your trip. Make sure you find one that will keep you warm or cool enough, depending on your camping conditions.
  • Air Mattress: Not a fan of sleeping on the floor? There are plenty of other options for you to choose from. Air mattresses and cots make great substitutes for sleeping bags and will ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your entire trip. Make sure to pack a pump and repair items in case of any issues when getting your camp set up.
  • Temperature Control: On camping trips, you tend to spend a lot of time in your tent. It is a great spot to get some relief from the outdoor conditions, especially if you install a way to control the interior temperature. The EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable AC is a great addition as it is small, transportable, and can quickly cool off your space to a refreshing temperature. Worried about finding a spot to power it up? Harness the power of solar energy with the EcoFlow RIVER 2 + 110W Solar Panels or EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max + 160W Solar Panels to power up your AC device.
  • Adequate Blankets: When planning a camping trip, you must do some research ahead of time to see what the conditions will be while you spend some nights out in the great outdoors. Temperatures tend to drop in the evenings, so make sure to pack extra blankets and even a heater if necessary. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Solar Generator is a great addition for camping trips and can power up a space heater if temperatures drop low enough.

Emergency Kit

  • First Aid: The best advice when camping is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Accidents happen, and it’s your responsibility to equip yourself with the necessary items to keep you and your group safe and healthy. Purchase a traditional first aid kit for your trip and learn how to handle common emergency scenarios so that there are no surprises once you make your way off the grid.
  • Phone Chargers: Having a way to reach people is not only a matter of convenience but also a safety precaution. Portable chargers are affordable options and are very easy to take on the go. Make sure you have the means to charge your phones and provide friends and family with updates on your whereabouts as an added precaution. 
  • Tools: Setting up camp and living outdoors for a few days sometimes requires getting your hands dirty. Packing some basic tools can make these tasks much easier, save time, and conserve energy. Tool kits are easily transportable and can be kept in your car or tent for easy access throughout your trip. 

Final Thoughts

Camping is one of the greatest pastimes, though there are lots of things to consider before leaving to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. This guide is a great place to start to prepare for a successful trip and will have you on your way in no time.

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