EcoFlow Redefines Portable Power With Release of EcoFlow DELTA

1.2kWh Capacity for Home Backup & Outdoor Power

EcoFlow Official - EcoFlow RIVER

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2019  – EcoFlow today announced the store release of EcoFlow DELTA. The new standard of portable power stations. Coming in two capacities (1.2kWh and 1kWh), the DELTA serves as a source of power for home backup, outdoor comforts and more. 

The power station combines innovative technologies to maximize capacity, charging speeds and charging methods into a package that makes a great addition to any home, or campsite. 

Never lose power again. 

DELTA has a huge capacity that keeps your home devices fully charged during power outages and emergencies. Whether you opt for the 1kWh or 1.2kWh model, you’ll be able to keep appliances going for hours on end, and even keep multiple devices powered. 

The world’s fastest charging power stations.

EcoFlow has the world’s fastest charging power stations. Utilizing EcoFlow’s proprietary X-Stream technology, DELTA charges from 0-80% in under an hour from your wall outlet. That’s faster than any other solar generator on the market, meaning less waiting and more hitting the outdoors. 

Keep all your devices powered.

With six 1800W AC outlets, DELTA lets you power essential devices when you’re at home. Your fridge, microwave and other appliances can now all be used during a blackout. The 1800W output is even enough to power heavy-duty tools for when you’re working outdoors. DELTA also sports DC outlets and USB ports, with all that you can power up to 13 devices at the same time.

Stay charged in all situations.

DELTA has three ways to charge, via the wall as aforementioned, via solar panels or even via your car outlet for when you’re on the road. That means you can stay charged no matter where you go. EcoFlow even has their own range of portable solar panels designed for their power stations.


Both the 1.2kWh and the 1kWh EcoFlow DELTA models are available today from 


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