Best Portable Power Stations For CPAP in 2022 Reviewed


A CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the most common treatment for sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea causes interruptions or pauses in breathing due to a temporary blockage or obstruction in the throat.

A CPAP machine sends a steady flow of pressurised air. It helps people with sleep apnoea breathe easier, in addition to lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke, diabetes, and headaches.

The only downside to a CPAP machine is that it relies on a constant power source throughout the night to deliver continuous airflow to the sleeping person. Frequent power outages or living off the grid make it challenging to receive a reliable air supply.

This is where a portable power station (PPS) comes in, so you can have backup power when you need it most. Find the best portable power stations for CPAP machines in 2022 to ensure a restful and healthy night’s sleep. 

5 Best CPAP Portable Power Stations

1. EcoFlow River Max

Combine power and portability for any outdoor location or long trip off-grid with the EcoFlow River Max. This portable power station has a modular design, with a detachable battery that you can remove when necessary but always ensures you have extra power when needed.

The River Max boasts rapid charging, and it can reach 80% full charge within an hour using a regular wall outlet and a full charge after 1.6 hours. Fast charging means peaceful sleep, knowing you have power in a flash, whatever the location or conditions.

The River Max is not just for a CPAP machine but can also power ten devices simultaneously with a carport, USB-C, USB-A slots, and AC/DC outlets. This portable power station can also handle thirsty appliances up to 1800W.


  • Capacity: 576Wh
  • AC Output: 600W
  • Weight: 17.6 pounds (8 kg) 
  • Outlets: 10
  • Charging time: 60 minutes to charge to 80%, 1.6 hours to fully charge using a regular wall outlet
  • App: Supported


  • Customisable capacity and portability– 2 x 288Wh batteries with a detachable battery option on the bottom lets you balance capacity and portability 
  • Versatile – 10 outlets handle almost all household appliances in addition to CPAP machines
  • Powerful – Runs heavyweight household appliances up to 1800W 


  • Not suitable for extended outages – There are bigger portable power stations that offer a longer run time for extended power outages or situations where recharging is difficult.

2. EcoFlow River Pro

The EcoFlow River Pro is for users who need peace of mind either for extended power outages at home or who often live off the grid. Compact and truly lightweight, this unit weighs only 16.8 pounds (7.6kg) and, for power/size ratio, is one of the best portable power supply options on the market. 

The River Pro offers a reliable backup solution for CPAP thanks to its higher capacity. It can run your CPAP for up to 12 hours continuously.

This PPS also delivers the fastest recharge of any portable power station, thanks to the patented X-Stream technology. A full charge takes just 1.6 hours. Delivering higher output with X-Boost, the River Pro can power up to 80% of devices and appliances up to 1800W, so it can run your CPAP and then some.

Adding a River Pro Extra Battery will double the capacity, making this a robust PPS solution for long periods off-grid or extended outages. It’s a reliable backup even when you need to power several devices. A variety of outlets supports almost every type of appliance, offering a versatile power solution for all kinds of situations.


  • Capacity: 1400Wh
  • AC Output: 600W
  • Weight: 16.8 pounds (7.6 kg)
  • Outlets: 10
  • Charging time: 60 minutes to reach an 80% charge
  • App: Supported


  • Solid CPAP power backup  – The River Pro is the most robust solution in the River series, running your CPAP machine for 12 consecutive hours
  • Lightweight – Weighs only 16.8 pounds (7.6kg), making it super portable
  • X-Stream technology – Offers a full charge in 1.6 hours, the fastest of its kind
  • Impressive output – X-Boost power runs devices up to 1800W; that’s most household devices and appliances with significant run times


  • No Uninterrupted Power Supply – A 30-millisecond lapse from the grid to battery power could disrupt the CPAP machine’s usage, although it’s highly unlikely to be noticeable

3. EcoFlow DELTA Mini

Don’t let the name fool you—the EcoFlow DELTA Mini offers mighty capacity in a compact solution. It’s the perfect go-to portable power station for CPAP to use at home or when you are away on a business trip or vacation. 

This compact portable power station has a comprehensive selection of wall-style, USB, and DC outlets. It can power other devices and appliances and a CPAP machine simultaneously.

