Does a Solar Powered Generator Use Renewable Energy?

To put a swift stop to the ever-mounting climate crisis, we need to turn to renewable power sources — and fast. Solar-powered generators are a great place to start. 

While these devices have been around for quite some time, few people understand their capabilities. They supply power, yes, but the critical concern is where they use renewable energy that doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Here, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of harnessing renewable energy and how solar-powered generators work so you can be a part of the solution. 

Do Solar Powered Generators Use Renewable Energy?

In short—yes! The sun’s power harnessed through generators is 100% renewable. Sunshine is a gift that keeps giving, and solar generators rely solely on that energy source. 

Solar generators operate with two key elements: the panels that harness the energy and the battery that can store that power for future use. Both components are essential for a generator to produce a reliable, sustainable power source.

The way generators harness the sun’s energy is relatively straightforward. First, solar panels capture rays of sunshine and turn them into electricity. Then, the generator stores the electricity in the battery, ready to use for charging your devices. Many generators, like those from EcoFlow, come with different storage capacities, so you can find one that meets your unique power needs. 

Traditional generators use fossil fuels, which rely on continual mining, fracking, and drilling to sustain the massive amount of power our society needs. In contrast, solar-powered generators simply harness the sun’s energy to charge your daily life!

Is Solar Power a Renewable Energy Source?

We know that the sun provides a renewable energy source because it continues to light up our world daily, without fail. But what is it that makes solar energy a renewable power source?

If you think about it, life on Earth has been capturing the sun’s energy and using it as fuel for millions of years. It is energy from the sun that allows plants to photosynthesise and grow, which—in turn—feeds all earthly creatures. Our whole way of life and existence on this planet is thanks to the incredible power of the sun’s renewable resources.

The sun is a star. Like any star, the sun is a giant fusion reaction. It means that two nuclei merge to form one heavier nucleus. This process releases energy in the form of light and heat! We experience that light and heat here on earth as sunshine. This process is the same basic principle used to develop nuclear power here on Earth. But rest assured, solar generators don’t use nuclear energy. 

So as long as that fusion reaction continues in the sun, light and heat energy will continue to develop and radiate down to earth. The endless supply is why the sun is considered a renewable energy source and why capturing that energy with generators can lead to a more sustainable energy system here on Earth. 

Why Is Solar Energy the Best Renewable Resource?

How does solar stack up against other renewable resources? Let’s look at what makes this resource the best of the bunch as we build a sustainable future.

It’s Affordable

Renewable technologies are cheaper than fossil fuels, even without financial subsidies. Wind and solar are typically the most affordable when you look at the primary renewable technology. 

In 2018, the cost of Concentrated Solar Power fell by a whopping 26%, far surpassing the decline in the cost of wind and hydro tech.

It’s Safe

Not all renewable technology is without risk. For instance, nuclear power poses massive dangers if not carefully controlled, maintained, and stored. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2011 is a prime example. A tsunami and earthquake damaged the cooling system of the nuclear generators, which led to the release of radioactive materials and deadly explosions. 

As the probability of natural disasters grows with the climate crisis, we simply cannot take these risks. Solar power is a safer renewable power option.

It’s Low-Maintenance  

Installation of solar power systems has been simplified and refined with time, making it an accessible technology. Once set up, these systems require very little upkeep and can last decades. 

How Is Solar Energy Being Used as a Renewable Energy Source?

Renewable energy is a crucial element around the globe to lower greenhouse gas emissions and provide sustainable energy solutions for communities, large and small. Governments and companies are deploying solar tech on a massive scale, the leading countries being China, the US, and Japan. 

China and the US are also leading emitters of greenhouse gases. Their nationwide transition to renewable sources is essential to limiting atmospheric warming and reducing dependence on dirty, nonrenewable fossil fuels.

Many governments are offering incentives to corporations and individuals to expedite the transition and promote the use of renewable energy. For example, the US government is offering substantial tax credits to families who install residential solar panels. Additionally, many individual states are offering discounts, tax breaks, and rebates to citizens and businesses. 

If the global community is going to switch to renewable energy sources that Earth’s planetary boundaries demand, offering these incentives and making solar energy accessible must be a priority.

But renewable energy isn’t only being instated on a massive, country-wide scale. New technology continues to develop that makes solar an easy, affordable option for the daily power needs of the average human. Advancements in photovoltaic (PV) technology have led to solar-capture devices everywhere you look! 

PV tech allows for the small-scale application of solar power at an individual level. We can now harness the sun’s energy with incredible inventions like PV fabric and paint. Thanks to this innovation, we can embed solar power capture into standard components of daily life and directly use it to power our lives. 


Solar power generators harness the remarkable, renewable power of the sun to power our lives safely, effectively, and affordably. If you’re ready to switch to a more renewable and sustainable solution, EcoFlow is the perfect place to start. With the River 2 solar generators and DELTA solar generators, our intuitive, beautifully designed devices make adding renewable solar energy to your life a no-brainer.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.


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