15 Best Picnic Spots in Sydney

Embark on a scenic journey through Sydney’s most enchanting picnic spots, where vivid landscapes, iconic views, and family-friendly amenities converge. From the harborside charm of Barangaroo Reserve to the serene allure of Hyde Park, discover the top destinations that promise memorable picnics in the heart of Australia’s most vibrant metropolis.

Where Can I Picnic in Sydney?

 1. EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens, Caringbah

Perched majestically above Yowie Bay, EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens is a haven for flora enthusiasts and picnic lovers. Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of meticulously manicured lawns adorned with a vibrant collection of camellias, creating a fantastic visual spectacle.

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  • Parking
  • Shade
  • Barbecue Facilities
  • Public Toilets

2. Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, Lavender Bay

Discover serenity amidst native flora at Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, an enchanting haven above Lavender Bay. This hidden gem, although lacking barbecue facilities, compensates with an unrivaled tranquil ambiance and the captivating views of Sydney Harbour, adorned by the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Everyone knows that nature makes us happier, so head to the garden, an ode to creativity and nature, immersing visitors in lush greenery.

The absence of barbecue facilities encourages a focus on the sensory experience, allowing natural beauty to take center stage. On-street parking enhances accessibility.

  • Ambiance: Tranquil harborside setting immersed in native flora.
  • Barbecue Facilities: Not available
  • Public Toilets: No onsite toilets; nearby facilities may require a short walk.

3. Centennial Park, Eastern Suburbs

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Centennial Park spans a vast 189 hectares, offering an idyllic backdrop for picnics that has enchanted generations of Sydneysiders. The meticulously landscaped grounds boast charming ponds, resident ducks, and sprawling lawns, providing an ideal setting for a leisurely family day out.

Reap the benefits of family time with multiple playgrounds and delightful pony rides, ensuring entertainment for the little ones. With ample shade and well-equipped barbecue facilities, this park is an oasis of natural beauty.

  • Shaded Areas
  • Barbecue Facilities
  • Varied Views
  • Onsite Parking

4. Hyde Park, Inner City

Hyde Park is a verdant oasis testament to Australia’s historical legacy in the heart of Sydney’s bustling Inner City. Embracing visitors with open arms, this 16-hectare expanse invites picnickers to unfold their blankets on manicured lawns. It offers an unparalleled retreat just moments away from renowned landmarks like Pitt Street and the Queen Victoria Building.

Hyde Park is not merely a green space but a living tapestry, weaving together the city’s history, nature, and pulsating energy, making it an iconic destination.

  • Central Location
  • Shaded Lawns
  • Historic Monuments
  • Limited Onsite Parking
  • Public Toilets

5. Barangaroo Reserve, Barangaroo

Perched majestically on the shores of Sydney Harbour, Barangaroo Reserve beckons picnickers into its vicinity, offering a modern and captivating green space with postcard-worthy views. Gazing across the glittering waters, you’ll be treated to a panorama that includes the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Darling Harbour.

Although lacking in barbecue amenities, the park compensates with its chic design, featuring native plants and massive sandstone blocks. Barangaroo Reserve redefines the urban picnic experience.

  • Parking
  • Sun Protection Advised
  • Public toilets

6. Ballast Point Park, Birchgrove

Discover the waterfront serenity at Ballast Point Park, an enchanting escape nestled in the heart of Birchgrove along Sydney Harbour. This 2.6-hectare haven effortlessly blends lush greenery with captivating views.

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  • Barbecue Areas
  • Parking Accessibility
  • Shaded Areas: Some shady spots
  • Public toilets

7. Davidson Park Picnic Area, Forestville

The Davidson Park picnic area is ideal for an enchanting waterside escapade with your loved ones. It is conveniently situated just a short drive from Sydney’s bustling CBD.

This scenic haven offers expansive grassy lawns, complimentary barbecue facilities, and a mesmerizing backdrop of Middle Harbour Creek, creating a relaxing setting. Abundant Eucalyptus trees provide shade, ensuring a comfortable environment for family games.

Boating enthusiasts will appreciate the convenience of launch ramps, facilitating easy access to Middle Harbour.

  • Picnic Areas
  • Onsite Parking
  • Shaded Spots
  • Public toilets Onsite

8. Fitzpatrick Park, Picnic Point

Fitzpatrick Park at Picnic Point combines riverfront tranquillity and expansive greenery. With a view of the Georges River, this idyllic spot offers more than just a picnic destination.