X-Stream technology means the DELTA Mini charges in just over 1.5 hours — up to four times faster than other portable power stations. Even in bad weather, when the power supply is intermittent, you can know you recharge quickly and sleep easy.


  • Capacity: 882Wh
  • AC Output: 1400W
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds (10.7 kg)
  • Outlets:12
  • Charging time: 0-80% in 1 hour
  • App: Supported


  • Super lightweight – Highly portable at only 23.6 pounds (10.7kg), making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Variety of outlets – Different styles of outlets make this portable power station suitable for many appliances and devices besides CPAP machine use
  • Hybrid charging – Designed to use a wall outlet or a 12V car adapter for outdoor camping trips


  • Not optimised for CPAP use – This PPS has less capacity than the River Pro but weighs more, meaning it may not be the ideal solution for every CPAP user

4. EcoFlow DELTA

For exceptional performance and output, the EcoFlow DELTA can power your CPAP and around 12 other devices simultaneously. It’s a reliable energy source in an off-grid location or during an emergency outage.

Impressive power delivery means it’s not going to be a choice between the CPAP machine, the television, or the fridge—you can run it all. The DELTA easily powers your CPAP machine for 21 hours, a fridge for six hours, or television for eight hours.

The unique EcoFlow technology means that this portable power station can charge from 0%-80% within one hour, faster than any other battery PPS on the market, for complete peace of mind.  


  • Capacity: 1260Wh
  • AC Output: 1800W
  • Weight: 30.9 pounds (14 kg)
  • Outlets: 13
  • Charging time: 0%-80% within 1 hour
  • App: Not supported


  • Ideal CPAP backup PPS  – With 21 hours of continuous power, the DELTA is your go-to solution in an extended outage
  • Fast charging – 80% of a full charge within an hour
  • Multi-device functionality – Powers 13 devices simultaneously
  • Supports heavy-duty appliances – For home use in an outage or off-grid situation, the DELTA powers greedy appliances like fridges


  • No app control – No remote control or status monitoring

5. EcoFlow DELTA Max 

The EcoFlow DELTA Max is a high-powered PPS fit for any situation and location. If you thought the DELTA was impressive, its beefed-up cousin, the DELTA Max, is even more so.

You can run your CPAP machine for 34 hours with the DELTA Max. Even in an extended power outage that lasts over a day, you can rest easy knowing your machine has the power it needs. 

The DELTA Max offers dual charging speeds up to 3600W and can reach 80% charge in one hour from a wall outlet.

If that wasn’t enough, the DELTA Max also has expandable capacity. Crank up your capacity to an impressive 6kWh with an additional DELTA Max Smart Battery, and keep your home and your CPAP machine running efficiently in any emergency. 


  • Capacity: 2016Wh-6048Wh
  • AC Output: 2400W
  • Weight: 48 pounds (22 kg)
  • Outlets: 15
  • Charging time: 1.8 hours with a standard wall outlet
  • App: Supported


  • Impressive output – X Boost technology will support a CPAP machine and the rest of the household in an outage
  • Simple power boost – Smart batteries expand capacity for a whole-home backup solution
  • Real-time energy tracking  – Monitor your energy use, charging rate, and more all in one easy-to-use app


  • Not lightweight – This unit is heavy and more for stationary use in the home, rather than moving from room to room

What to Look For When Buying Portable Power Stations for CPAP

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the most critical factor when buying a PPS for a CPAP machine. The capacity of any PPS relates to how much energy it can store, which determines how long it can supply backup power. 

Battery capacity goes hand-in-hand with your CPAP machine’s wattage usage. You need to know how many watts your CPAP machine uses to purchase an appropriate PPS.

Most CPAP machines require between 30-60 Watts. Your machine’s specific power intake should be listed on the device, in the manual, or readily available online. The energy use calculation will often be in ampere-hours, so you may need to convert it into watt-hours.

The calculation is simple: Amps x Volts = Watts.

Once you know the watt usage of your CPAP, you can multiply that by the number of hours you’ll be asleep.

For example, suppose you have a 60 Watt machine and want to sleep eight hours. You’ll multiply 60W x 8 hours = 480 watt-hours. 

