How Many Watts Does a Leaf Blower Use?

If you’ve ever cleared your yard with a leaf blower, you know the satisfying feeling of watching debris scatter from the machine’s powerful air. But have you wondered how much electricity it guzzles down in the process? Here’s how to understand the wattage of your leaf blower so you can ensure you have what you need to power it.

How Much Wattage Does a Leaf Blower Use?

Leaf blowers come in various shapes and sizes, from electric ones tethered to a long extension cord or powered by a charged battery to petrol-powered options that give you the freedom to roam your property. For electric leaf blowers, the wattage can range from a modest ~500W to a more robust 1,500W, depending on the size and use.

How To Calculate Leaf Blower Power Consumption

Calculating the wattage of your leaf blower is a simple process, provided you have a few critical pieces of information, including volts and amps.

First, you need to know the voltage, as the power output from the blower is voltage multiplied by the current (in amps). Then, multiply the voltage by the amperes (current) the blower uses to find watts. Most standard leaf blowers in the US operate at a 120-volt line, which means the formula for electrical consumption is:

Watts = Volts x Amps

For example, a leaf blower drawing 7 amps at 120 volts uses 840 watts.

It’s worth noting that the actual consumption may vary due to factors such as motor efficiency and any additional features that can draw extra power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Amps Does a Leaf Blower Draw?

Amps measure the flow of electrical current. You may find that your model requires anywhere from 4 amps (for light, corded models) up to 12 amps (for heavy-duty cord-free options), with an average range of about 7-12 amps. The more powerful the leaf blower is, the more amps you can expect it to draw to get the job done.

Final Thoughts

You’ll want to know the wattage of your leaf blower if you’re keeping an eye on your energy usage or planning to use it off-grid. Something like an EcoFlow DELTA Series Portable Power Station, such as the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, is an excellent alternate power source. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro provides up to 3200W of output, satisfying just about any leaf blower, from the small to the mighty.

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