How to Back Up Your Home With an Ecoflow Whole Home Power Solution?

With the frequent occurrence of extreme weather caused by climate change, power outages have become a common occurrence. 

Faced with power outages, we feel helpless and panicked, especially at night when there is no light and electricity support, making it an unbearable living condition. 

Sudden power outages can also cause irreversible damage to household appliances — especially when the power comes back on. 

Therefore, more and more families choose to set up a suitable backup power plan to cope with such emergencies. 

EcoFlow Whole Home Backup Power Solution is an excellent choice. 

Before diving into the specifics of EcoFlow backup power solution, let’s explore the fundamentals of how a home electrical system works.

Introduction to Home Circuit

To understand your home electrical system, you must know that it includes a common line drawn from the distribution transformer, a meter for measuring electricity usage, a main breaker panel, and an independent circuit that powers all of the outlets, appliances, and hardwired devices in your home. 

A home circuit supplies power to various lights and power outlets, while an outlet can provide electricity for multiple devices. It’s essential to comprehend the power distribution of each circuit in order to determine how long a portable generator can sustain that particular circuit during a power outage.

The Best Solution in the Face of Power Outages

In the event of extreme environmental conditions causing power outages or circuit failures, electricity transmission from the distribution transformer to the household circuit may be interrupted. 

EcoFlow Whole Home Backup Power Solution can be a lifesaver in a blackout, and you have several options to choose from. 

You can opt for the Starter Kit, which requires you to manually plug in the power when facing emergency power outages. 

Or you can choose the Advanced Kit to cope with long-term power outages in extreme weather conditions. 

By the way, the Smart Control Kit is an excellent option for automated power management!

Efficiently charge appliances during power outages

To determine the best home backup power solution, EcoFlow advises users to do some research beforehand. This is where knowing how much power is distributed through individual circuits comes into play. 

The table below provides some reference values for some commonly used household appliances, which can provide some reference for your calculation. 

In the case of Advanced Kit, if you use a 3600Wh EcoFlow DELTA PRO to run a refrigerator (120w), then your backup scheme will run this circuit for about 30 hours (3600Wh/120w=30 hours).  

In general, many circuits tend to be well suited to backup power for a variety of home settings. We advise turning on a light or two in your most important room. This can be a living or family room in a central location, where there is space to gather and wait for storms, or a highly utilized room like a kitchen or bathroom. 

Power your garage door opener. In an emergency, people often think about hunkering down and staying inside. But what if you need to get out?  Make sure you have enough power!

ApplianceWattsStarter KitAdvanced KitSmart Control Kit
Regular household consumption: 29kWh/Dup to 1 Day1-2 Days (up to 1 week with EB)1-2 Days (up to 1 week with EB)
Phone11Wh (Type-C)313 times616 times616 times
Laptop60Wh (Type-C)57 times104 times104 times
Light10W (AC)108 hrs216 hrs216 hrs
Refrigerator120W (AC)24-48 hrs48-96 hrs48-96 hrs
Microwave1300W (AC)2.5 hrs5 hrs5 hrs
Electric kettle1500W (AC)2.2 hrs4.4 hrs4.4 hrs
Electric oven1650W (AC)2 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
Air conditioner1800W (AC)1.8-3.6 hrs3.6-7.2 hrs3.6-7.2 hrs
Electric heater2200W (AC)1.5 hrs3 hrs3hrs

Choose the power backup solution suitable for your home

Ecoflow currently offers three customized backup solutions, including Starter Kit, Advanced Kit, and Smart Control Kit, to meet consumers’ differentiated backup needs.*

  • Starter Kit: EcoFlow DELTA Pro + Transfer Switch + Generator Cord

The most affordable and straightforward solution for short-term outages.  Attaining partial home backup is simple, and you can avoid the head-splitting noise and all the maintenance expenses of a gas or diesel generator.  

Plug EcoFlow DELTA Pro into the transfer switch to power your critical circuits when a blackout hits.

  • Advanced Kit Using 2 x EcoFlow DELTA Pros + Double Voltage Hub + Transfer Switch* + Generator Cord

You can easily chain two EcoFlow DELTA Pros together using the Double Voltage Hub to power your entire home through the transfer switch*. Run almost all home appliances, including high-wattage ones, like a clothes dryer (5000W). Add Extra Batteries and Smart Generators to keep your essentials running for up to a week.

The Smart Control Kit provides an uninterrupted backup power supply and smart power management. Take control of your energy and reduce your electricity bills with stored energy.

*All Ecoflow solutions are available for both houses and apartments.

  Installation of the EcoFlow Whole-home Backup Solution should be done by a licensed     electrician or a qualified professional

Solar Panels Are the Best Partner for the Whole Home Backup Solution

A power outage may be only a temporary inconvenience for some, but for others, it can be a fatal interruption of service. 

To mitigate the dire effects of a power outage, we recommend that homeowners purchase solar panels when installing a home backup power solution. 

All of EcoFlow’s portable power stations offer solar charging capacity and are compatible with rigid, portable, and flexible solar panels. 

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station - EcoFlow Official

When you add solar panels, an EcoFlow portable power station like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro becomes a solar generator. The PV panels collect solar energy, and the PPS converts and stores it as AC electricity in a solar battery. 

This all-in-one plug-and-play off-grid power solution takes all the hard work out of building a reliable solar generator. And it can operate while charging from solar panels or on-grid power before a blackout occurs.

Check out EcoFlow’s Whole Home Generators today!

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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