Power Outages

Blackouts in 2022: Let’s not repeat 2021

Jan 31st 2022:With snow storms whipping across the eastern coast of the US, blackouts are inbound for thousands of Americans. Read this article so you can prepare. February 2021 was a wake-up call for America’s...

Why You Should Consider a Solar Power Generator to Backup Your Home

Preparing your home with emergency backup power is becoming more necessary. With natural disasters and storms taking down power more frequently, solar generators are the ideal solution to power your home.  If you’re looking for...

10 Common Causes of Power Outages (and 2 Unusual Ones)

The last few years have seen a notable increase in electrical blackouts across the U.S. These power outages have a knock-on effect that doesn't just leave people without power, but can also affect access...

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