20 Gift Ideas for Photographers

Photographers are storytellers, pouring their hearts into capturing beautiful moments through their lenses. Whether seasoned professionals or enthusiastic amateurs, having the right gear to express their creative vision elevates their ability to perform their craft. 

From practical tools to fun accessories, inspiring resources, and unique gadgets, this guide covers thoughtful gifts that will delight anyone passionate about photography. Keep reading for the best presents demonstrating your support in their photography work. 

Portable Photo Printer

A portable photo printer is an excellent gift idea for those wanting to share their work on the go. At weddings, photoshoots, or parties, the photographer can offer prints to clients on the spot. When in remote areas, the portable printer also allows them to proof their photos before leaving, ensuring they capture the perfect shot. Consider the print size options, ease of use, and compatibility when selecting a printer. 

Photo Editing Software

Editing software allows photos to be enhanced, corrected, and manipulated to fit the photographer’s vision. Most professional photographers and amateurs utilise editing software to adjust exposure, colour corrections, and apply filters. 

Some software allows for non-destructive editing, which preserves the original image so they can experiment with edits. Ultimately, editing software is a practical tool to streamline the photographer’s work and helps bring their creative ideas to life. 


A tripod provides stability while taking the perfect shot; some cameras are too heavy for handheld shooting. Any photographer would love a tripod, but look for one that suits their needs the most, which would be an addition or upgrade to one they already own. Some are smaller, lightweight, and can be packed in a gear bag; others are larger and durable for extreme outdoor use. Other tripods are built to take photos with the camera facing directly down. 

Lens Filters

Lens filters are a great gift but require careful attention to detail when purchasing. The filter size must match the diameter of the photographer’s lens; otherwise, it won’t be compatible. Another consideration is which type of lens filter the recipient would use most. Different filters exist for different purposes, such as UV/haze, polarising, neutral density (ND), and graduated (ND). 

Portable Power Station

Portable power stations are a solution for keeping gear charged when away from traditional electrical outlets. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 is the most compact and portable power station, perfect for charging batteries for a solo photographer. It has a storage capacity of 256Wh and 300W of AC output, and at only 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg), it’s small enough to pack in a bag.  

But, if more power is needed, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro packs more power at 768kWh and 800W of AC output while maintaining a manageable weight of 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg). The Ecoflow River 2 Pro is best for photographers with multiple cameras to charge. Either portable power station is an excellent option for charging camera batteries while off-grid. 

Fashionable Camera Bag

If your photographer enjoys taking photos on the go daily, a stylish, compact camera bag is the perfect gift. Traditional camera bags can be bulky and, frankly, not fashionable or fun to pack around. Be on the lookout for durable and chic materials like leather, waxed canvas, or nylon when shopping for a trendy bag. A fashionable camera bag that fits into the recipient’s style can upgrade their outfit and provide an easy way to bring a camera for the adventure. 

Photography Workshop/Class

Beginners and seasoned photographers can take something away from a workshop or class tailored to their skill level. A workshop allows them to learn new techniques, skills, and perspectives. Workshops or courses are offered through online platforms, colleges, or other local in-person settings. 

Some classes are tailored to teach specific styles like outdoor photography, so pick a class that fits what they want to learn. This is also a chance for the photographer to network and make friends with other photographers. 

Portable Lighting Kit

A lighting kit is essential for those who work in low-light conditions, enjoy portrait photography, or work in studios. A lighting kit includes a light source and modifiers like umbrellas, softboxes, and reflectors to shape and control the light. 

Portable lighting kits are compact and easily transported outdoors or to another site. This way, the lighting inside a studio can be replicated away from it. The right kit will result in high-quality, dynamic photographs. 

Solar Generator

A solar generator is a portable power station coupled with solar panels. For example, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 + 220W Solar Panel combines the Ecoflow Delta 2 with 220W Solar Panels that can quickly recharge the power station, providing all-day power. 

This is a great present if a photographer enjoys shooting – especially digital – outside. They can use a solar generator to charge their photography equipment, power lighting, and charge electronics. This way, the laptop stays charged all day, so they can review, edit, and upload photos while off-grid.  

Camera Rain Cover

A camera rain cover is a flexible jacket that covers the camera’s body and lens to protect it during bad weather. It allows photographers to continue shooting if it starts raining or snowing outside without fear of damaging their cameras, allowing them to capture the perfect shot despite the weather. It’s an invaluable gift that demonstrates your support for their hobby. 

