How to take advantage of Octopus Energy’s Power-Up programme with EcoFlow power stations


To avoid wasting a surplus of renewable energy, Octopus Energy and NPUK have developed a programme offering customers FREE energy when solar and wind energy sources are flush.

The programme, known as Power-ups, offers customers 1-2 hour blocks of mid-day time where energy is completely free to use.

Where does EcoFlow come in Ocutopus Power-ups programme

Since there’s no cap on how much electricity you use during a Power-up, it’s the perfect time to complete all those high-energy chores, such as washing clothes as well as storing energy.

Whether you’d like to lower your energy bills or take power off-grid for a camping or caravan trip, owning a power station allows you to take some ownership of your power.

Plus, even if you’re not an Octopus customer, you can still reduce your home’s electricity bill with a portable power station.

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A Quick Octopus Energy Power-up Overview

Here’s the idea: During the day, when people are at work, our homes use much less energy, but it’s during this time that renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels, produce the most energy.

home energt use

So, to prevent these glorious renewables from going to waste, Octopus is offering households in the UK free blocks of time when they can take advantage of this energy without any cap (or bill!).

Apart from, you know, free energy, there are plenty of other benefits as well:

Lowers your energy bills

Since Power-ups don’t have a consumption cap, you can crank up the washing machine, use the dryer, or even bake up a storm without paying a penny. If you utilize this time block efficiently, your energy bills may also be lower!

Balances the grid

Completing energy-consuming chores, such as washing clothes during the day when energy consumption is lower, takes stress off of the grid.

Good for the environment

Saving your high-energy tasks for a ‘Power-up’ will reduce the fuel needed to power the grid, which is excellent for the planet!

Save energy for later

If you like the idea of using cleaner energy to run your home, you can take advantage of Power-ups by storing this free energy using a battery generator. A battery generator or portable power station, like EcoFlow’s DELTA 2, can store energy to power your home appliances, camping trips, or anywhere else you might need electricity. Each time there’s a Power up, you can top up the power station from an AC outlet free of charge.

Making the Most of Power-ups Using DELTA 2

Delta 2 image

You might assume that recharging a power station in only an hour or two is impossible. Luckily, EcoFlow has the fastest charging batteries in the industry, making an Octopus Power-up the perfect opportunity for some free-flowing energy to fully charge DELTA 2 in only 80 minutes using a wall outlet.

If you’re considering a power station, but solar panel use is restricted where you live, then Octopus Power-ups is the way forward.

If Octopus Energy doesn’t offer coverage in your area and you still want to reduce your energy bills, there’s still a way!

DELTA 2 with Solar Panels

EcoFlow DELTA 2 can easily be combined with solar panels in order to store energy. With a solar input of 500W, you can generate approximately 2kWh* just from solar every day. You can run appliances while it charges, too, so you’re not wasting any potential solar energy.

*environment dependent.

Whether you’re using a Power-up or a solar panel to store energy, you can use this power to reduce your reliance on the grid and cut your bills in the process. So, you’re not just getting a couple of hours of free energy; you’re getting HOURS. With a DELTA 2, you’ve got 1kWh of energy to store. With that, you can power your TV for an entire night, as well as run a couple of table lamps. Or you could get almost 5 hours of online gaming on your games console (PS5) while also powering your router.

For Camping or Mobile Travel

Power stations aren’t just for home backup; they’re portable and robust enough to use outdoors on a camping trip, in motorhomes, or caravans. While DELTA 2 has a generous capacity and output, it’s also compact and lightweight enough to go in the boot of your car or stored in your gas locker. DELTA 2 can handle all your camping essentials, such as a travel kettle, as well as running your van’s internal electrics.

During a Power Cut

While power cuts don’t happen frequently, they can happen unexpectedly and at any time, so having a power station like DELTA 2 handy can keep your essential appliances running till the grid is restored. It’s especially handy for devices that need to run constantly, such as a fridge or fish tank.

To take more control of your energy and store energy with Power-ups or solar, learn more about DELTA 2 and how its many other features can benefit you.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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