EcoFlow Power Kits: Your Questions Answered

What are EcoFlow Power Kits?

EcoFlow Power Kits are off-grid solar systems that can keep you powered in your motorhome, shed, or anywhere you don’t have access to the grid. What makes them unique is that they’re simple, smart, and compact when compared to other systems on the market.

Ecoflow power kits top questions

What bundle choices are there?

The EcoFlow Power Kits come in 3 different basic kit offerings. The Get Set Kit, the Prepared Kit, and the Independence Kit. Each expands upon the last in terms of how substantial you need your off-grid power system to be. They all allow you to customise your battery capacity too, offering 2kWh, 4kWh, 5kWh, 10kWh, and 15kWh options for each Kit. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included:

LFP BatteriesPower HubAC/DC Smart Distribution PanelPower Kit Console Smart Generator
Get Set Kit
Prepared Kit
Independence Kit

If none of the three bundle options fit your exact needs, you can also go through our custom calculator to design a system for you in minutes.

What’s the difference between each component?

Check out our deep dive post here for a breakdown of each component and what each one does.

Are solar panels included in the kits?

Solar panels are bought separately. That’s because each person’s unique setup will have its own requirements for solar panels. In short, that could come down to: Space, cost, and solar input needed for charging.

We’ve written a definitive guide to portable solar panels here. That might help your decision-making!

What is the expected lifespan of the LFP batteries?

Power Kits LFP Batteries are designed to last for extended use in your motorhome with an off-grid build. Up to 4x longer than other battery chemistries such as NCM. To put a number to it, you can expect around 3000 cycles (each cycle is a full charge and discharge) to 80% capacity. They’ll still work just fine after 3000 cycles. You’ll just have 80% of the capacity you had when they were brand-new.

What’s the maximum charging input for Power Kits?

You can charge your system with a max input of 6000W. That’s assuming you combine multiple charging methods. If you just rely on one charging method, the input will vary depending on your setup. Here are the input figures for each method at your disposal:

Solar panels – up to 4800W

Your motorhome’s alternator – up to 1000W

Shore power – up to 2000W

EcoFlow’s Smart Generator – up to 1800W

How much electricity can Power Kits provide?

It depends on your chosen setup. You can select up to three LFP Batteries to connect with the EcoFlow Power Hub. Either 1-3 2kWh batteries or 1-3 5kWh batteries. However, you cannot mix 2 and 5 kWh batteries in one setup.

5kWh Stackable LFP Batteries with Mounting Brackets

Can I use the LFP batteries in a cold environment?

Yes. We designed Power Kits to operate in Tiny Homes or motorhomes in cold environments too. With built-in auto-heating, you can use the batteries safely in temperatures as low as -4°F. You can also use the EcoFlow App to turn on auto-heating while discharging the battery.

How fast do Power Kits charge?

That depends on how many batteries you’ve got and how much input you generate. Let’s take the largest setup as an example. With three 5kWh batteries (15kWh total), and you generate a maximum of 6000W input, you’ll charge to full in 2.5hrs. The calculation is 15,000Wh/6000W to reach 2.5hrs.

In reality, your input will vary due to different lighting conditions hitting your panels, among other things. You can calculate your total capacity, then divide it by your estimated input to get a rough idea of charge times.

Do Power Kits support third-party solar panels?

Absolutely. If you’ve got your own panels, they may be compatible with EcoFlow Power Kits. There’s one caveat, though – each solar input port on the Power Hub only supports up to 150V, 30A panels. So double check your panels fall on or under that.

Are Power Kits compatible with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel?

Good news for you here. Yes. You can use the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel to increase supported capacity to a massive 30kWh, and increase solar input to 9.6kW. Ideal for larger off-grid setups where you’ll need days of renewable energy. Learn more on the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel here.

Can I use my own batteries with Power Kits?

Unfortunately not. We designed Power Kits from the ground up to communicate and operate seamlessly with EcoFlow’s own Power Kits LFP battery range to store energy. When it comes to input options, the system is much more flexible.

Can I use my own generator?

Yes, you can. Just plug yours into the outlet designed for shore power AC input. It will charge your batteries when you’re out of other – more renewable – options.

Where can I learn more about EcoFlow Power Kits?

Feel free to read our deep dive blog post for more info and get to know Power Kits intimately. Perhaps even enough to have one in your own off-grid home. We’ve also created a tutorial video series for you to see how each component fits together. With those, you’ll have all you need to get started.

Kris Haagensen
Kris Haagensen
Born and raised in the UK, Kris is a 4.0 International Business grad from Sheffield Business School. After working in the tech industry for half a decade in Shenzhen, China, he's now Lead Copywriter at EcoFlow. Kris is a renewable power enthusiast & uses solar generators to run his DJ gear in exotic locations.


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