Reusable Bottle

Any person on the go needs a reusable water bottle or travel tumbler. For photographers, a reusable bottle can conveniently fit into their gear bag while on the go, providing access to water anywhere their adventure takes them. They can also bring a cup of coffee with them to an early morning photoshoot. Pick a bottle in their favourite colour or a fun pattern, or customise it with initials. 

Memory Card Case

Photographers tend to accumulate many memory cards, especially if they shoot digitally. A memory card case is the perfect place for them to store, protect, and organise their cards. They come in small, compact sizes to fit into smaller camera bags. 

Larger cases, with lots of storage, are better if they go on many trips with their camera. Often, these cases are designed with labelling lost so no memory card is lost or unidentified. 

Camera Remote

A camera remote is necessary to take specific photos, such as long exposures, time lapses, self-portraits, wildlife, and astrophotography. It allows the photographer to walk away from the camera once it’s in place and take a photo without using a self-timer. Some wireless models enable the camera to be controlled from a smartphone. 

This is crucial to avoid camera shakes, which can ruin those types of photography. The camera remote is a wonderful gift that can open new possibilities for photography. 

External Hard Drive

A photographer’s biggest fear is losing files of photographs and videos they worked hard for. Data storage and backup are worth the hassle for digital photographers with large image and video files. External hard drives offer more storage than internal storage on computers and cameras. 

With expanded storage, photographers can build organised photo libraries for workflow efficiency. Look for a hard drive that offers terabyte storage capacity and fast transfer speeds. 

Portable Refrigerator

Wildlife, sports, and other outdoor activity photographers would immensely appreciate a portable refrigerator on long days spent capturing moments. The EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator keeps drinks and snacks cold all day. This fridge-freezer combo can keep things cold, even frozen. 

It can also produce 18 solid ice cubes in 12 minutes to keep any cup full. A suitcase design makes this portable fridge easy to transport, and it’s equipped with a 100W USB-C charger, so phones and laptops can be easily recharged. 

Gear Bag

A gear bag is similar to a fashionable camera bag; however, a gear bag is large and built to hold most, if not all, of someone’s camera gear. When gifting a gear bag, consider how much gear needs to be stored and choose one with the best capacity. Look at the different compartments and organisation features. 

Deep compartments, dividers, and small pockets help keep every piece organised and easy to find. Gear bags should be easy to carry, so look for thick straps with padding for a comfortable fit. 

Magazine Subscription

If you want to give the gift of inspiration, a photography-themed magazine subscription is the way to go. There are many types of magazines to choose from for the different kinds of photography. Subscription services can last a few months up to a year, providing a new magazine every month to their doorstep. A magazine can inspire with professional photos, and it often comes with tips and tricks sections. Other magazines accept submissions from amateur hobbyists, which can provide an opportunity for exposure. 

Camera Harness

A camera harness is a strap that safely holds a camera at someone’s waist or hip. Some harnesses are designed to have two or more cameras so a photographer can easily switch between them without worrying about dropping them. They also allow the photographer to move around hands-free, which is handy if the photographer is outdoors. 

Camera harnesses enhance the recipient’s comfort and efficiency while working, ultimately allowing them to focus and capture better images. 

Film Case

Digital photography is quite popular, but some prefer a classic film camera. The most significant difference between film and digital is film uses a roll of film to “store” the photograph, while digital uses digital storage units. Rolls of film are sensitive to light, so they must be stored in the dark. 

A film case prevents damage to the film and keeps it organised in a gear bag. Different films come in various sizes, so look for a universal case or ask what size film the recipient uses. 

Phone Stand

With the latest technology, smartphones are an excellent place for photography hobbyists to begin before investing in more expensive cameras. A phone stand is like a tripod for their phone—it holds their phone steady while they shoot. If they enjoy vlogging and video recording, a phone stand makes capturing videos effortless. 

Unique overhead shots and flat-lay shots can also be captured with a phone stand. Show your support for a beginner photographer with this gift that enables creative images and videos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Gift for a Photographer?

The best gift depends on the photographer’s experience level, interests, and needs. But, any present that supports and enhances their ability to capture important moments, improve efficiency, or stay inspired will be treasured. Demonstrate your support and appreciation with practical but thoughtful gifts. 

Final Thoughts

For the photographer in your life, whether professional or just starting, gifts that spark creativity, unlock new opportunities, and upgrade their skills make lasting impressions. By selecting gifts tailored to photographers, you showcase your appreciation for their talent and encouragement for their growth and success. 

Essential gear like tripods, memory cards, rain covers, and lighting kits are great options., while unique technology gifts like the EcoFlow RIVER 2 and EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator enrich their outdoor ventures. Whatever you choose, any gift nurturing their love for photography will be cherished.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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