How Long Does It Take for Electricity to Come Back After Paying the Bill?

Whether you own or rent your property, you’re responsible for ensuring it’s connected to power and that all bills are paid. With rising living costs, more and more people are struggling to pay their bills on time, leading to worries about the consequences of missing these important due dates. 

If you find yourself in this position, you’re not alone; we’re here to educate you on what to expect if you’ve missed an electricity bill. Whether you‘re pushing off the payment or simply forgot to send it, we‘ll explore what exactly happens when these bills are missed. 

What Happens if You Forget To Pay Your Electricity Bill?

With so many bills to keep track of each month, it can be easy to miss a due date. There’s usually a grace period on utility bill payments, though missing or forgetting to pay these bills is actually quite common

If you’re in this position and did not pay your electricity bill on time, you’re likely keen to know the exact penalties you could face as a result of missing the payment. While this varies from state to state, you’re typically at risk of facing a fine or even having your services cut off. This is especially true if you’re past the warning period of missing your bill. 

As a general rule of thumb, your electricity will be fully cut off within a few days of the electric company attempting to reach you to pay the bill. From there, you’ll be required to pay any outstanding fees and may even be faced with an additional penalty fee to get the services back on.

How Long Does It Take for Electricity To Come Back After Paying the Bill?

Typically, your electricity will be restored within 1 to 2 business days of payment being received. Contact your local electricity provider to find out the exact details of when your power will be restored.

What Affects the Reconnection Time?

Various factors could impact how long you will have before your power is restored. If you are concerned about going without power for an extended period, it may be worth investing in the EcoFlow DELTA Series Portable Power Stations. With the help of these devices and the EcoFlow App, you can stay connected until your electricity has been fully reinstated.

Payment Time

Paying the bill as soon as possible is always going to be the best option. If you have missed the deadline, do your best to get the payment in quickly as this will help your chances of getting power back. If, however, you are days or weeks past the due date, it may take extra time for your services to come back as the provider will need to work through the details of your case.

Payment Method

While you can choose to pay your bill however you would like, the best option would be to pay online. This is always the quickest route and ensures that there is a visible log of your payment method and information. Paying online protects you and is likely the fastest way to restore your power.

Company Policy

Ultimately, reconnection time will depend greatly on the provider’s policy. Take the time to read through this policy to better understand what to expect when your power is shut off and how long it will take to be restored. 

What To Do After Paying Your Electricity Bill

After you have sent in the late payment, there are a few more things you will need to tackle.

1. Contact Your Electricity Company

While your electricity company will likely be able to see that the payment came through, it is in your best interest to be proactive and let them know that the bill has been paid. This will also help to move your account higher up on their priority list for getting power reinstated.

2. Check Your Account Status

A hold may have been placed on your account when the payment was missed. Take a look online or call your provider to ensure that your account is reactivated and that there are no holds that will interfere with future service or bills.

3. Utilize Back-Up Power Sources

In the meantime, you can keep your house powered by utilizing EcoFlow Portable Power Stations until your full service is restored.

3 Ways To Prevent Future Electricity Disconnection

Here are a few simple tips to follow to ensure that your power does not get shut off again.

Set up Automatic Payments

Log in to your electricity payment portal and set up an automatic payment plan with your credit or debit card. This will ensure no payments are missed and that your power services are consistent.

Set up Payment Reminders

If you’re uncomfortable with automatic payments, be sure to set a reminder for yourself on or before the due date. Keep this in your calendar or on your phone for additional cues. 

Create a Budget

Budgeting for monthly bills is always a great idea. Take the time to sort through your monthly expenses and set a strict budget to ensure all bills are paid on time. Also, learn how to conserve energy in the home to cut down on monthly utility bills and keep within your set budget.

Final Thoughts

After failing to pay your electricity bill, it usually takes a few days for services to resume, but you could receive further penalties if you fail to settle your bill. Being without electricity for any length of time can be a nuisance. Stay up to date on your electricity bills and invest in a backup power source to stay connected at all times.

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