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  • Parking 
  • Onsite Shade
  • Barbecue Facilities
  • Public Toilets

9. Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Situated near the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden offers a splendid setting for picnics amid rich greenery and stunning floral displays. With views of the harbor and a variety of themed gardens, it’s a delightful escape in the heart of the city.

Explore a range of venues and expansive lawns at the Garden, offering versatile options for your upcoming event. Select from enchanting outdoor spaces ideal for wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, and naming days.

  • Parking: Limited onsite parking.
  • Shade
  • Public Toilets

10. Bradfield Park, Milsons Point

Bradfield Park is a popular choice for picnics, located near Luna Park and offering breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with the iconic bridge as your backdrop.

Perfect for a leisurely picnic or a relaxing stroll, this renowned park partially extends beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, providing breathtaking views of the harbor, Circular Quay, and the Sydney Opera House. The paved under-bridge section is ideal for a casual walk and al fresco dining.

  • Parking: Limited metered parking
  • Shade: Some shaded areas; bring a picnic rug
  • Playground
  • Public Toilets

11. Bicentennial Park, Homebush

Bicentennial Park is a sprawling green space in the western suburbs and provides a diverse landscape, including wetlands and open fields.

This walk offers diverse attractions, ideal for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a delightful stroll. Easily reachable by car or train, the mostly level and sealed path spans approximately 11 km, promising a 2-3 hour journey. Retire in parklands, wetlands, mangroves, playgrounds, scenic lookouts, historical remnants, and more.

  • Parking
  • Shade: Some shaded areas; bring sun protection.
  • Barbecue Facilities
  • Playground: Multiple playgrounds for various age groups.
  • Public Toilets

12. Marrickville Park, Marrickville

Nestled in the Inner West, Marrickville Park offers a relaxed setting for picnics and casual sports. With open fields and sports facilities, it’s suitable for both family outings and group activities.

While it may be a compact park, its offerings are impressive, featuring three in-ground trampolines for bouncing, a tube slide complemented by an attached-rope climbing structure, a stand-on see-saw, swings, a toddler cubby house equipped with a steering wheel and binoculars, and a delightful merry-go-round.

  • Parking
  • Shade: Limited natural shade
  • Barbecue Facilities
  • Playground
  • Public Toilets

13. Milk Beach, Vaucluse

For a coastal picnic experience, Milk Beach provides stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and the city skyline. Accessible via a scenic coastal walk, it’s a hidden gem offering a more intimate setting.

Nestled at the foot of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park, Milk Beach stands as a secluded oasis bordered by the Heritage-listed Strickland House. It’s a hidden gem in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, unveiling a stunning panorama of the city.

  • Parking: Limited street parking
  • Shade: Limited; bring suitable sun protection
  • Public Toilets: Limited; available in the vicinity

14. Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is a spacious and well-frequented location for picnics and laid-back ball games. Formerly the grounds of Camperdown Cemetery, most of the area transformed into a generous public park in 1948, leaving only a confined section near St Stephen’s Church.

The preserved segment of Camperdown Cemetery hosts a cluster of kangaroo grass (themed Australis), representing a rare relic of the turpentine-ironbark forests that once graced the Inner West.

  • Parking: Limited on-street parking; public transport is recommended.
  • Shade
  • Barbecue Facilities
  • Playground
  • Public Toilets

15. Blues Point Reserve, McMahons Point

This compact grassy park is a superb vantage spot, providing stunning perspectives of Sydney, the Opera House, and the iconic Harbour Bridge. Accessible via the McMahons Point ferry or well-connected by buses, the park encompasses the Henry Lawson Reserve and Blues Point Reserve. Blues Point Reserve features a playground, while a brief shoreline walking track offers a scenic route back to Blues Point Rd. Whether arriving by ferry or bus, visitors can enjoy the picturesque setting.

  • Parking: Limited street parking; public transport is recommended.
  • Shade: Limited natural shade; bring sun protection.
  • Playground
  • Public Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Picnic in Hyde Park, Sydney?

Yes, you can picnic in Hyde Park, Sydney. The expansive 16-hectare park provides thriving, shaded lawns, making it ideal for a relaxing picnic. Visitors can unwind amid the greenery, enjoying a tranquil escape in the heart of the bustling Inner City.

Final Thoughts

Sydney’s vibrant picnic spots, from the contemporary allure of Barangaroo Reserve to the timeless charm of Centennial Park, promise delightful escapes for families and nature enthusiasts alike. With stunning views and well-equipped amenities, these destinations weave a tapestry of memories amidst the city’s diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks. Create lasting memories with your family and friends. 

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