Fun Picnic: Tips and Ideas for a Perfect Day Out

Sunshine and warm weather are here, making it the perfect time of year to spend every second you can in the great outdoors. There are tons of activities to choose from, but today, we’re focussing on a simple yet enjoyable activity suited for all ages. 

Picnics have been around for hundreds of years and are an excellent activity to add to your summer bucket list. While there’s no right or wrong way to plan a picnic, we’re here to help ensure you plan an outing that you and your crew will remember for years to come. 

Follow these simple tips to plan the perfect picnic for your next day out.

What Are the Must-Have Essentials for a Picnic?

Food and Drinks

No picnic is complete without some great food and drinks to enjoy. Pack a little picnic basket or even bring along the EcoFlow Glacier Portable Refrigerator to ensure all of your perishable items stay fresh and ready to be enjoyed. 

You can make a full meal or even just bring along a few snacks; the choice is up to you, and the options are truly endless. Some easy choices include sandwiches and wraps, fruit and cheese trays, or pre-cooked hotdogs and hamburgers.

These are some ideas that are easy to prepare and require little to no cleanup at the end of the event.

Large Blanket or Mat

All great picnics are best enjoyed sitting on the ground. While some people may enjoy setting up in the grass, we recommend packing an oversized blanket for maximum comfort. This will provide a barrier between any bugs and dirt that may have otherwise made its way onto your person or food items. 

Paper Plates and Napkins

To keep the mess to a minimum, pack an adequate amount of paper plates and napkins for every party member. Depending on what type of food you choose to bring, you may need to plan on packing some additional utensils, though this is usually a good place to start.

If you want to get really fancy with your picnic plans, you can even pack some portable trays to set up around the blanket, making it feel more like you are enjoying a meal at the table.


There are some excellent sounds to be heard out in nature, but setting the tone for your picnic with a good playlist helps take it to the next level. Before you leave, take some time to sort through your music options and pick something that provides a healthy mix of peace and enjoyment for you to enjoy while you host your picnic. 

With the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series and EcoFlow RIVER 2, you can keep your speaker plugged in and powered up for hours on end to ensure the party keeps going as long as your picnic lasts.

Games or Entertainment

While it’s always great to fully disconnect and enjoy your time in nature, you may still want to bring some games or entertainment to lean on if your party is looking for something to do. Card games and board games are excellent in outdoor settings and are easy to pack along with your other picnic goodies. 

If your games require a power source, ensure EcoFlow Portable Power Stations are on your packing list. These devices are easy to transport and will ensure you can quickly hook up your games when you are ready to play. 

Kid-Friendly Picnics

1. Themed Picnics

    Choosing a theme for your kid-friendly picnic is a surefire way to guarantee your kids will have the best time. Bring along some festive decorations or even dress up for the occasion—there are endless themes to choose from and so many fun things to consider!

    Picnics are also great things to plan for your little one’s next birthday. These outdoor events are easy to customize and can be catered to large or small crowds no matter where you live. Local parks and fields are free and open to the public, making them an inexpensive yet enjoyable way to celebrate.

    2. Field Day

      Are you looking for some ways to get the kids up and moving while you sit back and enjoy the picnic? Planning a field-day picnic is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You can schedule some fun outdoor games to play as soon as you arrive and then sit down to enjoy a nice meal with your family as the sun goes down. 

      3. Arts & Crafts

        As much as every kid loves to spend some time getting their hands dirty doing arts and crafts, parents don’t always love the clean-up process. That’s why hosting an arts and crafts picnic is an excellent way to keep the kiddos entertained while also keeping the inside of your house untouched by the mess. 

        Romantic Picnics

        1. Waterside 

          Nothing spells romance quite like setting up a picnic on the beach or lake. It’s a simple way to set a special tone for the evening and enjoy your favorite person’s company. 

          2. Sunset Views

            Sitting down and watching the sun go down helps to set the tone for a romantic evening. Find a local spot with a great scenic view and enjoy the golden hour.

            3. Happy Hour

              Before you head to dinner on your next date night, why not schedule a picnic happy hour? Make some fun cocktails, sit out on a blanket with your loved one, and chat about the date ahead.

              Adult’s Only Picnic

              1. Brunch 

                Brunch with your closest friends is always a great time. Invite the whole crew and find a local park to bring some coffee and pastries for a great way to start the morning. 

                2. Bring Your Own Board

                  Charcuterie boards are becoming increasingly popular and are easy to bring along on your next picnic. Chat with your friends beforehand, and have everyone plan a food or drink board to bring along and share.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  How to Make a Picnic More Fun?

                  An easy way to make a picnic more fun is to bring along some games or activities. Card games and board games are easy to transport and make great additions to any outdoor gathering. 

                  How to Do a Cute Picnic?

                  Hosting a cute picnic requires a bit of extra planning. Spending extra time on the details and decorations is an easy way to make your picnic more aesthetic and cute. Pair some cute plates, napkins, and cups with a decorative blanket to help set the theme.

                  How Do You Entertain Kids at a Picnic?

                  Entertaining little ones at a picnic is easy if you come prepared. Make sure to pack some fun activities that are appropriate for their age. Finger painting, board games, and yard games are excellent additions that are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours on end. 

                  Final Thoughts

                  Whether you’re catering for kids or you’re significant other, a picnic is a great way to spend a summer day. Picnics are fun and easy to plan, especially with this helpful list of tips. Enjoy the warm weather and get started on planning your perfect day out with these pointers to guide you.

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