EcoFlow Rolls Out the Smart Home Ecosystem to Address Broader Power Needs

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, 2021 — EcoFlow, a portable power and renewable energy solutions company, today launches the much-awaited EcoFlow Smart Home Ecosystem, a mobile power source consisting of the DELTA Pro Portable Power Station, and a full suite of accessories that empower it. The self-sustaining and integrated ecosystem provides the perfect energy solution for home backup, off-grid living, and RV living.

In July 2021, EcoFlow first revealed the Smart Home Ecosystem via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The ecosystem went on to break Kickstarter’s record for the most funded tech project before being named as one of TIME’s 100 best inventions of 2021. Now, after much public anticipation, the EcoFlow Smart Home Ecosystem is finally being introduced to the mass market.

“A perfect energy solution must go beyond a portable power station by effectively addressing the power needs of a generation,” said Thomas Chan, R&D Director at EcoFlow. “The EcoFlow Smart Home Ecosystem is the first to address these and will transform the way individuals and households access energy.”


With an input of 400W and a conversion efficiency of 22.4%, the EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel only weighs 12.5 kg and is fully functional under all weather conditions. Connect as many as three 400W Solar Panels to a DELTA Pro to achieve a 1200W input, which can fully charge the DELTA Pro in four to eight hours.

As the first consumer-grade solar tracker, the EcoFlow Solar Tracker tracks and follows the sun throughout the day. Place a 400W Solar Panel on it, and the Solar Tracker will automatically adjust the solar panel to the perpendicular position of the sun, improving solar generation by 30%.

The EV X-Stream Adapter enables the DELTA Pro to be charged by any of the 35,000 level 2 AC EV charging stations across the US, making the DELTA Pro the first portable power station that supports electric vehicle charging. With a 3000W input, the DELTA Pro can be fully charged by EV charging in 1.8 hours.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator serves as a last-standing power supply to the Smart Home Ecosystem during disasters or extended blackouts. Compared to traditional gas generators, the EcoFlow Smart Generator offers better fuel efficiency and less energy loss when charging the DELTA Pro.


With a 3.6kWh, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the world’s first portable home battery with an expandable capacity of up to 25kWh, which is enough to meet an average family’s emergency power usage for about one week.

Each DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery has the same capacity as a DELTA Pro Portable Power Station. Connect up to two Smart Extra Batteries to one DELTA Pro unit to achieve a 10.8kWh capacity.


The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is the heart of the Smart Home Ecosystem. It integrates up to two DELTA Pro units with 10 home circuits. With a less-than 20ms switchover time, the Smart Home Panel allows the ecosystem to kick in immediately when the power goes out.

The EcoFlow Double Voltage Hub allows two DELTA Pro units to be connected and output a gigantic 7,200W, which is enough power for almost all heavy-duty appliances including electric heaters and dryers.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Remote Control is the first remote control for a portable power station. The display shows exactly the same information on the DELTA Pro’s screen including the remaining battery time, input, output, etc. Connected to the DELTA Pro via Bluetooth or wire, the remote control makes it easy for users to switch on/off the AC, DC outlets, or the entire unit.


The EcoFlow Smart Home Ecosystem, with the exception of the Smart Home Panel, is now available on EcoFlow’s website and Amazon. The availability of the Smart Home Panel will be announced later this year.

SOURCE EcoFlow Technology Inc

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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