The Best RV Batteries for Dry Camping

The best batteries for dry camping aren’t lead-acid. When you think of boondocking in a van, camper trailer, or motorhome, don’t think car batteries daisy-chained together. The DELTA series portable power stations are all-in-one power systems using lithium batteries. There’s nothing to install, no terminals to connect, just plug in, and you’ve got power wherever you are.

Dry Batteries for Dry Camping

See ya later, lead-acid! Lithium batteries have made wet batteries as obsolete as video tapes; there really are no benefits of sticking with those old golf carts or even AGM batteries.

  • Recharges way faster
  • No refilling/spilling/venting
  • 100% discharge (deeper than deep-cycle)
  • Much lighter

Ready-made Power Source

Instead of figuring out if this inverter is compatible with that breaker using those wires, EcoFlow portable power stations combine all the needed components in a slick package. Professionals have fine-tuned everything from getting power in, storing it, and sending it to your electronics. An EcoFlow portable power station replaces an entire power system.

EcoFlow portable power stations are known for how fast they recharge from a regular socket – two to five times faster than competitors. They also recharge from petrol generators, solar panels, and car outlets. Upgrading to DELTA Max lets you recharge from EcoFlow’s Smart Generator and multiple sources simultaneously. DELTA Pro does all that, plus the option to recharge from 240V sockets and EV charging stations for lightning-fast recharge times.

Incorporating solar energy into your daily mix is easy with the portable power station’s built-in solar port. No matter what brand of solar panels you use, the integrated MPPT system will maximise solar power efficiency.

All EcoFlow portable power stations have a top-notch, pure sine wave inverter that outputs 90% of the rated battery capacity. That’s more energy you can use to power your RV.

Monitor energy consumption in real-time, and see how many hours/minutes are left on the battery at your current use. View it all from the built-in screen, EcoFlow app, or a Remote Control (sold separately) that acts as a second display.

The battery management system charges/discharges batteries equally, maximises performance, and avoids dangerous conditions. Use your off-grid power how you want, and let the BMS sweat the small stuff.

EcoFlow power stations are super safe because everything is skillfully integrated. Each component is specifically designed to work with the next.

Works With RVs, Vans, and Trailers

Plug your vehicle right into DELTA Pro’s 20-amp or 30-amp sockets like it’s a shore power box, or use its 30-amp Anderson Powerpole socket if you have the proper setup. Other members of the DELTA family have 20-amp sockets and can power several appliances at once, but you may need a dog bone adapter if you’re using it as a hookup.

Camper trailer powered by EcoFlow

All the Bells and Whistles

Upgrading from lead-acid batteries is more than just getting a better battery. Here are a few things most 12V battery systems can’t do.

App Support

EcoFlow’s screens are already the best out there, but the app takes monitoring and controlling your energy to the next level. Check on how much your solar panels are bringing in, fine-tune battery settings, or turn on the AC ports on your way back to the campsite.

Take It Anywhere

These plug-and-play batteries aren’t fastened down, so you can always pull them out of the storage bay and use them elsewhere. Take it to power outdoor events or to rescue a stranded electric vehicle. If you’re not a full-time RV’er, DELTA Pro can be used at home to lower energy bills and backup power during a power cut.

Charge From EV Stations

DELTA Pro is the first battery of its kind to recharge from level-2 EV stations, which are way faster than regular AC sockets. It goes from 0–100% in a little over an hour and a half, so you can get on to that super secret camping spot sooner.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro recharging from an EV station

How To Compare Lead-acid and Lithium Batteries

Watt-hours vs. Amp-hours

You’ll notice that many portable power stations have capacity listed in watt-hours (Wh), but lead-acid batteries use amp-hours (Ah). These numbers are important for comparing how long you’ll be able to boondock or how many appliances you’ll be able to use. Fortunately, comparing them is pretty easy: multiply the volts by the amp-hours to get the watt-hours. A 12V battery that’s 100Ah has 1200Wh, and three of those connected in series would give you 3600Wh – the same as DELTA Pro.

Depth of Discharge

With lead-acid batteries, you’re really only getting 30–50% of the stated capacity because going below 50% capacity quickly damages the battery. Lithium batteries can use 60–80% of their capacity for maximum longevity, even 100% when needed.

In Short

At face value, the 3600Wh DELTA Pro’s lithium battery is equal to three 100Ah 12V batteries, but in reality, it has a much higher usable capacity. Because you can use virtually all of its capacity, it can replace as many as five or six 12V batteries. Still not enough? Extra battery packs can double or triple the capacity of DELTA Pro and DELTA Max.

Which Is the Best RV Battery for You?

DELTA Pro is the ultimate portable power station for dry camping. It’s ready to roll for Class A and Class B RVs, and its LiFePO4 battery may even outlast your rig. Get back on the road faster when you recharge at an EV station or use multiple sources simultaneously.

DELTA Max also features expandable capacity, charging for multiple sources, and Smart Generator compatibility, but with a minimal footprint. The UK version has 4 wall sockets on the back.

DELTA and DELTA mini are best for vans and smaller campers and tuck away easily. Power all your gear and even some appliances to make life on the road that much better.

For a more in-depth look at these, be sure to read our DELTA series comparison.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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