Power Outages

6 Reasons Why All Homeowners Should Have a Solar Power Generator

Preparing your home with emergency backup power is becoming more necessary. With natural disasters causing power outages more frequently and unreliable and aging systems causing blackouts, keeping a solar generator for home use is...

Blackouts in 2022: Let’s not repeat 2021

Jan 31st 2022:With snow storms whipping across the eastern coast of the US, blackouts are inbound for thousands of Americans. Read this article so you can prepare. February 2021 was a wake-up call for America’s...

10 Common Causes of Power Outages (and 2 Unusual Ones)

The last few years have seen a notable increase in electrical blackouts across the U.S. These power outages have a knock-on effect that doesn't just leave people without power, but can also affect access...

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