6 Best Power Options for Tiny Houses

Homeownership has long been considered a quintessential part of stable family life. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly inaccessible to ordinary people by the day. A tiny house may be just the thing for those looking to get their foot in the door to owning their own home.

Tiny houses are highly customisable, meaning you can fit your design to match your budget. And disconnecting from the traditional energy grid gives you more autonomy over your expenses, power sources, and more! 

That said, you may not want to give up electricity entirely to go off-grid. Luckily, you don’t have to when you invest in a power solution for tiny houses. 

Here are six top energy options to power life in your tiny home.

Choose Your EcoFlow Power Kit

With EcoFlow, the options are endless. So many customisable components allow you to mix and match to create your unique solar power system to fit your tiny home. Whether stationary or on the move, and no matter your energy demand, EcoFlow Power Kits offer the ideal equipment you need to power your lifestyle.  

Get Set Kit

The “Get Set” EcoFlow kit is a great starter kit that provides you with everything you need to get up and running while allowing for room to build over time. The Get Set kits include the essential Power Hub and stackable LFP batteries. 

The Get Set kit is an all-inclusive introduction to solar power systems when paired with a solar panel. It allows you to capture and store energy simply, making it a great place to start if you’re new to off-grid power!

Prepared Kit

Want to level up a bit? Check out the Prepared Kit from EcoFlow. These kits build on the Get Set kit by adding EcoFlow’s Smart Distribution Panel to the mix. You’ll still get the Power Hub and your choice of batteries. 

The Smart Distribution Panel allows you to customise and monitor your power usage. Simply connect your appliances and get going! This unit is compatible with all EcoFlow solar panels.

Independence Kit

The Independence Kit is perfect for anyone ready to dive into the deep end of off-grid living. 

This all-inclusive solar power solution gives you complete autonomy over your tiny home’s energy. 

This kit offers some of EcoFlow’s best tech, including a Power Hub, your choice of batteries, and the Smart Distribution Panel. Additionally, you’ll get the Power Kit Console, which makes it effortless to control your system. EcoFlow’s Smart Generator will get you through any emergency power situation. 

Pair this kit with any of EcoFlow’s solar panels for a highly advanced yet easy-to-operate top-to-bottom system. With the Independence Kit, you’re totally in charge. 

Choose Your Solar Panels

Traditional real estate costs have soared in the last few years, and mortgage rates continue to rise. On top of that, skyrocketing utility rates make traditional homeownership an unrealistic dream for many.

With a tiny house, you can cut costs while still enjoying the freedom of owning and living in your own space. With solar power, you can cut those costs even more.

While not the only consideration, choosing the right solar panel can make or break your off-grid energy system. No two tiny homes are the same, so why would the solar panels you use be cookie cutter? 

Here are some of EcoFlow’s tiny home-compatible panels that you can mix and match to build an energy solution that is uniquely yours.


EcoFlow’s Rigid Solar Panels are best for mounting in a specific place and staying there long-term. This style is a great tiny home solution if your home is in a fixed location. It’s best if you aren’t planning to undertake any significant structural renovations soon.

Pre-drilled holes make installation incredibly simple. You can mount the solar panel on your tiny home’s roof or walls without worrying about damaging the panel. 

The sleek design adds an attractive element to your home without sacrificing durability or weather resistance. Plus, this panel is dense to maximise solar output. 


Flexible Solar Panels are best suited for homes on the go. You can set them up in various positions with no problems since they are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. 

These panels are designed for flexibility — literally and figuratively — bending to fit even on curved surfaces. It’s a great space-saving solution for tiny-home dwellers.

Plus, with industry-leading water-resistant technology, these panels are crafted to go the long haul, no matter where your journey may lead.


Portable Solar Panels are great for those who want freedom over where they harvest their power. These panels sit safely in a self-supporting protective case, allowing you to station them anywhere without fear of damage. 

Lightweight and foldable, these panels are easy to store in small spaces and set up when needed. They are an excellent choice for the tiniest of tiny homes or those who like to keep their tiny house mobile.

Choose Your Battery Stack

Another critical consideration when choosing the best solar power option for your tiny home is how much power you’ll need—the greater your energy demands, the more capacity you should have for storage in your battery stacks. 

With EcoFlow Power Kits, you can choose between either 2kWh LFP batteries or 5kWh LFP batteries. Fully stackable for convenience, you can use up to three of either type to build your perfect power storage system.

Unlike many competitors, EcoFlow builds a BMS (battery management system) directly into the battery. The system regulates the voltage and current of your batteries to ensure they operate consistently and safely. It can even automatically regulate internal temperature, meaning your battery stacks can warm themselves in colder environments for optimal functionality.  

You can mix and match up to a whopping 15kWh of power with multiple and stackable battery options. 

Need help figuring out how much storage capacity you need?  

EcoFlow makes it easy with this helpful guide


The residential solar market continues to expand, but they often leave tiny homes and those living entirely off-grid out of that calculation. Every conversion to solar makes a difference in the fight against climate catastrophe, whether quantified or not. 

With EcoFlow’s incredible Power Kits, you too can support the environment and customise your power no matter where your tiny home takes root. Sustainable living is only a few clicks away. 

Get started today!

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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