Kris Haagensen

Born and raised in the UK, Kris is a 4.0 International Business grad from Sheffield Business School. After working in the tech industry for half a decade in Shenzhen, China, he's now Lead Copywriter at EcoFlow. Kris is a renewable power enthusiast & uses solar generators to run his DJ gear in exotic locations.



EcoFlow Smart Home Panel: How It Works & How It Saves You Money

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel allows you to integrate battery power with your home circuits, powering your wall outlets, lighting, and other fixtures. Now, you can have smart app controls for your energy consumption,...

Portable Solar Panels: 5 Things To Consider Before You Buy

Portable solar panels are one of the cleanest, most cost-effective ways to keep your devices powered. Paired with solar generators, they can store energy for later use. Ideal for camping, road-trips, van life, or even...

EcoFlow Smart Generator – Your Questions Answered

The EcoFlow Smart Generator delivers a backup for your backup. It's an extra layer of safety for your home battery power supply. Use it to charge up your EcoFlow DELTA Pro, DELTA Max, or even to power...

What Is a Solar Generator?

This article serves as a starting point to get in the know regarding “solar generators”. What is a solar generator? Do they actually work? What do I need to know before I buy one?...

Solar Panels for Camping: A Guide Before You Buy

Camping is a whole lot comfier than it used to be. Today, you can take home comforts with you. All you need is a portable power station and a solar panel. In this blog...

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