The 480Wh is the minimum capacity you need to look for in a PPS. All the PPS units reviewed here have more than enough capacity to run your CPAP machine. 

Multi-Device Functionality

Remember that you may also want to run other appliances or devices from the power station in addition to your CPAP machine, particularly in the event of a power outage or if you are living off-grid.

The best solution here is to look for higher capacity PPS units that offer multi-device functionality if you intend to hook up multiple appliances and devices. 


A compact and lightweight PPS will be easy to move around to different rooms in your home.

Portability is paramount if the CPAP machine is necessary for someone with additional health problems. They may sleep during the day and not have a settled night-time routine.

Portability also makes it easy to take the PPS with you when you travel, giving complete peace of mind that the CPAP machine will have an uninterrupted operation regardless of location.

Charging Options

Choose a portable power station with the widest range of power sources so you can charge from a wall outlet or even use the traditional DC car port for off-grid vacations. 

Hybrid charging ensures you are never left vulnerable. Regardless of location, you should always be able to recharge your portable power station ready for use.

With EcoFlow PPS units, you can also take advantage of solar charging. Simply attach solar panels (sold separately), and you can transform your PPS into a portable solar generator. Or, save yourself money and purchase a PPS + solar panel bundle with the EcoFlow solar generators.


You can add additional battery packs to expand the capacity. Expandable capacity gives you the best of both worlds: a compact and portable unit for regular use and the peace of mind that you have a fully charged additional battery ready if and when you need it.

EcoFlow Smart Batteries

EcoFlow smart batteries let you double your runtime. With the EcoFlow DELTA Max Smart Battery, you can boost your capacity and obtain additional portable power. Add up to two extra batteries to your DELTA Max and achieve a whopping 6048Wh capacity!

Plus, with EcoFlow’s smart home design, you can integrate the extra battery with your home wiring system and enhance your emergency power solutions. Now that’s a powerful solution that lets you breathe a sigh of relief. 

Why Do You Need a Portable Power Station for a CPAP Machine?

A CPAP machine is the most commonly prescribed device for sleep apnoea, which currently affects around 1.5 million British adults.

Sleep apnoea’s negative impact on health is well documented, and a reliable power supply is vital to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation. 

CPAP machines also support oxygen levels in hospital patients with respiratory problems. CPAP machines used after admission can help keep patients oxygenated at a level where a ventilator would not be necessary. 

A portable power station offers peace of mind to protect against many factors, including power outages, defunct outlets or faulty wiring, failing infrastructure, and lack of power access in remote locations. 

Power Outages

Even in locations with a good power supply, severe weather events can cause grid outages. And due to climate change, severe and disruptive weather is becoming more and more frequent.

Climate Central reports that weather-related outages will only increase as the world’s weather pattern becomes more unpredictable and prone to extreme events.

Even when blackouts aren’t the issue, other problems like faulty wiring or broken outlets in the bedroom can prevent a reliable power supply. 

Thankfully, with robust solutions like the EcoFlow DELTA Max, you can supply reliable energy no matter the weather or the condition of your home wiring.

Ageing Power Network

It’s a perfect storm — the weather is getting worse just as our country’s ageing power infrastructure is starting to break down.

Old equipment, lack of investment, and increasing demand do not put the grid in a solid position to withstand new energy challenges. Power outages are becoming more frequent, and local and provincial governments are struggling to meet the demand. A PPS helps protect against energy uncertainty.

Off-Grid Living

More and more people are choosing to spend longer periods off-grid. It might involve extended vacations in remote locations, an RV lifestyle, or just opting to deliver your energy needs in a greener, more sustainable way.

No matter the reason, off-grid living presents its challenges, particularly when it comes to energy. But the portable PPS solutions reviewed here let you take power on the go. 


Anyone who uses a CPAP machine or has a family member who relies on one will understand its crucial importance in the home.

Peaceful and undisturbed sleep is essential for good health and daily function. The reverse — disrupted sleep and difficulty breathing — can make every day impossible.

CPAP machines are essential medical devices for many people, and a portable power station will always ensure you can plug in and drop off to sleep. EcoFlow provides a range of portable power stations to suit every need and location. Shop today to find the right PPS for you and keep your CPAP machine running all night — no matter what.

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories.

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