Best Gifts for Crafters


Crafting is a fun, satisfying hobby for those who want to express their creativity. If you know a crafter, finding the perfect gift that fits their hobby can be overwhelming. With myriad competing interests, there are countless options to consider, but taking the time to pick out a present that suits them will be well appreciated. 

Use this guide to evaluate the best gifts for different craft interests, such as sewing, jewelry making, pottery, and everyday crafts. 

Sewing And Fabric Crafts

  1. Spools Of Thread And Embroidery Floss

Thread is essential for any crafter who enjoys sewing, quilting, or adding detail to projects. Embroidery floss is used for hand embroidery and decorative stitching. Spools of thread and floss come in a rainbow of colors, made of different materials and varying weights to suit any project. Fabric crafters always need and love both. 

  1. Sewing Machine Accessories

If they already have a sewing machine, look for accessories like presser feet, magnetic seam guide, carrying case, hemmer foot set, and cleaning kits. Just make sure these parts are compatible with their machine. Any of these accessories will enhance their sewing experience – and if they don’t have a machine, consider gifting one. 

  1. High-Quality Scissors

High-quality scissors offer precise, smooth, clean cuts on materials instead of tearing or fraying material like low-quality ones. Additionally, scissors with ergonomic designs are easier to use for extended periods. Consider gifting different scissor sizes to meet any curing needs they might run into. 

  1. Efficient Portable Power Station

Give the gift of mobile sewing with the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro, which offers 800W AC output and 786Wh battery capacity. Sewing can continue on a weekend camping trip with this power station since many sewing machines only require 50W to 100W

Recharge your portable power station on the trip with an EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel. These solar panels capture sunlight on both sides, maximizing the ambient sunlight to quickly recharge any portable power station. 

Jewelry Making and Beading

  1. Bead Storage Containers

With so many colors, sizes, materials, and weights, organizing beads is a must for any beading or jewelry project. A high-quality container with many compartments is a convenient place to organize them all, keeping their workspace clutter-free. Beaders and jewelry makers can quickly identify the beads needed during a project. 

  1. Starter Tool Kit

A starter kit is the perfect introduction present for beginners. These kits include essential tools and supplies like wire, beads, guides, and jewelry pliers. For an experienced beader or jewelry maker, a kit with higher-quality tools and supplies will elevate their work further. Or choose to purchase tools like needle files, small hammers, or flush cutters to meet the crafter’s needs.   

  1. Assortment Of Beads And Charms

More beads and charms will always be well received by someone passionate about this craft. Look for their favorite colors and materials. If you’re unsure, a variety pack is a great option. Charms with cute designs and objects are always a good idea – choose some with different metal tones like silver, gold, and rose gold. 

  1. Soldering Iron

For those into metalwork jewelry, a soldering iron is a must. Soldering irons melt solder – a metal alloy – so metal components can be joined together. In crafting, they’re used for soldering rings, attaching clasps, or creating specific designs. For their projects, consider the temperature controls and size of the tip needed to achieve their goals. 

Clay and Ceramics

  1. Air-dry Or Polymer Clay

Clay is the raw material required for clay crafters’ hobby. Air-dry clay cures when exposed to air, while polymer clay must be cured in the oven. Gifting either type of clay would be a fantastic idea, as it’s used constantly in this craft. Pick out a variety of colors to make this gift extra fun. 

  1. Sculpting Tools

For clay and ceramic work, sculpting tools are used to create intricate designs or shape the project in a specific way. Sometimes, hands alone cannot achieve the particular vision they have. Sculpting tools come in small or large sets, while more expensive ones can be bought individually. 

  1. Pottery Wheel

Potters use a pottery wheel to shape clay into bowls, cups, and vases. It has a turntable that spins around, allowing the potter to mold the clay by hand. Motorized wheels are convenient and easy, but traditional kick wheels offer more intricate speed control.  

  1. Pottery Stamps And Texturing Tools

Stamps and texturing tools add designs and prints to clay before it dries. Texturing rollers are fun tools that add a pattern to larger areas. If they like to make clay jewelry like earrings, this will be an invaluable gift to upgrade their work. Look for stamps and tools with stylish designs and shapes.

General Crafting

  1. Cutting Machine

Cutting machines are used for cutting paper designs, making vinyl designs, or patterning fabric. You’ll need to know what the crafter must cut to choose the suitable machine, but this gift will be greatly appreciated and utilized. When giving this gift, consider adding paper, fabric, or vinyl so they can use it immediately. 

  1. Paint And Brushes

If this crafter also has an artistic side, paint and brushes would be an excellent gift. Paint can be used on many surfaces: fabric, clay, paper, and canvas. If they tend to enhance their work with an artistic drawing or additional detailing, paint for their material is invaluable. Pick out some brushes of various sizes and shapes to support any inspiration they have. 

  1. Small Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max is perfect for powering small machines, like a cutting machine or soldering iron, and recharging laptops, phones, and tablets. If crafters like to take their work on the road with them, they never have to worry about finding an outlet again. With 500W of AC output and 512Wh of battery capacity, they can bring their crafting equipment wherever they go. 

  1. Craft Classes

For those starting a new craft or eager to hone their skill set, paying ahead for crafting classes provides a chance to learn more about their hobby. Look for local studios or colleges offering lessons. If they want to start selling their crafts, consider business classes instead. Here, they’ll gain valuable information on marking and strategies for success, which can provide peace of mind.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Gift for Crafters?

The best gift for crafters often depends on their specific interests. However, any gift that reflects their passion is an excellent choice. They’ll love and appreciate the thought and support demonstrated by recognizing and celebrating their diverse craft. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a thoughtful gift tailored to a crafter’s hobby shows you truly understand and support their passion. Whether it’s materials and accessories for sewing or tools for jewelry making, raw clay and detailing stamps for potters, or more general gifts like cutting machines and classes, practical gifts allow them to sharpen their skills and creations. 

Portable power solutions like the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max or EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro are great gifts that empower crafters to take their hobby wherever they go. With so many options, you’re sure to pick out the perfect gift to delight any crafter. 

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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