Christiana Eaton

Hailing from the UK and currently traveling the world, Christiana is a seasoned freelance copywriter for EcoFlow with a keen interest in renewable energy and solar power.



Solar Panels for RVs – Everything you Need to Know

It’s an exciting time for the development of solar energy technology. Compared to their bulkier counterparts, modern solar panels for RVs are designed to be more compact and smarter. As a result, solar panels...

Blackout vs. Brownout: How Can You Prepare for Both?

Blackouts and brownouts are on the rise. There it's crucial to learn the difference and know what to do in a blackout vs brownout. Year on year our dependence on electricity has been on...

What are Microgrids and can they Empower our Future?

A microgrid is a power grid on a small scale that can power up surrounding buildings in a neighborhood or community. Microgrids are not a new invention, and with the help of new technology and...

How much energy does an average house use?

Bills, bills, electricity bills. Each month we all dread receiving them. You may know how much you’re spending - but are you aware of how much energy you’re consuming daily or monthly? Or the...

Can undergrounding curb the blackout problem in the U.S.?

Undergrounding - or underground power lines - can offer a solution to protecting cables from weather damage, vegetation, and acrobatic animal interactions. Some regions in the U.S. have undergrounding utilities installed, while the rest are...

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