4 Best Power Options For Powering Your Motorhome

Powering a motorhome has traditionally been expensive due to its reliance on fossil fuels for power generation—until now! 

With solar power kits and solar generators, you can save money and help save the planet. By using solar energy instead of fossil fuels, owners can cut costs and eliminate emissions all at once. 

Find the best clean power options for powering your motorhome and ensure that you have a reliable, renewable energy source.

Power Kits

With EcoFlow’s modular Power Kit technology, powering anything from a motorhome to a tiny house has become more accessible than ever before. Makers of EcoFlow solar modules have created innovative compact solutions for homes and motorhomes. 

Power kits are a great power supply solution. These portable systems utilise interchangeable stackable batteries that you can use indoors or outdoors based on user preference. Each kit is simple to install, which means less time spent on installation and more time enjoying your motorhome. Power kits also come in different sizes and capacities, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Solar panels are sold separately from each kit so that you have the freedom to choose which one best fits your needs. The size and number of solar panels you need depend on how much power your motorhome requires, where it will be parked, and how long you plan to stay in one place. 

Powering a motorhome is simple if you have the right equipment. Ecoflow has packed all of its expertise in renewable energy into these three handy-sized integrated packages. 

Get Set Kit

Get Set Kit (2kWh)

The Get Set Kit is ideal for anyone trying to get started integrating solar technology into their motorhome or camper lifestyle. This starter kit includes the following:

  • A Power Hub
  • 1-3 LFP Batteries (capacity from 2-15kWh) 
  • Cable Pack

The Ecoflow Get Set Kit is the most basic of the power kits. It includes LFP batteries and an inverter that allows you to charge and run your devices while on the go. You can store up to 12 hours of power on a single charge, and the batteries are stackable, giving you even more storage capacity while maximising your space. You can also add extra batteries to store more energy and solar panels to generate power (up to eight total), so you’ll have plenty of electricity whenever you need it.

The Get Set Kit is portable and easy to use. However, being the entry-level power kit, it lacks some of the features available with other models, such as smart technology controls. The EcoFlow app, available with higher-tier power kits, lets you track your battery usage habits and adjust accordingly from anywhere with an internet signal.

The Get Set kit is an easy way to switch from powering your motorhome with a fossil fuel generator to solar power — and it’s perfect for those who want hassle-free installation.

Prepared Kit

Prepared Kit (2kWh)

The Ecoflow Prepared Kit meets all of your needs for extended stays in remote locations. This kit includes:

  • Power Hub
  • 1-3 LFP Batteries (capacity from 2-15kWh) 
  • Cable Pack
  • AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel
  • Battery Mounting Strap

The smart panel sets this kit apart from the starter kit. What is a smart distribution panel? The smart distribution panel allows you to choose which devices are drawing power from the batteries at any time. 

If one device uses up more energy than others, the panel will pull more juice out of the batteries than it’s supposed to — but only for as long as needed for other devices to charge up again before switching back to them. Smart distribution saves wear and tear on your system, and whatever gadget is sucking up all the power at once!

This mid-range option is suitable for those who want more capacity and flexibility than the standard Get Set kit. It is excellent if you’re looking for something simple and easy to install without worrying about losing power while boondocking or travelling off-grid.

Independence Kit

Independence Kit (2kWh)

If you’re looking for the most advanced power system available, look no further than the EcoFlow Independence Kit. This system gives you energy independence, freeing you from relying on charge stations at motorhome campsites and fossil fuels that make you pay for skyrocketing petrol prices. 

The Independence Kit includes:

  • Power Hub
  • 1-3 LFP Batteries (capacity from 2-15kWh) 
  • Cable Pack
  • AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel
  • Power Kit Console
  • Battery Mounting Straps

The Independence Kit provides maximum flexibility in how you choose to run your 12-volt appliances and devices while delivering the utmost dependability at all times. It will give you complete control over your motorhome’s electrical usage and ensure that everyone onboard has access to plenty of outlets.

The system can provide up to 150 amps of power at all times with no loss in performance as long as you have enough battery capacity. It can do this thanks to a battery management system that constantly monitors and manages each cell’s state of charge to maximise its lifespan and efficiency. 

The batteries use the latest lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, which has proven exceptional performance. LFP batteries are more efficient, less toxic, and more reliable at low temperatures. They also charge faster due to their high amperage capability. 

Solar Generators

While power kits are a robust, comprehensive solution, the upfront cost can make them prohibitive for some motorhome owners. That’s why there’s another solution: solar generators.

Solar generators are eco-friendly and portable, making them perfect for those who want to live an off-the-grid lifestyle or simply power their mobile homes as efficiently as possible. They operate independently or with other power sources, and because they require fewer components to set up, they’re also more affordable. They provide power wherever there is sunlight and are easy to transport when you want to travel lightly.

Delta Pro Solar Generator


If you’re looking for a new way to power your motorhome that doesn’t require investing in a power kit, the Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar Generator is an excellent option. This solar generator is Ecoflow’s most powerful solar generator and offers advanced features such as:

  • LFP Battery (3.6kWh to 25kWh capacity)
  • Inverter
  • MPPT Charge Controller
  • 12 Different Ports
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Integrated Battery Management System
  • 220W or 400W Solar Panels 

The DELTA Pro can be set up quickly and easily and will provide enough power to run most appliances within your home. The built-in battery allows you to store energy from the sun during the day, offering anywhere from 3.6kWh to 25kWh, which is enough to power a home. As long as you have access to sunlight, this generator will keep providing electricity.  


If you’re driving around in a motorhome, you already know that keeping the petrol tank full and the engine running isn’t cheap or easy. So, if you’re looking for a way to save money and reduce emissions, consider some alternative power options.

You don’t have to be an expert in solar power to use it. With so many products available, you can easily find the right product for your needs and start powering up today. With portable power stations, you can enjoy outdoor life and not sacrifice the electrical amenities of civilisation. 

From entertainment and comfort to safety and security, Ecoflow has the best power solutions to suit your lifestyle!

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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