Can You Have Home Battery Storage Without Solar Panels?


As energy security becomes more tenuous and the world moves towards renewable energy sources, homeowners are considering the potential benefits of integrating battery storage systems into their homes. 

One question often arises: “Can you have a home battery storage system without solar panels?”

While a solar panel array and home battery backup storage systems often go hand in hand, solar panels aren’t required to utilize this technology. In fact, home battery systems can be highly effective even without a solar energy source, providing benefits such as peak shaving, emergency backup, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Let’s look at the basics of home battery storage, explore the advantages of having a storage battery with or without solar panels, and learn how to add solar panels to your system later. 

Does a Storage Battery Work Without Solar Panels?

Battery storage systems work without solar panels. Whole home backup battery systems can charge using other sources, including AC or DC electricity or shore power from a campground. 

Basically, you can leave your portable power station plugged into the wall. When the power goes out, it goes to work. Simple!

How Does Battery Storage Work?

A home battery storage system allows you to store and use electricity during a power outage. It’s an intermediary between the grid and your household, holding grid power for use during blackouts.

Portable power stations like the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max allow you to disconnect from the grid and take electricity as needed. Want to achieve energy independence? Add solar panels and eliminate your need to connect to the grid altogether!

The storage capacity of a home battery backup storage system is typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), representing the amount of energy it can store. For example, a 5kWh battery will supply 1kW of power for five hours before requiring a recharge.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Storage Battery Without Solar Panels?

Even without including solar panels in your setup, a battery storage system can offer many benefits. We break down some of the most significant advantages below.

Load Shifting/Peak Shaving

Load shifting refers to charging up the battery to store energy when utility rates are low (during off-peak hours) and then using that stored energy to power your home when utility rates are high (peak times). Doing so allows you to manage and reduce your utility bills.

Emergency Backup 

Most people purchase a home battery backup system to provide electricity during power outages. Blackouts are becoming more frequent worldwide due to extreme weather and aging grid infrastructure.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Storage Battery and Solar Panels?

If the home battery backup system supports solar charging, PV panels add even more benefits, expanding the capabilities, sustainability, and financial savings your technology provides.

Emergency Power Generation

Battery storage provides backup power during a blackout

However, if you rely on battery backup alone, your alternative electricity source is limited to the system’s storage capacity.

If you purchase a solution like EcoFlow’s Smart Home Ecosystem, solar panels and a Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) can keep generating electricity indefinitely.

Just don’t answer the door to zombies.


Powering your home with solar power instead of grid power reduces greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint. Using solar power, you can take baby steps towards helping the world transition to renewable energy sources. 

Financial Incentives

Some utility companies will pay you for any excess solar power you generate. This concept is usually called a net metering policy or feed-in tariff. 

Net metering is only an option for grid-tied solar power systems, not off-grid solutions offered by EcoFlow.


Reduce Reliance on Grid

Combining solar panels and battery storage reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and the electricity grid. A solar power system helps protect you from unstable electricity prices and provides reliable electricity when our aging electrical infrastructure breaks down.

Can You Add Solar Panels to Your Battery at a Later Date?

You can add solar panels to a home battery backup system that supports solar input later. Many battery storage systems are designed to be solar-ready, so they can be easily paired with solar panels whenever you choose to install them.


Portable Power Stations

EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a portable power station that can serve exclusively as a battery storage system. However, it’s equipped with up to 1600W of solar charge input, allowing you to connect solar panels anytime without additional compatibility or installation concerns. 

In addition, you can expand the battery capacity of some portable power stations like the DELTA 2 Max and DELTA Pro if you decide you need more electricity storage in the future by pairing it with the DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery or the DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery depending on which portable power station you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Home Battery Storage System Cost in the UK?

The price of a home battery storage system can range between £4,500 and £11,000 in the UK. The exact price tag depends on the storage capacity, installation costs, and other considerations. Portable power stations cost less than a custom residential battery storage system. 

How Much Can You Save by Charging Your Battery on Off-Peak Rates?

Your savings by charging your battery off-peak and running it on-peak depend on your electricity rates. If you’re charging a 5 kWh battery system and save 10p/kWh during off-peak hours, you’ll save around 50p every time you fully charge the battery and supply your home with off-grid electricity.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the potential benefits of a home battery storage system — with or without solar panels — helps you make an informed decision regarding your energy needs. Battery storage systems can provide financial benefits through load shifting, reduced demand charges, and the environmental plus of reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re considering investing in a versatile battery storage system, EcoFlow’s portable power stations provide a robust solution. They not only offer excellent performance and expandability, but they also integrate seamlessly with solar panels whenever you decide to harness the power of the sun.

Want to upgrade your home with a battery storage system? Check out EcoFlow’s selection today.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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