10 Top Camping Locations in Victoria for 2024

Embark on a journey through Victoria’s natural wonders in 2024. From the rugged coastlines of the Great Ocean Road to the serene forests of the Grampians, Victoria offers a diverse array of camping experiences. 

Whether you’re a seasoned camper seeking adventure or a family looking for a peaceful retreat, these top 10 camping locations provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor escapades. Discover the beauty of Victoria’s landscapes, rich with wildlife, scenic trails, and breathtaking views, offering an unforgettable experience for all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

1. Johanna Beach Campground

Johanna Beach Campground, nestled within the Great Otway National Park, offers a serene beachside camping experience. Located 224 km from Melbourne, this pet-friendly site is perfect for those who prefer a natural setting with minimal amenities. 

The campground features 25 unpowered sites, making EcoFlow’s Portable Power Stations ideal for keeping your devices charged and enhancing your camping experience with reliable battery backup and optional solar charging. Ideal for tents, campervans, and camper trailers, Johanna Beach Campground is a gem for surfers and nature enthusiasts alike. With its close proximity to the iconic Great Ocean Road, it’s a must-visit for those exploring this scenic route.

2. Wye River Foreshore

Wye River Foreshore Campground, situated along the picturesque Great Ocean Road, offers a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Just 158 km from Melbourne, this campground provides a range of facilities, including BBQs, hot showers, and a general store, creating a comfortable glamping experience. 

Open from October to April, the campground is set against the stunning backdrop of Wye Beach, making it an idyllic location for various activities like swimming, fishing, and bushwalking. Though not pet-friendly, its splendid location and well-appointed amenities make it a sought-after destination for campers. Whether you’re looking to relax by the ocean or explore the Great Ocean Road, Wye River Foreshore is a prime choice.

3. Refuge Cove, Wilsons Promontory

Refuge Cove, located in Wilsons Promontory, offers a unique camping experience accessible only by a rewarding hike as part of the Southern Circuit. Situated 253 km from Melbourne, this hike-in campsite is perfect for those seeking a secluded retreat amidst nature. The cove, surrounded by lush bushland and stunning coastal views, provides a peaceful haven away from the hustle of everyday life. 

While facilities are minimal, with self-composting toilets, the lack of modern conveniences adds to the charm of this hidden gem. Refuge Cove is an ideal destination for adventurers and nature lovers looking to escape into the wilderness and enjoy Victoria’s breathtaking landscapes.

4. Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, Grampians National Park

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, nestled in the heart of Grampians National Park, 258 km from Melbourne, offers a luxurious camping experience with various facilities. This park caters to many preferences, from traditional camping to glamping in safari tents and cabins. 

For those travelling in RVs or vans, EcoFlow’s Power Kits offer modular off-grid electricity storage and generation solutions. The customisable options of an EcoFlow Power Kit guarantee your mobile abode is powered efficiently while you explore the Grampians. The park’s amenities, including a camp kitchen, BBQs, playground, pools, and a shop, ensure a comfortable stay. With stunning mountain views and modern conveniences, Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park is a top choice for a diverse camping experience.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia — Photo by Cassie Lafferty on Unsplash

5. Neds Gully Camping Area, Cathedral Range State Park

Neds Gully Camping Area, set within the Cathedral Range State Park and only 118 km from Melbourne, offers a classic bush camping experience. This walk-in campsite, easily accessible from your car, is ideal for campers who enjoy a more rustic and natural setting. With basic facilities like non-flush toilets and fireplaces, it’s perfect for those seeking an authentic outdoor adventure. 

The area is an excellent base for exploring the breathtaking Cathedral Ranges, with its challenging hike to Sugarloaf Peak and other less strenuous trails. Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply want to relax amidst the Australian bush, watching native wildlife like lyrebirds and koalas, Neds Gully provides a memorable camping experience.

6. Fraser Camping Area, Lake Eildon National Park

Fraser Camping Area in Lake Eildon National Park, located 160 km from Melbourne, is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. This tranquil lakeside camping destination offers a variety of sites, including Candlebark, Devil Cove, and Lakeside Campground, each with its unique charm. 

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7. Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory

Tidal River, nestled in Wilsons Promontory, stands out as a premier beach camping destination in Victoria. This site, 253 km from Melbourne, boasts modern amenities, including hot showers, dishwashing stations, and picnic spots with free gas barbecues. The allure of Tidal River extends to its surroundings, with the picturesque Norman Beach and the majestic Mount Oberon offering breathtaking views. 

It’s a place where nature’s beauty blends seamlessly with comfort. Activities here are diverse; from walking to Refuge Cove, a stunning spot where wildlife like dolphins and whales can be spotted, to exploring the Tolkien-esque landscapes, Tidal River offers a magical camping experience for families and adventurers alike.

8. Killarney Beach, Killarney

Killarney Beach, a mere 3-minute drive from the town of Killarney and 328 km from Melbourne, is a camping paradise, particularly for fishing enthusiasts. Known for its excellent whiting fishing, this campground combines the rustic charm of a rural setting with essential amenities for a comfortable stay. It’s an ideal spot for families, offering powered and unpowered sites, a playground, and being pet-friendly. 

The site’s proximity to the town means easy access to local delicacies like sausage rolls and meat pies from the bakery. Whether you’re surfing, fishing, or diving, Killarney Beach provides a picturesque and serene environment for a memorable camping trip, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia — Photo by Wee Ping Khoo on Unsplash

9. Newhaven Beach, Phillip Island

Newhaven Beach on Phillip Island, just a 2-minute drive from the town of Newhaven and 392 km from Melbourne, offers a dynamic camping experience. Phillip Island is renowned for its vibrant mix of dining, adventure, and wildlife. Newhaven Beach campsite is an ideal spot for those who prefer an active holiday. 

The area boasts walking trails, delightful cafes like Cafen Lugano, and restaurants such as Salt Water. The sunset penguin parade is a must-see, adding a unique touch to your stay. Whether you’re up for a boat tour, a helicopter ride, or just relaxing by the beach, Newhaven Beach provides a perfect blend of leisure and adventure, catering to children and adults.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia — Photo by Ante Rendulić on Unsplash

10. Blanket Bay, Cape Otway

Blanket Bay, situated in Cape Otway, 323 km from Melbourne, is a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts. This campsite is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, offering breathtaking views and a variety of outdoor activities. The Great Ocean Walk, accessible from here, allows campers to explore several beaches and scenic spots along the way. 

Blanket Bay is not just about hiking; it also offers opportunities for fishing, surfing, and exploring the beauty of Apollo Bay and its surroundings. With its abundance of walking trails and the chance to immerse oneself in nature, Blanket Bay is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful yet adventurous camping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Wild Camp in Victoria?

In Victoria, wild camping, also known as free or dispersed camping, is generally not permitted in national parks and reserves. Campers are required to use designated camping areas. However, some state forests and public land areas may allow wild camping. Always check local regulations and obtain necessary permits where applicable.


Final Thoughts

Victoria’s diverse landscapes offer many camping experiences, from beachside retreats to bushland adventures. Each location provides its unique charm, ensuring there’s something for every camper. While embracing Victoria’s natural beauty, remember the importance of sustainable and responsible camping. 

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